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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Yah I'm going to tour but from what I'm reading, Aveda sounds more for me. I already have the "OMG LETS GO CRAYCRAY WITH MAKEUP" diploma (which seems like that would be more PM style) so I need the "ok now here's some science to make the skin all purdy" certificate lol.
Plus Avedas products are better for your skin/hair/nails and better for the environment.

Yay Cheryl!
Must be a nice feeling lol
Definitely tour!
You get to ask questions and see things actually happening.
I loved taking a tour of TU. Cause you get to see stuff in the works.

Since you've got makeup it'll tie in better with esthetics then cos would.

Tips for cos is terrible. Not gonna lie.
I got better tips working on peoples feet for 30 minutes then I did for a 4 hour chemical/cut service.
s**t a friend of mine did color, cut, and something else and got 1$ and a can of coconut water for a tip. Terrible.

Yay school!

I need to call CTC to look into starting the course for EMT.
33 credit hours.
Gonna cost me like 6k.
I was looking it over there's the basic course and then there's the more in depth s**t, which isn't really needed, which adds like 14k. No thanks!
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

One thing I'm not sure about is how accepting the esthetics field is to body mods. Do you know Kris?
Super accepting.
Though high end salons tend you want to to look professional.
Dress nice and you're good generally.

My school was serious about looking professional.
Most of the students had visible tattoos, piercings, large lobes, and crazy hair/hair colors.

Same with esthetics.
So many girls had half/full sleeves.

I do know with esthetics that if you've got microdermals - they're more then likely gonna have to go until you're out of school.
And if you wear steel/titanium in anything you'll need to swap to glass or silicone.
You'll be doing electrotherapy and they're going to want you to have it done to you. So you know how it feels. If you've got steel/titanium in you're going to get shocked something serious.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Ok that's a relief, because finding a mod accepting career that I'll enjoy is a huge priority for me. Especially since I already have a half sleeve! whee
So that means that I won't be getting my microdermal until after I'm done with school. I'll hold off on re-piercing my nipples too since those take around a year to heal.

But that means I'll have to change out my septum. I've never done that before gonk
You can see if you can opt out of it.
I don't know if they allow students to opt out though.

My facials were suppose electro based but we had to change them because my microdermals.
So I was able to get manual extractions.
But I was a client so I don't know how they'll do for students.

If they don't let you opt out, after the schooling you can wear metal I believe.
Because you wont be touching the actual parts that conduct.
(Think like a screw driver. The metal would be on the client and the plastic you'd be holding.)
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Sparkly Wench

I'm exciteddddd. >_<

33 hours isn't too bad! That's just the practicum portion right?
-is confused about credit hours- XD

As long as you have a nice, tidy, professional appearance. They really don't care too much!
Tons of hairdressers have funky hair and piercings!~ They are just fairly conservative with their jewelry choices. XD

Septums are easy to deal with!~
I wish it was just 33 hours. They call them credit hours.
Which you get so many credits per class. Like some classes are 2 credits.
Some 4 credits. But it's 33 total for it.

You have to take certain classes to be able to get certain certifications.

Like if you take class 1 and 2 then you can do EMT basic.
But if you do 1, 2, 3 and 4 then you can do EMT advanced.

If I do ALL OF DEM then I can do EMT paramedic.

I can't start off as paramedic though. Gotta work your way there by being in the field. But that's okay - it's a goal! If I take all the courses then I'm better prepared then someone that didn't take them.

There is an associates degree which is 2 years.
But from what I've read you honestly don't need to get an associates because it has the main stuff that you need anyway and then random s**t you don't need.
Like.. integrated software. (No s**t this is one of the classes.)
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Sparkly Wench

That's just ******** confusing. XD
Sounds a lot like university where you need however many credits and certain classes to get you diploma.

The school my boyfriend is in they just have a paramedic program.. you go into it, you get all your courses done in the program, then they send you on your way!~ Fail a "course" and you have to re-enroll for the next intake and start again.
They have hours listed on the site, but I think it's just to make it clearer to the student if they want to go into university later. Shows how many hours you have put into that "course". Kinda confusing since the school doesn't run like that.

Here you gotta work in the field too. XD

6 months of school for primary care.
Work for at least a year.
Year and a half of school for advanced care.
Go work!
Upgrade to critical care if desired. XD

lol yeah.. some of the things you need to take are just weird. But a lot of them do come in handy!~
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

I would want to know what it feels like so I'll deal with it. Not like schooling will take me 2 years to finish!
I'm actually really calm about this decision. I've been so anxious about schooling since leaving my community college on what I'm going to and nothing I've researched on seemed "right". This kind of does. AND it helps that schooling won't take forever so I'll be in my career before I turn 25! blaugh

And yah, 33 credit hours is more like 8-9 classes. That is if it's 4 credits per class.
Which honestly it still isn't that bad.
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Sparkly Wench

If it feels right then go for it!
The worst that will happen is you will hate it! Even if you hate it you will still have that education to fall back on. There's also plenty of things you can do with THAT education, so if one feels really weird to you.. there is something else out there!~
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

...wait maybe I'll start before I'm 25 lol
Not going to apply until my birthday. Want them grants and since I'm still 23 I'm considered dependent. So that gives me 6 months to think about it some more and focus on work.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Never mind. I really need to tour both schools. I'm reading things on both and it seems for Aveda, even though I'll most likely get a job WITH Aveda, it seems like I won't know anything BUT those products and so it will make it hard for me to get jobs at other spas/salons.
Meanwhile PM has a nail technology/esthetics program.
They should train you on any products you don't know.
I know cos is that way in higher salons.

This one is 13 classes.
Which is not bad.

So I bought this cream foundation because it's suppose to be awesome for dry skin.
And it is!
Buut it's waaaaay too dark.
Mixed with omg white derma blend and still too dark.

What kind of s**t is this..
So I made the appointment but I forgot which clinic I made the appointment with.
SOO I checked the number I called/which called back.
Both clinics are side by side. I called 1 number and got a call from the 2nd number.
They have 2 different names.

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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Yah I'm 99% I'm going to go with Aveda. Been watching youtube videos from students from PM and Aveda and it seems like Aveda has more what I'm looking for. PLUS I have a tour at PM on Wednesday and the lady informed me that they do not have financial aid at all...which Aveda has. $300 a month payment plan while in school? Can't afford that s**t.

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