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She hasn't bought any pot in a couple weeks and said she wasn't going to until she had a job, so that's good.
And she bought groceries tonight.
We already said when she got here that if there's anything we don't want being shared, then just let the others know.
So I bought flour, canola oil, and cinnamon for making Algerian Shortbread cookies tomorrow, which won't be up for grabs quite yet.
But she paid about $80 tonight, which is what Jon and I usually spend altogether when we shop.
I texted her after I got off work and told her it was her turn to buy groceries, and I was all prepared to tell her that if she wasn't down for that, it's fine but she can't eat the food Jon and I buy.
But all she said was "Ok," so no drama there, YAY!
Tomorrow I'm making baked ziti with one packet of ground turkey, and then chili with another packet of ground turkey.
And I'm also going to make a pureed cauliflower soup that my mom gave me a recipe for.
It's SO good.
She also bought curry powder, so we can add that to chicken and stuff.
Just need to get coconut milk every once in a while and then we can have coconut curry chicken and rice with whatever veggies.
That's good.

Even after putting a bunch in a dish for Nates roommate to eat, there is still a ton of baked ziti left.
Going to put it in a smaller dish, put a lid on it, and put it in the freezer.
I want to do something with rice tonight but I dunno what.

So I applied at some place down the street for a customer service job.
Michaels has yet to call me and I don't think they can offer me much.
All they have is cashier and floor associate positions and the store doesn't look like it gets much business. It's an old store that's really tiny. So I don't know. I'm going to call her today and talk to her on the phone. It's a 35mile drive so if she can't offer me 9$ with 20+ hours I can't do it.

I applied for state assistance yesterday.
Food stamps and cash aid. Just to be safe. Ya know?
Nate was like 'why?' so I told him. Just in case it takes me a bit longer to get a job I don't want to have to worry about that. I have the means to pay my car note right now but not rent/apt bills since I was SUPPOSE to transfer my Michaels job and it's just not working out right now. I told him I'm not going to be on it forever, just until this job s**t works out. So we'll see.
Fingers crossed you find something soon!

I made baked ziti, chili, cauliflower soup and Algerian shortbread cookies today.
Everything turned out well, except I left the chili simmering on the stove when I went to go give Jon some Tylenol codeine, and when I got back it was burned on the bottom of the pot.
About 75% of it seemed okay, so I'm hoping it's not entirely ruined...
Elyssa was home and when I got back I could smell something was burning, so I have no ******** clue why she didn't notice!
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Sparkly Wench

Yay! At least she isn't just wasting her money on pot and fighting about having to help buy food!~ n_n

Mmmm, I love having a decent spice variety at home!~ At first you have nothing! Whenever you want to make a simple dish you gotta buy a ton of stuff.. now though we have all the basics!~ Anddd if we don't have everything it's just one or two things needed. n_n

Oh dear, hopefully you can find a job down there in the not too distant future!~

If you qualify for it, why the ******** not? You pay into that s**t when you are employed, you might as well take advantage of it when you NEED it.

Oh god. XD
See with me.. I just think everything is burning when the oven is on.. the oven just has a smell and that smell makes me paranoid. So I block it out! And then when something does burn I ******** ignore it. rofl

WHEEEEE, ordered my "free" pair of glasses from this site. Saw the offer on fbook and was curious, read a ton of reviews on various sites. Turns out they have been running the promo for years and it is legit!
Ended up getting these since metal frames seem nice, they don't have any frame stuff at the bottom which I wanted for a while, and they have those nose things which I hated when looking for a pair. XD BUTTT if I can get used to the nose things then more options open up for me! n_n
Got the anti-glare, anti-scratch, and uv blocking coating on them for an extra $20.
Sooooooo a new pair of glasses came to $38!~
People are complaining that the offer doesn't cover designer frames, the coating, or shipping.. uh yeah.. they are just going to pay for ******** everything! srsly.. Under $40 for a new pair of glasses is awesome.

I was going to get a second pair since I realllllly like these but they are sold out. sad
They'll have another 50% off designer frame sale soon though, and I should double check that my insurance covers online purchases.. before buying another pair!
STILL THOUGH, as soon as there is another 50% off sale.. I'm getting those bitches. cool

OH, I went to my doctor to get more Ritalin since it's awesome at making me normal. XD
Andddd I ended up getting a prescription for an IUD since my family doctor is awesome and I can talk to him about pretty much anything!
Once I get my drug card in the mail I will see if it's covered, if it's not then I'll wait until Shawn gets insurance again/has a job so if it's not covered $300 isn't a huge deal.
Should only be a max of $60 if it is covered, so I can try it out for 6 months and it will be as much as 6 months of birth control. My doctor said that he will remove it after 3 months if I totally hate it though... but I'd rather just wait 6 for it to be worth the money!
Totally going with Mirena though.. not interested in the Paraguard. The pill hasn't ******** with me too badly and the hormones are soooo minimal that I'm not concerned about them being in there!~
That's what sucks right now is I didn't grab a ton of spices since I didn't know what I would need... and almost everything I make I need a new spice or something I don't have.

