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Lake News, brought to you by: Gaidin
Last updated: 8/10 @ 8:05 AM EST

General: Plans change and posistions switch as people try to make the most of this month.

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Child of the Night still is still first, but Gaidin claims he will appear on the list today, possibly in first. slayerdw2 has also now started to go for Overall, so there may be some competition here yet.

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Gaidin has stopped his push in Bass'ken, but is still first as drkessler takes his sweet time catching up, knowing the circumstances. The only one who seems a possible threat is Chaos Alchemist, since Phoros isn't moving again. Lower a small shuffle for places, with more to be expected soon.

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C&G still has control of first, but Makaeru is making a nice push towards it, as Alfrog also seems to be doing. Viper still seems ready to chase Makaeru, with only a 8k gap to fill. Not much action outside of the Top 10, though Gaidin claims that will change soon.

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Viva La Snuggle continues to keep their lead over Parok, while the rest seems to be content just to move up in points a bit everday. But with lightbulb55555 scaling the lists, someone could be in trouble.
Over Achiever
[Junk Score] = [Score]/[P.I.%] - [Fish Score]

[Junk Total] ~ [Junk Score]/4
This is only an approximation of the total junk caught.

August Junk Rankings
Stats page still not showing any junk totals. See Celestial Wolf for the time being as she's the one who'll be keeping track. Report Junk Here!
Final July Stats
User Image
Over Achiever
The Performance Index (PI)

It is simply your total unadjusted score per fish caught (including fish and junk at all locations) for the month divided by the baseline of approximately 20 points per fish. (This baseline has been seen to fluctuate day by day)

For example, you only fished once at Gambino catch bucket of only seedkin. That's an unadjusted score of 18x14 = 252 / 18 fish caught = 14 points per fish for the month. That's a PI of ~70%. Your final score is therefore 252 x 70% = 176

Stats >> Score: 176 Performance Index: 70% Fish/Junk: 18/0

Then you fish at Durem and catch the following bucket:
4 Pebbo Feeders, 4 Biters, 4 Boldurs, 3 Tires
That's 7x22 + 4x32 + 4x42 + 3x6 = 468 / 18 fish caught = 26 points per fish for the bucket. If this was the only bucket you caught for the month, you would have a PI of ~130%

However the PI is calculated for the entire month, so after fishing that bucket at Durem, your average points per fish would be 252+468 = 720 / 36 fish caught = 20 points per fish for the month so your PI would be 100% Your adjusted score is therefore 720 x 100% = 720

Stats >> Score: 720 Performance Index: 100% Fish/Junk 36/3

Examples of ~100% PI:
11 Bass, 7 Striper
10 Seedkin, 5 Trout, 3 Tuna
16 Pebbo Feeders, 1 Can, 1 Tire
Over Achiever
Bass'ken Score Values
6 - Yellow/Orange/Red Guppy
16 - Green/Brown/Blue Bass
26 - Blue/Gray/Green Striper
2,000 - Mutha Guppa, Big Mouth Bass'terd, Candy Striper
Gambino Score Values
14 - Blue/Green/Pink Seedkin
24 - Cool/Warm/Frozen Rainbow Trout
34 - Icy/Spicy/Dicy Tuna
2,500 - Buckin' Bino, Chargin' Chino, Tootin' Tino
Durem Score Values
22 - White/Brown/Black Pebbo Feeder
32 - Bluestone/Black/Pyrite Rocque Biters
42 - Stone/Sand/Slate Boldurs
3,000 - Diamondback/Rubyback/Emeraldback Lion
Junk Score Values
2 - Old Can
4 - Old Boot
6 - Big Old Tire
Gaia has had many great fishers since fishing was released. This is a small shrine to the many great fishers of Gaia, in time I'll have pictures of each fisher here, and maybe some other cool things.
(I've done some switching around here, so thats why things look a little different)

maharitoUser Image
The Overall winner in June, and finishing ahead of chaos_butterfly by a small 13k lead. The fact that he was able to compete against and come out ahead of chaos_butterfly is a great accomplishment indeed, but what makes it more impressive is the lack of time maharito had to prepare for it. Joining Gaia only in May, he learned and mastered fishing, and its techniques extremely fast. He is welcomed by us all, and a great inspiration to new fishers everywhere.

novarrenUser Image
She might not have won a trophy, but she did win our friendship. She's usually there to give helpful advice or a friendly gesture and has been a staple in the Top Fishers threads, even though she claims not to be a top fisher herself.

Snuggle BunniUser Image
The Gold Durem winner in March, she began her fishing adventure to get the trophy for her significant other, so he would be able to get a Devil Tail. As the month progressed she passed Sir_Peter and took gold. When the month ended she had grown rather affectionate of the trophy, and wasn't able to send it to Eyosakura.

ElendilionUser Image
Just as Anjelous defined power fishing. Elendilion took it to a whole new level. Shelling out unbelieavable amounts of fish, he shattered records and took Silver in Durem and a staggering score of 1.2 million for the Gold Overall. It is hard to describe his awesome fishing pace, and he continues to get the gold Durem this month. Truly an incredible fisher.

