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What the hell are perogies? Some crazy Canadian thing like poutine? (although when googling the name to make sure I got the spelling right I found out that Portland has it in a bar here lol )
I just watched Forks Over Knives and they discussed how eating an animal based diet (meat, dairy, eggs) has been linked to cancer and a lot of people that were diagnosed with cancer that went to a plant based diet ended up having their cancer go into remission.

Buying locally raised beef, chicken and pork is a LOT better than store bought stuff though.
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Sparkly Wench

It's like... potato and cheese, or onion, or bacon inside a little doughy thing! XD
You boil them to cook them, then you can fry them if you want!~
They're uh.. Ukrainian? XD Such a big thing on the prairies. lol

I believe it, especially in the states where things like dairy products are subsidized so they can do whatever the ******** they want to the product. Hormones, antibiotics.. yum!
Here milk has no antibiotics.. it's illegal for any dairy cows to be milked while they are on antibiotics!~
Meat is just as bad. D: Stressed out animals hormones, antibiotics.. guess what is stored in the fat? Eat really fatty meats and you are getting alllll those bad things!
When the animals are allowed to graze around an open field they eat good stuff! Leaner animals, and the fat is actually GOOD. omg!~ Grass fed beef is also a good source of the omegas!~ Factory raised? You don't get omegas from that!~

omgomg, I bought pickled banana pepper rings last night.
I cannot stop eating them. gonk
They're potato filled dumplings!
Fry 'em up with onions and Ukranian sausage!
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Sparkly Wench

I have never tried Ukrainian sausage before!~
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Ohh are they triangles? I've had those before. LOVE THEM.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Speaking of pasta cravings. I started looking through recipes and saw some pasta ones and started to crave it lol. So tomorrow I'm making mac and cheese...if I can get my hands on some nutritional yeast that is. Butternut squash is in the oven so I can turn it into the puree that will be the base of my "cheese' sauce.
I wish I didn't dislike so many foods.
Being vegetarian when you dislike most fruits and lots of veggies made it challenging.
Vegan would be impossible. xD

I looove me some pasta.
-noms on chicken parm-

So I was suppose to have Sunday off. Like completely off from both jobs.
Weeell. Michaels called me in to set ad since both ad set peoples can't work!
So 3 hr shift at 10bucks... okay!
I'll just come home and nap. Lol.

So I packed like half my stuff already.
All summery stuff packed because it's now cold here. Now snow cold - but definitely jeans n thicker jackets cold.
Worked a 10-2 shift today and then I'm off until Monday!
Gonna colour my hair tomorrow, I've got wicked roots goin' on!
Also gonna redo the blue and purple in my cousin Elyssa's hair.
GOOD ******** GOD.
The know it all bit gets annoying after a while.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Whatchu talkin bout Hannah?
A specific person in Millimeters who has gotten on many a nerves of people here...
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Sparkly Wench

omg, you are moving so soon!~ ;D

I feel you on the summer clothes thing! No more cute booty shorts. crying
Oh well, I like my layers!~ n_n
AND I HAVE MY MONSTER MITTIES!~ They're so warm and I can make them go "nom nom nom". rofl

I knowwwww who you are talking about. D:
I believe I know who you're talking about. xD

Don't want to work today. At all. =/
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

I never paid attention to that group anyways so I have no clue who you're talking about lol.

Mac and cheeze sauce that was made from butternut squash was...eh. It made a s**t ton and I don't know what to do with it because we aren't going to be eating it.
So we're making couscous tonight instead lol
So the woman I've been talking to at the apartment went on vacation.
So when I called today someone else told me to call back Monday. -.-"

So in the mean time.. I'm going to fill out the application and email it to Nate so he can fill one out too.
He can turn them in for me.

I mean. If somehow they really CAN'T have it ready the 6th then I guess I'll just postpone a few days.

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