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Haha, you aren't going to like everything that you try!~ lol
Now you know for future reference that it's not that good! XD

Oh great.. perfect timing for her to take a vacation. rolleyes
Hopefully you guys can get everything done and such!

I don't want to give them the applications + the money until I know they CAN do it.
I don't want to pay them 60$ for nothing ya know?
My cousin is SUCH A SLOB.
I feel like I'm cleaning up after her EVERY DAY.
She doesn't clean up the mess she makes in the kitchen when she makes food, whether it's dishes or food scraps.
She'll do it right away if I ask her to, but I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO ASK!
She leaves dishes in her room and all over the apartment.
She doesn't empty out the dishwasher when it's clean and she has dirty dishes.
Her bathroom, which is the bathroom guests use, is a mess with makeup and hair dye towels all over the place.
We told her before she moved here that she had to pull her own weight with keeping the common area clean, putting her dishes in the dishwasher immediately, and keeping her bathroom clean.
It's driving me nuts!

And then there's the fact that she didn't start job hunting until 8 days after she arrived.
She finally got a call for an interview at Sephora on Thursday, which will be 8 days after she submitted resumes.
Except every day since she submitted resumes at places, she's smoked in the morning and afternoon!

Oh, and we told her she needed to get a vaporizer if she wanted to smoke at the apartment.
She said okay, and a few days after she got here, I brought it up again, she said she'd get one.
Yesterday Jon mentions it to her again, and she said she'd get one WHEN SHE GETS A JOB.
There are times where we can smell her smoking on the balcony when we're inside.
We don't know how 420 friendly this building is, and if we can smell it inside, people outside can.
I am not getting ******** over because she likes to smoke every day; she can roll a joint and go for a walk to smoke it, but not here without a vaporizer.

I am TIRED of cleaning up after her.
Enough is enough, there needs to be a roommate meeting to lay down the rules.
You go Hannah. Lay down the law!

I seriously think I'm getting sick.
Had a bit of a sore throat yesterday but didn't think anything of it.
Today it's a bit worse and my nose is super runny! AND I CAN'T STOP SNEEZING.
I do not need this s**t now.

I hate being here. I'm so glad I've got less then 2 weeks.
This ******** place. UGH.

So mom and I go out and buy food so dad can cook right..
Well instead of him cooking he decides LAST ******** MINUTE that he hasn't really studied for his work tests - so he needs to study with a friend! 4 hours later... no ones made s**t.
So I start cooking my own food. He comes in pissed that I'm cooking.

Uhm hello. Some people are hungry like 2 hours ago and are tired of waiting.
So now I'm highly irritated.
I feel like this is the worse progressive sickness I've had yet.
In 1 day I've went from okie dokie to kill me plz.
No joke.

Head hurts so much and now I'm this close to vomiting.
PLUS having a runny nose, sore throat, and constant sneezing.
What the ******** did I get?!
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Had a couple of Oreos. Stomach did not like at all. sweatdrop
I'm pawning them off on Patrick now.

Plus side I have lost 6lbs this week!
So I think Elyssa was unhappy that Jon and I told her she can't smoke during the day when she's trying to get a job and about getting a vaporizer.

Gogo weight loss!

I need people pushing me to go exercise and eat well, and I'm not getting that here.
Elyssa is borderline obese and doesn't seem to give a s**t about her weight, so there's no help from her.
And Jon always says ok when I say we should go to the gym more often, but then instead of being a motivator, he just sits in front of the tv or computer all day.
So I feel like I'm the only one saying let's go get healthy, and it gets really hard to be motivated when no one will actually help me when I struggle.
Jon says I don't need to lose any weight, that I'm perfect just the way I am.
All that will happen is I'll just want to blame him for not supporting and pushing me.
I don't give a flying ******** if you think I'm physically attractive when I don't.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Ugh Patrick ALWAYS says that too. No, I am not trying to lose weight because I think you don't find me attractive. I am losing weight because I AM NOT HEALTHY.
Patrick today was all "Why is it a guy doesn't work out and eats like crap but he starts eating better once he gets a girlfriend and settles down with her."

Told him it's because society tells us that men aren't real men unless they eat meat and eat like crap and men never have to worry about their health or image while women are supposed to only eat salads and to always stress about our weight.
Shut him up lol
I ate better today than I have over the last month.
I ate breakfast (cereal) before work and plan on starting to eat more eggs again as of tomorrow.
For lunch I had a PBJ sammich on whole grain bread, carrots and celery with PB, some yellow bell pepper, and lots of water.
Had an apple when I got home from work and then a couple slices of pizza for dinner.
Tomorrow dinner is going to be salad and a form of protein.
I'm going to limit my grain carbs in the evening again.
I need to keep drinking more water, though I've been drinking more the last couple days than usual.
I'm gonna get some water now, actually, as I'm really thirsty.
Do you know how hard it is to eat JUST soup?
I'm starting to hate soup now.

And everyone is like ORANGE JUICE. ORANGE JUICE.
Ffs you eat soup and drink OJ at the same time. Tastes like s**t.

Kinda mad that I lost the 1/4" barbell I bought for my nose.
Would've be SO helpful right now.
My nose is so angry from the constant rubbing of tissue on it that when I take my retainer out to blow my damn nose, it takes forever to get it back in because my nose is a bit swollen. =(

i wish i was allowed to get piercings ...
So I sent in my application like 2 hours ago.
I was worried I'd get denied since I don't quite make the 3x rent they want...

And the deposit is only 200$!

It's bigger then the one I wanted but that's okay!

Paid the deposit and she's going to e-mail me the hold forms.
Then the 6th I go in and sign the lease and GET KEYS. FFFF.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Bye bye Chinese. I'm dropping it before I have to pay for it. I don't can't justify paying for it when I don't even plan on going past 1 term, plus I want to get back into German really bad and German will actually help my career.
On the plus side, I really like my History and Film Studies classes!
We watched M in Film Studies today. It's reallly good.
Gogo apartment stuff!

Bye bye Chinese!

Blehhh I have to leave for work in a little under a half hour.
I close tonight and I'm not looking forward to it.
At least I have a 3 day weekend after today and I can finish my ProServe stuff.
Well today I got sent home from the Cleaners.
Came in not feeling well and then boss just made s**t so much worse.

Then I'm made out to be the seriously bad person for having a mini-break down.
I've put up with this s**t job for almost 1 year and not ONCE have I ever had an issue like this.
Or any problems for that matter. NEVER.
Yet somehow now I'm the worlds worst ******** person for being beyond done with their s**t and telling everyone I don't want to be here.

Wednesday is my last day.
Just tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday then that's it.
I'm out. No more of their s**t.

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