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They don't?
How stupid.

So I drove the 1 hr 15 minute drive to the clinic.
Oh the wait is well over 2 hours due to a doctor calling out.

Some of us are making long drives. s**t.
I couldn't wait over 2 hours so I rescheduled. Now my appointment is Tuesday.
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Sparkly Wench

Hopefully the tour will answer any questions you have remaining and help you pick the "right" school for you!~

That sounds like my family doctor.
Show up 10 minutes early "oh yes, the doctor will be about an hour late" jalkdjfa. ********.
I walk 30 minutes to get to my doctor. =/ Sooo going home isn't an option! XD
Applied for the dental assisting program at SAIT.
Fingers crossed I get in!

So I feel like every time I come into work someone has given their two weeks.
Three people just off the top of my head have already left or have put in their notice.
And that's just after the holidays.
One of the girls is our best person in skin, too, so our skin sales are ******** now.
Oh, and the recovery lead in Operations might drop down from full time to one day a week if she gets hired at a massage clinic.
So there potentially goes our recovery lead.
It's just going batshit crazy.

We got our phone bill dropped down to $110 a month plus our $12.79 each for caller id and voicemail package.
Once Jon's been at Fido for six months it'll be cut in half.
Now to get Shaw to drop our bill again once the current promotional price ends hahaha!

Jen, we have Aveda salons in Canada. ;D
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

******** financial aid!
Trying to figure out how to get out of financial aid suspension so I CAN go to Aveda.
Need to call PCC and Sallie Mae to see what I have to do because google is not helping. Everything I find is about getting out of financial aid suspension when you are sticking to a college, not about getting out of financial aid suspension so you can go to beauty school.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

So I'm so stressed out that my eye has been twitching all week this week. It does it so often that under my eye is swollen and bruised.
Looked it up and it's due to lack of sleep/stress usually. So scrounging up money to go get a facial at Aveda this week if I can with an eye zone treatment. Need to relaxxxx

Also I love Zumba. It's the one workout that can give me a sweat without me thinking "OMG THIS IS SO DIFFICULT!" because it's just fun! Need to get other dancing kinect games.
Dance Central is a blast!
Went to PP today.
My wait time was longer then the actual see doctor time.

The talk and 1 pack of pills was 99$.
I thought it would be waaay more.
I wanted more pills to buut I got the last pack.
So I have to go in to get more laters.

Took my first pill today.
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Aged Bloodsucker

So being sick sucks a** :<
Also, turning 23 was super uneventful lol ...how have you all been? ninja
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

So I'm thinking MAYBE cosmetology just because it gives the most job opportunities. However I'm not sure.
Would I be able to be an esthetician if I had my cosmetology license? Or a nail technician? It doesn't seem like 2300 hours for cosmetology would be able to fit the required hours for nail techs and estheticians while also focusing on hair...
Depending on the school they might teach you a few things.
Like TU taught us how to wax the face properly, basic facial, and how to do manis/pedis.
That was it. So you really wouldn't be able to work in esthetics field.
You could possibly work in a nail salon but only to do mani/pedi if you were taught it.

You'll mainly learn hair. Dabble in a few other things but like 95% hair.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Soo that means I have to do a nail tech/esthetics program and then a hair program. Fun.
Plus side PM is getting financial aid possibly in 6 months or so. They do have a nail tech/esthetics program while Aveda only has the options of cosmetology or esthetics.
I don't know if it's the BC or what but my insides feel weird.
Like my stomach and uterus.
It just feels.. off.
Doesn't hurt or anything. I just feel funny.
Been like this the 2 days I've taken it.
Did you just start taking the pills again after not taking them for some time?

Btw, this is Jen. smile
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Haven't seen you around here in forever!
Never had em before.

I knooooows.
I rememberssss.

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