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It's a pretty huge dietary change.. especially if you go from eating without any restrictions to cutting out a ton of things. D: Can be rough!~
With cutting out wheat it's hard but right now it's been a good month since I've had ANYTHING with wheat/gluten in it. At first? omg so hard.. but now it's like "I could eat that.. but I'll feel really sick" and most stuff with wheat isn't too good for you!~
Pizza? Mmmmm but not good for you! BREADED THINGS!? totally not healthy. lol
I was considering going on a full paleo diet.. but I think it would take a good five years or so to fully cut eat grain out of my diet.. then dairy. >_<

******** yes!~ ;D
And yay benefits!~ Hopefully you are with Great West Life.. they are super awesome for benefits. lol

Woooooo, tomorrow off! Immma be lazy alllll day long!~
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Go Hannah!
I should really apply at Sephora. Cause damn those be good benefits.
I really need to find a new job. Next year I'll hopefully be working at the Womens Resource Center at my campus on the weekdays. It's only 10 hours but they pay $10 an hour so I'll just have to find a weekend job that I can gain hours once my year is up at the WRC.

Hell yah its a huge change. But I'm fine without eating meat. Although I have been noticing a change since I put dairy and eggs back in my diet. My stomach is all "whoa wtf is happening!?"

Ordered my Halloween costume though! $135..still need to find jewelry though.
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i have 5 tattoos & 6 piercings
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SO my brother moved out today. My mom drove to Nebraska yesterday to pick him up. They got the tow for his car and are driving back today.
My sister in law then states on facebook how this has to be one of the hardest days. Someone asks why and she says some personal s**t going on.

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Even if you are the one to initiate a breakup, it can still be rough.
When you are with them the bad outweighs the good and you just want it to all be over.
Then once it is over you might feel regret, only look back on the good times you had, even if they were few and far between.

It's especially tough when you are with someone for a while and living with them.. when it's over it's almost surreal.. you are so used to being around that other person.. even if you were always fighting over something you can still miss them and just miss being that close to another person.

I cheated on my ex then left him. At first I felt ******** awesome! Then it just started to sink in.. we lived together, we were together for nearly two years.. did I do the right thing by throwing those two years down the drain? Sure I broke up with him and caused everything.. but I was still feeling some emotions about the whole thing. Breakups suck. D:
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She had been deployed for around 3 months. She told him this after she came back.
They've been married for 2 years and were engaged for 5 months.
Ughhh so much stress involving my car.
I'm serious, don't import a car to a new country unless it's really new or you absolutely have to.
Apparently my car is one of the rare ones that doesn't have daytime running lights (DRLs) AT ALL, so I have to spend about $200 to get them installed, whereas normally you just flip a switch in the car's computer.
Then I have to do the Out of Country Inspection (OCI), which is super easy, fine.
Then I have to spend another $100+ to get the Out of Province Inspection (OPI) done, and if there's something wrong with my car I have 10 working days to fix it, and then shell out another $50+ for a re-inspection.
And then after that I have 14 days to get my car insured and registered for Alberta.
But the thing is they require a driver's abstract to insure you, and I don't know if I need one to just insure my car to sit in the underground parking for 6+ months.
I have no intentions of driving it this winter, ******** learning how to drive in the snow my first winter back in Canada!
So I have to wait until Tuesday to get the DRLs installed, get the OCI, and call some insurance companies to find out about the driver's abstract bit.
Oh, and I need to know if the abstract has to be a certified print out from the California DMV, or if a DMV website print out would be fine.
If it has to be certified, then I may be ********, because who knows how long it'll take to get that.
Maybe I'll wait to do the OPI as long as I can, to give myself extra time...
Ughhhh ******** this s**t.
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Seems like so much work for a car D:

Went to the NARAL Pro-Choice Annual Choice Gala last night. Was fun. Then we went to some dive bars after.
HOWEVER as I was walking to the train stop to meet up with my friend to head to the Gala, I rolled my ankle. Heard and felt a snap and I couldn't walk for a minute. I forced myself to walk the entire night and to not complain about it even though I was in SO much pain. Bad choice on my part. Even though I paid $50 for those tickets I should have said ******** it.
I get home and my whole foot is soooo swollen. Now it's bruised. Advil and elevating it all day and night helped the swelling, but it's still swollen. We had a store meeting tonight but I texted my boss about my situation. She told me to not go and to get a doctors note stating I can walk without limitations before I can go back to work. So there goes all my spare money! It's $100 for the visit..just hope it's something that a little pain pill and some rest will cure.
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Oh god, soooo much work! gonk

That ******** sucks.. especially since you need money for the doctor so you can miss work.. but you need to work for money to see the doctor! D: Silly how things work.
Hopefully it starts to feel better soon though, and that it's nothing serious!~

I'm sick. D:
Gogo garlic, oil of oregano, sinus rinses, and throat coat tea! XD
Took 4 cold and sinus pills today since my nose was trying to drip everywhere.. but I think I should be good without any cold stuff now!~ Three days off is super nice. heart
Wow, I haven't logged into gaia in forever! I figured I may as well to see what's going on. So 'll just jump back in.