Chaos_ButterflyUser Image
This list keeps getting better and better. Chaos_Butterfly is the first fisher to win gold in all 3 lakes. She also broke the one million point record for Durem. Even in the first month of fishing she took a Bass'ken silver.
Once she starts not much can stop her fishing pace. Right now she is taking it easy, but may start trying to get a bronze in Gambino. Only time will tell.

GaidinUser Image
If there was a fairy tale for fishing. Gaidin would be the main character.
Trying out to get a Bronze Bass'ken in Feburary. Armed with 15k and a Distance Plus Rod. He set out and started fishing, despite power outages, disconnects, and an assortment of other misfortunes his pushed his way through the Bass'ken ranks. Making it as high as to 8th place. Unfortunately, he lost his place on the last day. Nevertheless, he went back to Bass'ken in March, and continued his pace, but staying much higher to prevent an upset such as Feburary had. Near the end of the month he saw an opportunity to take the Silver trophy, and he took it. Getting the coveted silver bass, instead of his bronze guppy. The tale doesn't end there. In April he sought out for a Bronze in Gambino and Durem. Seeing another opportunity for a silver in Gambino he began fishing rapidly there, while trying not to nelgect Durem. When the month was over, he had a Silver trout and bronze Pebbo in his hand. The fairy tale continues with Gaidin resting in the Gold Bass'ken position, and now a race for yet another Gambino trophy. Only time will tell if the tale ends with a happy ending.

Sapphire Kasserack
User Image
The youngest top fisher is Sapphire Kasserack, and despite her age. She has done some marvelous things. Winning Gold in Feburary being one of them. She attempted for a gold Overall in April but wasn't able to do so. Elendilion attacked the charts and showed us all a thing or two about power. She tried again in May, and was going extremely strong, but due to an unforunate hacking she lost her items and her account has been locked out. She still holds the spot, and the only one in striking distance is Chaos_Butterfly, but she will only fish up to Sapphire's current score. We all want to see Sapphire when the gold Overall. She fished against Alexi_Jameson, and she was just behind her on the overall charts. Only time will tell if she wins or not.

Over Achiever User Image
Over Achiever is just what his name says. Fishing behind Anjelous for most of the month of February, and then taking the Overall trophy in May. He has become an icon in fishing. Even just saying OA will get people looking around. His attitude towards fishing, and his great company make him a truly nice person. Over Achiever went beyond fishing and made friends with everyone in the thread. Over Achiever has done many a great things, and is still doing more, always trying to help out other Gaians. He is the epitome of a top fisher.

Usagi HasanoUser Image The very first Overall winner. She's been around Gaia longer than stink has been around a warthog, but she's earned a place in all her hearts. Because she was the one who fished alot, and didn't expect a reward, she did it because she loved to fish, which is something we could all learn from.
If you wish to be added to this list and post here often, please PM Reverend Paqo or Holy_Knight57 with the subject title "Regular"

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1. No begging.
2. No spamming.
3. No multiple page quotes.
4. No stretching out the screen.
5. No disrespect please.
6. No quoting the first page.
7. Do use decent spelling and grammar.
8. The Top Fishers threads are about the fishing community. All who wish to be part of the community may post here. Other topics may be discussed, but please do keep in mind that we are a fishing community and therefore fishing should be the primary topic of discussion.

Try to keep quoting to a minimum, anything over 5 quotes is excessive.

Snuggle Bunni
The over-quoting will be STRICTLY enforced

Hall of Shame
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You either broke one of the rules and/or pissed people off.

purifacation elemental
mach kid8

Please don't post here again.

Memorable Quotes


You Caught

A Dirty Wing!
"Where's my fish?!?!?!??!!??"


You Caught

A Rusty Halo!
"A gift from the Fishing Gods!"


You Caught

An Old Token!
"Where's the Slots, yo?!?!??!!!???"

Ah..Jeez..This is really evil. In Jan, everyone was just having friendly competition. No pain, no gain. Feb, things got a little hectic but still was pretty nice and smooth. Mar, a few more complications, but everyone's still pretty good friends and such. April, Even more problems and pretty much everyone's getting involved. May, issues all over gonk everyone all crazy and upset...(Not everyone...). June, the best friends become enemies. Everything's messed up and ****** up...What the **** is this getting us into? Just a stupid pixelated game online. It's not like we'll die without these trophies or whatever. It's just a game. It used to be friendly competition but now it's turned into war. Everybody acts all nice and such, but they're really upset, I know. Even people not competing are completely messed up. **** this!

My bouncy ball just tried to kill me!

Over, why are there two of you???????...??...?

because (to follow the trend) this is

"Top Fishers Reloaded - Now with 80% more clones :O"

With the advent of the G-LOL Blue Gowns, a couple of our lovely ladies decided to don them and show off. (Conversation slightly edited to not overquote.)


Usagi Hasano:

Ah'm a southern bell.


Ah'm a northern bell. >.<
You have good taste in gowns. 3nodding

[ Shard ]:
Northern & Southern Belles...

