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Tricky Gekko

Well hopefully it works!~ ;D

Yay new apartment! n_n

Packing sucks, but it does help you get rid of the stuff you really don't want! Why move things you don't really want/need into a new place?!

Bwahaha, people seem to come and go. lol

Yeah I have no idea how a year's worth of crap just built up. I mean, we have a TINY apartment right now! It's like trying to cram a ham into a Pringles can. :/
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Because why should I waste money to get something that will ******** my body up even more when I know exactly what I have to do to make my v****a happy again?
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

So we decided that we're going to go on a cruise for our 5 year anniversary..which is November 2013, so that gives us some time.
I would LIKE to go to South America...but we'll see how much money we've saved up by February 2013.

La Senza is pretty good, and if you have a smaller shop in your town they can size you as well. =]
Oh and La Vie en Rose or something. lol
I only buy bras from La Senza.. they usually have good deals.. like buy three save $10? OKAY! n_n

Would They ever have something in my size? I always thought they catered to smaller women, not (apparently) 42DD.
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Sparkly Wench

Yepp! You gain a lot of junk even after a few months.. it's pretty crazy how it all just builds up!

Once you've had a yeast infection you know what it is.. so there's no need to go to the doctor about it unless you cannot get rid of it on your own. For your first one you SHOULD go to the doctor since it could be something else.. but if you know that's what it is.. there are plenty of at home treatments that do the same job as prescription or over the counter medications!~
I treat mine at home, actually tried using otc medication for it ONCE, took just as long to get rid of and it was just as messy... rather spend a fraction of the price on something that can do the exact SAME job.

I don't always have the time to go to the doctor either. D: My family doctor takes a while to get into, and walk in's aren't an option when you are working 10-6 which I work quite often.. clinic opens at 9.. might have to wait for an hour.. closes at 5.. bleh. =/ Rather treat it ASAP instead of waiting to see a doctor, have to pick up a prescription, THEN start treating it! Since I might have an infection for a week before I get a chance to have it checked out by a doctor!

I've even talked to my family doctor about them and told him how I treated him, he actually said that it's great how I'm using alternative methods instead of just turning to medicine. cool He's into that though.. he's open to alternative things, but obviously if I have a festering wound he'll tell be to take some ******** antibiotics. rofl
My doctor is awesome though, he writes Shawn prescriptions for bands to check out. rofl

CRUISES SCARE ME, I couldn't stand being on a boat for so long.. I know you get off and such.. but you still spend a lot of time on it and that's freaky. rofl

They might.. they might not though, a smaller store would probably be better for that.. imo anyways. =/
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

I didn't go to the doctor first time I had a yeast infection. Hell, I didn't go to the doctor when I had a UTI!
I don't have the money to go to the doctors so I'll try alternative methods first. Of course that's the case when it comes to my lady bits though. But I know if I went to a midwife for my yeast infection she would be telling me to just continue with what I'm doing.

I LOVE CRUISES. Sometimes I get depressed because I miss the feeling of being on a cruise so much.
One morning in Honduras we woke up to room service serving our breakfast, various danishes, muffins, bagels and fruit with coffee and we ate it outside on our balcony. Our room faced a partial sunken ship right outside of the jungles and the air was warm and humid and ugh. It was heaven on Earth.
Then the feeling of the slight rocking of the ship rocking you to sleep with the sounds of waves crashing against it. Best way to fall asleep.
I want to be able to go on this one but if not we'll get something cheaper..like this or this.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

Who knows, we might just go on the same cruise we went on last time! rofl
I wouldn't mind going back to Belize or Honduras.
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Someone who is good with coloring hair should come here and I'll pay them to do high and low tones in my hair when I get it cut short.

Prices at salons are CRAZY.
They really are.

At my school we charge I think 35$ for a partial foil and 45$ for a full.
Which isn't bad compared to the 100$ for partial and 150$ for full that's common around here.

I'd do em if I was closer!
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Sparkly Wench

Yay! Got a 4th character to level 85 on WoW tonight! ;D
Total time played on her when I reached 85? over 6 days. rofl
IT WAS SO WORTH IT THOUGH, now only 6 more characters to get to 85.. and a lot of professions to max out. sweatdrop
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

******** this s**t!
My v****a is so swollen and sore that I couldn't even pour water on it in the shower at all.
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Sparkly Wench

omg, that sounds so horrible. D:
I've actually had that skin get swollen and start PEELING. Sooooo painful when it's coming off in sheets. Wtf man. sweatdrop
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

ewwww and owww! gonk
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Sparkly Wench

Yeah, getting those once a month was not cool.
******** big a** Diva cup. D:< Once I stopped using it they stopped.. but while I used it? Fuuuuuuck.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

I'm blaming the Nuvaring (even though it's been a while since I had it in) and my non cotton underwear. BREATH v****a! BREATH!

Trying to get Patrick to go downtown with me so I can get makeup and we can go to lunch together but he's being a butt about it. I never ask him to go out and do things with me, it's always him who asks me. So it's my day off...WHY DONT YOU WANT TO GO OUT WITH ME!? scream

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