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I'm sorry Kris. Shitty jobs like that are shitty.
I can't wait until I can leave mine.
Just 3 more days and I'm done with them.
Not gonna let them stress me.
Already got 'nuff on my plate.

Last day at Michaels was today.
As I was leaving the back room I teared up a bit.
Assistant manager bought me cookies and coffee. =)

Final stages of packing is 'bout to happen.
Need to clean my car up and decide what's going in the car with me.
So I was offered a position at Sephora.
And then they took it back.
Apparently Fruits & Passion is a "conflict of interest." rolleyes
Are you serious?
How ridiculous.
Mom bought us a vacuum today.
It's so little and it's got this neon green canister.
It's cute.

I ran out of boxes today.
I need like... 3 more.
Well, they didn't completely take back the offer, they just said I needed to choose between F&P and Sephora.
All you Millimeters peeps know that I called Sephora to decline and was immediately counter-offered a permanent, full time position.
I'm accepting.
I'd be crazy not to.
It's guaranteed hours that I'm needing, and it's higher hourly wages than I'm currently making.
I was promised FT at F&P, even if I had to do a shift or two at a different location to get it, and after almost a month I still haven't gotten it.
And, I don't have to give up any mods for it!
They do have a one facial piercing policy, but they said I could wear a retainer in one nostril!
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

The ********? How are you going to offer it and then take it back?
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Sparkly Wench

Hahahaha, WoW ate me for a week or so. >_<

That's awesome! Kind of weird, but it does make sense in a way.. like I can't work at another grocery store for that reason. =/
Whatever though, more money and full time hours!? Why wouldn't you take it? ;D
The ********? How are you going to offer it and then take it back?

It wasn't a flat out take back, it was worded more like, "It's a conflict of interest to work at both, and if you choose to work at F&P we cannot hire you at the same time."
So it's not like they said, "Oh you're with them? LOL SORRY NVM WE DON'T WANT YOU!"
I was kind of grumpy when I posted about it earlier.
Almost done packing!
I feel like I've been packing for forever. Lmfao.

All that's left is makeup, hangers, fish stuffs, and the bedding.
Fish and bedding will be done Thursday but the rest I can do now.
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Sparkly Wench

I ******** hate packing. lol
But I love it because it encourages you to get rid of so much stuff!~
It's like.. do you really want to take that thing you NEVER use and think is ugly to a new house? XD

I'm cold. sad
and tired! Worked eight and a half hours today.. ewwwwie. lol
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Screw being vegan. I'm just vegetarian now. I stopped last night when Patrick went to the store to get me food for dinner and the bread he got had milk in it. I said screw it because I hadn't eaten all day and was so hungry I was on the verge of throwing up.

So I'm making life easier, and Patrick happier, and eating milk and eggs.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Oh also there was a stabbing tonight near my campus. We had an announcement that was all "Please don't go to JH side of campus due to police activity. Thank you." and we were all "THE ********? SIRENS ARE EVERYWHERE" so my teacher ran around and closed all doors.
Got a message on my school website and it was so casual like a "no biggie..classes continued" kind of thing lol

I'm officially hired on at Sephora!
I go in tomorrow to fill out some paperwork and find out when I'll be getting scheduled.
MAKING $12/HOUR ******** YEAHHH!
That's $1.44/hour more than I've been making at Fruits & Passion!
I called the manager and said I've accepted a job elsewhere, and while it sucks to disappoint people, Sephora is going to be so much better.
I have tomorrow off from F&P, then I work Friday and Saturday, and then I'm no longer employed there.
Rachel (my immediate supervisor at Sephora) and Trish (store supervisor) were so excited to bring me on.
Apparently it's a HUGE thing for them to offer a permanent, full time position because they usually hire for the long term.
And they will be flexible with my schedule when I eventually go back to school, which is awesome.
Benefits start after my 3 month probationary period, and it includes medical, dental, life insurance, and disability.
So that's cool.
I don't really mind that I don't have vision on it, I don't have to go back for another eye exam for another year and a half.

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