It's okay. My mom bought me a printer so now I can print coupons.

Today I'm going to go get some fish for the tank.
Now that the gold fish are gone it just looks so empty.
Gonna get some stuff for dinner too.

Those are cute!
Yeah that's totally not a bad price for glasses.
My glasses which are for reading only cost over 100$.
Jon got both of my pairs for $99, plus an extra $50 per pair for anti-reflective/anti-glare.
So not super cheap, but it was way cheaper than paying full price hahaha.

Have I mentioned that I ******** LOVE MY JOB?!
I just calculated how much everything I got costs (we get full size items, not dinky sample sizes haha!) and it came to $319.20 after tax.
This time I got:
- Bumble and Bumble Bb. spray de mode
- Boscia Vital Daily Moisture
- Origins A Perfect World
- Philosophy Full of Promise
- Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume mascara
- Benefit They're Real! mascara
- Clinique Even Better Eyes dark circle corrector
- Taylor Swift Wonderstruck rollerball
- Clinique Chubby Stick

I am super stoked. heart
You know what sucks?
The closest Sephora is 45 miles away.

I do have a Ulta right down the road though.
I applied there. So far the only have seasonal spots but that's okay. A temp job is better then no job!
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Sparkly Wench

You'll build up a good spice collection in a bit! XD There are a ton of spices that we still don't have after 4 years.. luckily they are cheap and keep for a while!~ n_n

Yay fishes!~ n_n

Exactly!~ andddd if they suck then oh well? XD Pretty sure I measured my pupil distance thing properly. lol Wal-Mart does lenses for cheap if I did it wrong. ;D

Ouu, that's sooo awesome!~
Now you can try a ton of the products that you sell!~ ;D

The nearest one to me is 3 hours away. lol

Oh seasonal jobs!~ Sometimes if they really like you they will keep you around though! ifff they have the space for you. n_n
I have a bunch of "Friends & Family Sale" coupons but I have no one to give them to! rofl

Some places definitely keep on seasonal employees who kick a** and take names while they work.
Yesterday we went and picked out a sofa.
It's from a rent-to-own place. The sofa is brand new - my a** will be the first a** on it!

It's really nice. It's Ashley.
It's 1088$ and we've got 6 months to pay it off. Which is so do-able.
We're only required to make like 130$ payments but we're going to do like 200$ to get it done in a little under 5 1/2 months.

It comes tomorrowwww.
My first ******** couch!
Ashley Furniture?

God damn, sometimes Flynn really bugs the crap out of me.
Seriously, it's gotten to the point that just about 99% of what she says irritates me.

It's fabric & leather.
The cushions and back are fabric while the frame is leather.
It's really nice.
It's a L couch too. ;D

I'll more then like take pictures for FB. Lolll.

She bugs the s**t out of me.
I want to know who died and made her queen.
I've heard horrible things about Ashley Furniture (not the furniture, but the company itself), so I hope for your sake it goes smoothly haha.

DUDE the fact that she nit picks EVERYTHING is annoying enough (you can NEVER make a general statement without her tearing it to shreds), but for reals.
Did she basically take over as moderator for Millimeters?
I know Marley's gone, and I don't know why, but she and I stopped getting along a while ago.
I always thought the place was Kendra's so it's always striked me as odd that she's queen b***h.

We went through a rent-to-own place.
I don't like Ashley's payment means. It's only on approved credit and that doesn't mean you'll get 0%.
With the rent place we've got 6 months same as cash. After 6 months they'll tack on interest of course which is why we're going to pay it off in under 6 months. We just can't afford something really nice upfront. Payments.. yes.. upfront.. no. XD
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Sparkly Wench

Oh god, just make damn sure that you are not being charged more than the worth of the couch!
Those places are ******** horrible for that.. they are like "OMG PAY $15 A WEEK FOR A PS3" srsly.. I always do the math.. it would be $1,000 for a ps3! WTF GUYS!?
We bought our tv on a store credit card.. a year to pay it off with no interest? OKAY! As soon as the year is up though? We would have added an extra $500 just for interest on the ******** thing.

Yes she did.
Marley was in charge for a while there, then there was that Tosh.0 thing where he told the girl to get raped or something about rape. Then since OMG PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT BOTH SIDES she got upset because some people were saying "hey he said that because ____" she got all offended because rape jokes are never funny and blah blah blah, so she left! Because she didn't want to be in a group where people would justify rape jokes. OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.
Sooooo she took over and yeah. No talk of rape is allowed in the group now.. because omg it's going to tear that s**t apart.. or something.

You really need to think before you post ANYTHING in that group.. you have to look at it from every single ******** angle otherwise someone is going to rip it apart and hate you for looking at it from one side. rolleyes

I also like it when people tear into other people about their shitty home done mods (that DA s**t) when they are always getting shitty things, wearing crappy metal, and getting too much stuff done at once.
Don't be a ******** elitist when you are always doing s**t wrong. =/

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