I finally am starting to get hours at work again! They cut off my hours completely this spring, I worked one day in July, and now I'll finally be working every few Saturdays, no after school hours! I'm okay with that because getting out of the classroom all the way to work in 11 minutes? Uh, no thanks. XD

Being sick sucks! I usually don't get too sick any more, when I start to feel a little sick I up my vitamin C intake and take Cold-FX! It works wonders. =)

Oh, I finally went and bought a DivaCup on Friday. I was in Grande Prairie, and I figured why not? My sponges had been lovely but they can hold a bit of an odor and the cup is just a lot lower maintenance. So I'll probably get to use it sometime this week, I really hope it works, because the Softcup didn't. But there's a big difference in shape and such so it probably will!
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Ewww, it sucks when workplaces either give you wayyy too many shifts for being a student or give you none at all. x_x

Haha, I'm too cheap to take Cold FX! It's super expensive!~ >_<;
Looked into it.. but decided against it.. bought oil of oregano instead!~ Since the oil has a ton of uses and the bottle is going to last for a LONG time.
Tastes pretty evil.. but numbs my throat. ;D Smells nummy though, and apparently it has some crazy properties. Some say it can still the strep virus/bacteria/whatever the ******** it is thing. lol I dunno if I can believe that.. but if it numbs my throat I'll take it!~ Better than those throat sprays that taste like cherries haha.

The cup is pretty easy to care for and such!~
Anddd it's a good starting point for a cup. A LOT of women don't continue using the first cup they try! It might be too long, too short, too wide, too skinny, too bendy!~ All of those things you never know what you want until you actually try one out!~
So if you like the cup, it's great but it's not the comfiest or whatever, at least you can look at charts online which compare the diva cup to the other cups on the market!
Sure it sucks to spend $40 on one cup only to find out it's not the best and you have to spend $40 on another.. but you will still save money in the long run!~ $80 on menstrual cups that will last for a really long time (at least 5 years) compared to tampons which tend to be around $5 a box?
Yeah, I was being given too many shifts before, but I like this because it give me a little bit of pocket change! =)

I like Cold FX, it works well for me. I know it's crazy expensive, but my discount at the drug store is the only reason I didn't quit when they gave me no hours! lol
So I end up paying about half price and I usually only need to take it for a couple days, so it's worth it for me! When I end up on a budget I'll probably look into other stuff, but this shall suffice for now.

I tried it out yesterday, just do get the feel of it and practice before I actually needed it. Well, and I was also curious! It felt fine, the worst part for me is rotating it. I did find out that you can put it in halfway, then turn and put it in the rest of the way, so I'll try that.
I have no issue with the cost, because I know it pays for itself in a few months. I'm pretty sure tampons are more than 5 dollars a box, but I could be wrong. I haven't looked at any pads or tampons in nearly a year! The cup is pretty much better in every way, like for you, your wallet and the environment, so that makes me happy.

I love being mellowed out. I woke up totally chill and content this morning. Right now, I'm listening to some mellow music and I've got some candles burning. Heck yes. I like not caring about stuff for a while.
I looove having my own place!!

Nate has been helping me unpack. We got the kitchen and living room done. The bedroom is sorta done. All my clothes are still in boxes lol. Moms here till Wednesday then she flys home with Donovan. She bought so much of our stuff. All our groceries and half our household stuff. She bought us a rice cooker! I love it lol.

I don't get Internet till tomorrow.
iPhone gaia app is weird. Lol
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I hear it's amazing stuff, it's just the price!~ XD It only has one use too.. which kind of turns me off.. at least if I spend a lot on something natural I want it to have multiple uses so if it doesn't work for one thing I can try it for something else!~ ;D

I never turn mine, they say that you need to in order for the suction to form.. but I'd just kind of shove it up there. lol
Around $5 for a box of 20 tampons which lasts about one period.. 12 a year.. that's $60 a year!~
Not to mention the 240 tampons that are being thrown out/flushed down the toilet. ._.
Bleached cotton in your v****a.. absorbing your natural moisture. So fantastic!~ No worries about TSS with the cup. surprised It's just awesome never having to buy tampons or pads haha.
Sure I spent quite a bit on my cloth pads and cups.. but hey they are totally paid for now and I won't have to buy replacements for a VERY long time.
Anddd these are great for removing eye makeup and applying toner!~ Just buy a delicate washing bag and throw the dirty ones in there when you wash anything else! ;D Now I only buy the cotton ones for doing nails!~

Yay!~ Glad everything is going well for you!~ n_n

The app is odd.. I tend to just use safari to have a gaia tab open. >_>;
Well, maybe I won't have to turn it! We'll see!
They say you should replace your cup once a year, but you don't have to. I'll be keeping mine until I absolutely must replace it, and I know it'll take a few years until then. Either way, $40 a year is still less than $60!
Tampons honestly kind of gross me out. All the waste and they absorb everything and make your v****a sad. Bleached chemical cotton your privates. I haven't used one in a long time and they just sound awful to me now!
I don't know if I'll buy cloth pads yet. Maybe after I'm moved out and such. I dunno. Depending on how the cup goes for me, I am fine using the cup all by itself!
Those are so cute! They come in all sorts of colours! DO WANT! I could probably even make those myself with some practice!

I hate using gaia on any mobile thing. It's just so awkward and weird!

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