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Gaia's 2k14 Halloween event. Who are you siding with?

Angels 0.51851851851852 51.9% [ 14 ]
Demons 0.25925925925926 25.9% [ 7 ]
WG Event Thread: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.94555531 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 27 ]
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Doting Caretaker

I'm off to bed~ heart
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Enduring Sex Symbol

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Supportive Shapeshifter

Morning thread!

...I didnt get any references in the rig apart from Wreck It Ralph x)
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Questionable Cat

I need a TV... First I need to afford an apartment that's more than two rooms so I can put a TV somewhere xd

I wish I had two rooms. I have a one room for $725 a month.... My apartment resembles a sardine can. I have so much s**t.
My TV is on top of a chest that is full of crap with two book shelves by it that hold speakers and books, crappy futon that hurts my butt if I sit on it wrong is in front of it with a path big enough to walk through... and our computer desks are on the wall behind the futon. That path is big enough for my vacuum.

I know the pain you speak of.

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Enduring Mage

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Dedicated Spirit

no sleeping in class
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Enduring Mage

But I'm so tired from fishiiiiing.

But I finally caught my first Slate Boldur. Only 299 to go...
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Dedicated Spirit

/me in animal crossing

i'm taking a much needed break
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Supportive Pants

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Do I hear New Leaf discussion?
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Enduring Mage

-leaves to grab food-
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Dedicated Spirit

Nonny ::

Do you have it?

Fictus ::

Can you get me my cheeto bag thx
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Supportive Pants

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Indeed I do houkie
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Dedicated Spirit

Are you making any progress? surprised
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Shy Bookworm

I am seriously considering getting a 3DS when I can afford to do so.
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Consider a PS4 too Tezi.

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