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It seems like no social sites hold my interest anymore. I've just been doing my own thing on the computer lately; mostly self-teaching myself stuff. It keeps me busy.

It seems like everyone on Facebook has just been whining all the time, and they ignore any positivity. So I avoid that. And Gaia has been dead or otherwise immature everywhere, then I get ignored on the forums outside Gaia that I started going to.

The internet social environment is just going downhill. I wonder why?

All I ever see on Facebook is attention-whoring, and now it's "resharing" pics of stupid quotes and things I've already seen on Tumblr. And I don't want people knowing about every single comment I'm making on other pages.

Gaia has just become immature, there was too much "Gaia Cash" focus, and it just lost its magic for me.

All I do on the computer is Tumblr, this internet marketing thing my dad got me into, and looking up music events.
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Oh USPT, I miss you, but I never really come here for much anymore. I'm trying to sell most of my stuff and then use all my gold to buy art and then not come back probably. I don't know sad
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I turned 21 last week! I then went out and bought the cheapest/largest/highest proof bottle of liquor I could find. It's a really awful blended whiskey, 86 proof. After drinking twice in the last week, I've decided I need something more pleasant to start off on, so I can switch to the foul stuff without gagging once I get a buzz going. Any suggestions? I'm on a $15 price limit for the moment. I'm thinking something around 40 proof, and can be found in a 375ml bottle. Ideas?

In other news, Happy Friday the 13th.
It looks like I was the first person to post in the thread (as the OP) and perhaps the last person to post in it.

Sorry I was never around for you guys after a certain point. My life's been all crazy over the past 6 years. Back when I started not coming around so much I just couldn't bring myself to just pop in to say hi. Just being anti-social. Something I'm still guilty of today.

With that said, anyone who is a regular and knows who I am should contact me via email (polvati@gmail.com), Skype (Polvati, nick is Beato), or Steam (Polvati or Embarrassed to be Here).

I loved this thread and the wonderful people I talked to here. Goodbye forever, USPT.
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Just for the sake of being a pain in the a**, and even though I guess this thread has come to its end, I pretend to make a last post, even if it holds no meaning nor greatness.

But if this is one of the last post being placed in this thread, I just want to thank everyone who ever talked to me, from day one back in the days of baby gaiaonline, when my english was so atrocious that it was barely understandable [ Even though it's not that good nowadays ]. I spent many nights without sleeping, just to be there at the same time of all that kind and funny gaians that lived on the other side of the world.

So thank everyone and good bye. It was really fun while it lasted.
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Goodbye USPT,
I too haven't been here, popping in only once or twice a year for the last four years. I am going to miss this place though. Everyone here had such a big impact on me. I am a better person because of you. If you want to keep in contact I'm WesleyDodds on tumblr.
It started allowing posts again? surprised

I'd hate to see the thread go. But nobody is active enough to maintain anything at this point, I'm afraid. sad Any other way to regularly contact you guys?
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I need to get contact info for you guys, but I honestly don't know what I'd talk about with any of you individually. I know this place better collectively than individually =o

I'm honestly not on here a lot anymore though. lol
I know it has been years USPT, but when I was a young Gaian I met some amazing people here. Thank you.
I know it has been years USPT, but when I was a young Gaian I met some amazing people here. Thank you.

heart heart !!

I probably would have never stayed on Gaia if it weren't for my USPT family. And now like many families, we've seemed to grow apart and go our separate ways. But the memories are still there, as well as our friendships.

I miss you guys!
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I miss the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of this place. ]:

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