Ladies, please, be civil. We wouldn't want to start a war, here.


now all we need is a pacific belle. ninja


I might be californian, but I'm not getting in a dress! xp


Please. We'll only take a few pictures. =p


and we'll even give you a cut of the royalties when we post them all over the internet. ^_^


Good thing my avi-customizer is on the fritz.
Poetry Corner

Due to a brief poetic streak in one of the older threads, the Poetry Corner was born. From time to time one of the regulars will get an artistic inspriration(Or maybe just too many fish swimming in their head) and come up with something. That is what you will see here. If you have posted poetry in this thread and it is not here please PM it to Teh Lady Squish or Reverend Paqo.

Lake Themed


Over Achiever

Guppies are red,
The Bass are blue,
Filtering out junk,
Takes forever to do.


Red Guppy Red Guppy you move like Bass,
Red Guppy Red Guppy you smell like a**.

Red Guppy Red Guppy you are so plentyfull,
Red Guppy Red Guppy I have a whole damn bucket full.

Red Guppy Red Guppy I wish you were dead,
Red Guppy Red Guppy I'll mount you on a hat and wear you on my head.

Red Guppy Red Guppy you must breed like bunnies,
Cause Bass'ken is so full of you ******** it's not even funny.

There's a man of Lake Bass'ken named Floyd.
A simple fishing method he employed.
If the strength of a wiggle was just more than a little,
he'd reel it in, and be overjoyed.


Seedkin are pink,
frozen rainbow are cool,
version 105 sucks,
and the admins are cruel.

My pretty little Seedkin
if only you had seen him
He was rainbow'rific
it was just terrific
He loved to swim and play
and then one day
my Seedkin' ran away.

There's a man of Gambino named Keith,
who made 'fff fff' sounds through his teeth.
whenever a fish's power surpassed the left red tower,
he'd use rhythm to catch the tuna beneath.


Heavens Wraith
pebbos are black
pyrites are gold
fishing is fun
until it gets old >.<

Bass'ken reeling is slow
Gambino water is deep
But at the ultimate fishing lake
Yes that's Durem, I always fall asleep

Pebbo fish Pebbo fish,
Brown, White Black.
Pebbo Fish Pebb Fish,
I'm putting You Back.

Pebbo fish pebbo fish,
Brown Black White.
Pebbo Fish Pebbo Fish
You don't put up a fight.

Pebbo fish Pebbo Fish
Black White Brown.
Pebbo Fish Pebbo Fish,
You weigh my bucket down gonk

My dear little Pebbo,
I should name you Bebbo
You look like a mouse
you smell like a house
One day you ran away
I wish you could've stayed
My Bebbo ran away.

There's a lad of ole Durem named Paul,
though 'Paulina' did his drinking buddies call.
When his cursor pulled over the left side of the shoulder
only boldurs and biters didn't stall!


OA wears socks
but why he wears a BAO, I have no clue
but the Labcoat makes him a man
And that is completely true.

Teh Squish
Junk is lame
filtering is fun
But make a Tin Hat
and you'll have lots of fame

Over Achiever
Old cans are shiney,
Old boots are big,
Those big old tires,
Belong on my rig.

Gaidin wears an OMG
Heaven rates poems
But I think it's all a plot
That's why I end this one without rhyhm.

Teh Squish
They can be long.
They can be hard
Mine will be bronze
Some will be gold
Trophies are here
Pass me another beer? *shrugs*

Silver is good,
But Gold takes the cake,
And Chaos has got one,
From every single lake! whee

Some fishing trophies are Silver
Others are made of Gold
But for the Shiny Sushi Statuete
That one has to be cold

Mysterious Fishermen!
Mysterious fishers, we see them each month
Nobody knows'em, but these are the ones
That appears out of nothing, to flash off some skills
Get their hands on the gold
And then disappears
We've seen'em before and we'll see them again
Mysterious fishers be carefull with them!

Okay, here is my poem. Please keep in mind that I am a terrible poet. sweatdrop

I want them to introduce fishing at the Barton Coast.
I caught a Snarlin Marlin and a Whale, we could surely all boast.
Maybe with friends we could fish from a boat,
Or set sail from a castle that has a murky moat.
Our ship would never ever spring a leak,
As we floated along to find the fish that we seek.

Teh Squish
Bass'ken is slow.
I hate this new version
Red guppies are evil
Going for overall really blows.

One day I caught a guppy
the guppy smelled like bass
a bass that smelled like a**
Then my mother told me,
"he's just your little homie"
So I took him for a drive
We passed a Bee hive
George Guppie hated bees
I don't know what he sees
But on that faithfull day
George Guppy passed away.

Squish is always Squishy
Chaos loves her Gold
I hope all fishers are happy
'Cuz sushi's really cold.
Contests v2.0
All contests hosted by Snuggle Bunni, send relavant info to her. All PM's sent to me will be deleted.

Theme for the contest is "fishing Family"

there are three catagorys


Only one entry to each catagory per person

Contest prizes:

500g to the winner of each catagory
1000 to one best in contest winner.

All poems must be PMed to me with the subject "Our Family"

Contest will end august 15th or untill all catagorys have been entered (in other words if one of the catagorys is empty on the 15th we keep going till someone enters)

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