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Wellp, my ankle is fractured. I'm getting an x-ray done sometime soon..once the money my mom put in transfers. Also getting a boot and filling the prescription the doctor gave me...if I decide to actually use it. I'm in pain but I don't know, the medication he gave me sounds kind of scary.
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I think they have to say to replace them after a year.. I could be mistaken.. but people have had them last as long as 10 years!~

Tampons are super gross.. and really, if you opened up 12 boxes of tampons and put them all in front of you.. you would be so amazed at the waste you generate!

I like cloth pads, I tend to wear them for the first day and only the first day but they are still good. Just rinse them out super good then throw them in a washing bag with other laundry. lol

They wouldn't be hard to make at all!~ It's a great use for scraps of fabric since they are fairly small!~ Mine have all different prints on them since the lady who made mine just made them out of scraps. ;D

Oh dear, feel better! heart
That sounds terrible. sad

My mom paid for so much stuff.
She put gas in the truck - she wouldn't let me at all.
Bought groceries and them like 90% of the household stuff.

I've learned when you tell her to get the cheap s**t - she refuses and then wont tell you what she spent.
Instead of getting the real cheap microwave for like 40$ she gets the stainless steel thing. Have no clue what it cost but I know it was more then 40$!

I got the best bathroom towels EVER.
I generally dislike Martha Stewart stuff but oh man. These towels... THESE TOWELS. Feels like ******** clouds. They were cheaper then the crap ones too since they were on sale!

The apartment is so cute.
The living room and kitchen walls are painted this tan color.

We've yet to get a couch. Nate had to spend almost a thousand dollars to help his step brother out. Guys got so many things on his record and he's been unable to get a job. Court told him he could pay all the fines and whatnot and he'd be clear and his record would be good. Dude just had a baby few months ago and since we're helping Jon, Nates deaf brother, he felt it wouldn't be fair to leave him hanging.

I'm okay with that. Couch can come later. We've got enough pillows. XD
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Woo that's awesome!~ n_n

The couch will come later! Until then.. PILLOWS!~ ;D
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chaya bunny
I've got.. three tabs. And Microsoft Word. And Photoshop. Yay for multitasking at school.
you are super gorgeous!
We srsly have so many pillows. 5 on the bed since he bought this memory foam one. 2 fun ones that are longer then a a regular pillow but now quite the size of a body pillow. Then mom is giving us 2 since she has no room to fly them back home .

9 pillows. Bahaha.
Yayyyy congrats on the move going so well!
My mom stocked my kitchen, too, as well as she got my kitchen and living room set up while Jon and I went to BC.

So the car stuff is going much more smoothly.
My mom found a recall for my car regarding the headlights, so I printed it out and I may potentially not have to spend any money to get DRLs installed.
I am able to just use a print out of my driver's abstract, so I got that printed out last night.
My mom has my letter of experience from my insurance and is mailing it up.
We may try to not use it at all since my accident last year was put as 100% my fault (even though it wasn't, so stupid).
And then I have a couple things from 2008 and 2009 (tiny backing up incident in high school, and I got rear-ended in 2009).
I read online that the letter of experience isn't 100% necessary and just can help get a lower premium, we may just go to an insurance place and say,
"Hey it's going to take a long time to get a letter from my old insurance company so we don't have one right now, but here's my driver's abstract!"
And since we're just having parked insurance on my car, it won't really affect that premium/rate.
[******** yes.
Night #3 of cooking dinner...
If the kitchen doesn't burn down tonight then we're good.

Anyone got any good recipes? I have none and have no clue what to look up. Lol.
Sweet Thai Chili Chicken Fajitas is a popular recipe in this household haha.
So is just pan frying a chicken breast with a side salad.
We also like to mix tuna and frozen veggies into a box of mac n cheese to make it a little less nutrient deficient. rofl
When someone tells you that your share of a bill is due by a certain day, the appropriate response is NOT "Okay I'll try."
Elyssa finally coloured her hair brown after 3 1/2 weeks of not finding any work with her previous bright purple hair.
Hopefully now she'll find work.
But Jon and I cannot afford to cover Elyssa's share of the bills.
That was not the deal.
Oh, and she still hasn't bought her share of groceries, and she's eating the food we buy.
This needs to change NOW.
I'm gonna go to the library soon and get some cook books.
It's just up the street so I could walk if I wanted.

She didn't get the sephora job?
Maybe she can go work for F&P.
She's leaving for 1-2 weeks at Christmas to go on a vacation with her parents.
No retail place would hire someone who will be gone during a black-out vacation period.
She never even got a call from Teavana, and they said they'd call no matter what.
And I doubt she'd suggest it, but she'll be getting a fat NO if she wants to pay half her rent bc she'll be gone for half the month.

I just ordered pizza for dinner.
If she goes to eat any, I'll be telling her she needs to pay me $11.
I'm not shelling out the whole $33 when she still isn't even buying groceries.
I have Monday off, so I'll just be like, "Hey Elyssa, it's your turn to buy groceries."
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I just go with whatever is on sale that week and go from there. XD
Pork is cheap and carrots are cheap? Then we can figure out what to do with that s**t.
Oh and rice, a hugeeee bag of scented jasmine rice goes on sale quite a bit and rice is just nummy. heart
Rice, garlic, random veggies, random spices, and cheap meat.. boom meal!
I usually buy a bag of the "california mixed veggies" whenever they go on sale. It's just the basic broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. It's dirt cheap though and a bag lasts a while in the freezer! So if there are no fresh veggies that appeal to me that are cheap, or they look bad at the store I just use the frozen ones!
We make ground beef with taco seasoning quite a bit too! Then you can make, burritos, tacos, nachos.. or throw it into rice with kidney beans. ;D Just make and season the meat, then throw it into a container and keep it in the fridge.. then everyone can just do whatever the ******** they want with it!
EGGS ARE GOOD TOO. I love eggs. ;D They are also super cheap and good for you!
As for non-perishable food items.. just stock up whenever they are on sale! Unless of course you have a ton at home already or they don't have a super long shelf life! If you love canned fish and they are on sale for reallllly cheap pick them up! They don't expire for YEARS.

..what the ********? She moves somewhere new.. and now she is going to go on holidays even though she doesn't have s**t figured out at all there?! I understand wanting to see your family and stuff.. but she like just moved there!~ She needs to get a job figured out before she can just leave for a week or two. =/
Doesn't she have money saved up that she can use to pay bills and buy food stuffs? ._.
I mean if she can buy pot she can buy food and stop being a mooch!~ wink
I'd be soooo raging!
Whelp didn't get the cook books from the library since I had to fill out registration forms - which took so much time. I didn't have time to go find the cooking section - mostless pick 2 books.

It's okay. There's this website and I'm liking a lot of her recipes.

I've been spending so much on groceries because I can't get to the military store, No base ID, and H.E.B is pricey. Walmart is a bit cheaper but they don't have a lot of stuff since it's just a mini section.
BUUT mom bought a printer and I went and picked it up yesterday so now I can PRINT coupons! She's also going to send me a toooon too.

That's bogus. She needs to contribute.
Food can be expensive and if she's going to eat your guys food she needs to pay.
I would definitely say something to her! That's not right.

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