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Banners by Tao Kai Tze, Agent Inane, BluesRaven, and Silver Gryphon

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[The G CORP Fanthread]

1. Intro and Updates
2. LabTech Biographies
(^credits for major sources and slight revisions/corrections at the end of this post)
3. The Halloween Event
4. Questions and Answers/Thread FAQ; Theories and Speculations
5. Fan Works and Cosplay
6. Second Anniversary Ball Quotes
7. Miscellaneous: 247 decrypted, avatar cosplays, and our theme song.
8. More Miscellany
9. Links and Banners, Credits, etc.

March 19, 2005: Thread opened; first additions to the Fan Art section
March 20: Updated Speculations; apparently G CORP is back!
March 24: Added a new banner by Agent Inane
March 31: Gwargh. [ Message temporarily off-line ] errors. If the posts disappear, just refresh the page until they show up. Oh, and I finally added a teeny note about not directly copying the first several posts' contents. >_<
April 2: ...And a great cry was heard throughout all of Gaia: "WTF?!"
Apparently, the Tower of Gambino, not being solidly constructed as previously thought, committed suicide and smooshed the von Helson mansion. No word on the whereabouts of Johnny K., his son, or the Sisters.
We did get to see the LabTechs again in a flashback, though. See post 7.
April 4: This thread added to the Plus Link Directory
April 9: Because of the maintenance/site restructuring several days ago, I had to edit all links to guilds.
April 10: We hit 100 pages!
April 26: 200 pages!
May 21: 300 pages! (There's not been any plot for weeks, so I'm desperate for something to update about. :P )
June 2005: GAIA Downloads introduced, including a G CORP wallpaper.
June 29: 400 pages!
July 16: The Gaia Store now sells G CORP T-shirts!
July 25: I've updated the Table of Contents to link directly to each post. (Yes, I just now figured out how to do that. >_< )
August 7: 500 pages! ...I'm not recording any more page milestones until 1000. >_>
October 12: Updated LabTech123 and Bucho's entries with new information from the Oct. 11 plot event.
October 18: One year since the G CORP guild was founded!
October 24: Cosplay section added to Fan Works.
October 30: 1000 PAGES!
In plot-related news, the SUTF and the Gambino Mansion have been destroyed. Again.
November 1: Added most of the H2K5 plot info. Graphics will come later.
November 14: "S CORP" discovered. Let's see how this turns out...
November 27: I added more banners by other people and myself to the Link to Us section.
December 12: Kiki Kitty and Grunny plushies added to the Gaia Store!
January 28, 2006: 2000 pages!
April 3, 2006: ...I'm not even going to try to make sense of the storyline update.
May 27, 2006: DON'T PANIC!
September 4: I have added a new theme song to the Misc. post!
May 9, 2007: "X lives?"
Oct. 15, 2007: It's about time!
Dec. 8, 2007: Updated the "what is G CORP?" section with stuff about the X/Gino fight and vampires.
Apr. 4, 2008: LabTech Gene added
2009: I'm still here! Took a break from Gaia and thus have not played through all of zOMG! yet. Will add/clean things up as needed once suffiently motivated. Do people still use this thing? Dang. Currently adding new relevant information and pruning out-of-date things. This thread is a monster!


This is a work in progress. Think something should be changed (typos count. XP)? Got things you want to submit? Post or PM suggestions!
This info is only as accurate as the mistakes people don't find.
If you have something you think should be added to the first page, it's better to PM it to me instead of (or in addition to) posting it in the thread. I don't always backread sweatdrop

I would also like to add that this thread is not directly affiliated with any of the G CORP guilds, or any other plot/NPC-related roleplay guilds. Any guild-related problems are to be taken outside.

Rules of the thread:

    arrow Please don't quote any of the first nine posts in full. gonk
    arrow The usual stuff: No flaming, spamming, trolling, or general jackassery. Offending posts will be devoured alive by the resident zombies. If you have a problem with a specific user, take it outside.
    arrow Please try to stay on the thread topic every once in a while sweatdrop This is supposed to be a plot/NPC discussion thread, not a hangout thread. If you wander in wanting to talk about G CORP or zombies or mad science and we're talking nonsense, it's OK to go ahead and change the subject. >_> No new G CORP-related plot...*sadness*
    arrow No, you don't have to read the whole first page with all the LabTech profiles and stuff before posting. (This one's here because someone actually asked that x__x )
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G CORP Member Profiles

(note: all NPCs with posting accounts now have [NPC] in front of their account name; I have not included this below. Any "LabTech" without [NPC] in front is actually a normal user.)

User ImageUser Image
-Labtech013 was in the upper ranks of G CORP; clearance level five. Unfortunately for him, he discovered that G CORP was working on a terrible project, and, fearing for himself and his family, attempted to go into hiding...and then "disappeared."
-G CORP erased his journal entries after 013 was killed. Their official stance on the subject of 013's disappearance was that he had been "let go with the last series of layoffs;" according to Gambino, 013 had been a construction worker for the SUTF.
-He was one of the first, if not the first, test subjects for the "cellular regeneration" formula that would become the zombie virus.
-Labtech247 later admitted to killing him (see entry for 247), but Labtech909 reported seeing 013 around the G Corp facility after his disappearance.
-According to 722, 013 was missing an eye.
-At Labtech062's retirement party the day before Halloween, 013 showed up...but as a zombie, reanimated by the experiment that he had uncovered while alive.
-There seems to be some discrepancy as to who killed 013: 247 or 062?
-Had a wife named Julia, and a child named Nicki
Journal of Labtech013

User ImageUser Image
Age: 55 (born 06 Jun 1949)
Position at G CORP: Senior Technology Analyst
Interests: Classical music, genetics
-Labtech062 was one of the most senior members of G CORP, and was planning to retire
-He was in on some big secrets (one of which 013 found out), and openly admitted to blackmailing G CORP into keeping him happy so he wouldn't "spill the beans about their dirty little secrets."
-His retirement party was held on the night of October 30.
-He and Julia were going to live in a house in south Durham (Durem?) after 062's retirement
-062 refers to a "Julia," assumed to be his wife, in his journal. 013's wife was named Julia as well. Evidence of an affair?
-Both 247 and 062 admitted to killing 013; error on the admins' part, or a result of 013 being a zombie? Perhaps 247 killed him the first time, and when 013 came back as a zombie and wandered the G CORP facility, 062 tried to kill him again.
Journal of Labtech062
Currently presumed dead from zombie attacks and the Silent Flash missile, as are all other LabTechs except for 123 and X.

User ImageUser Image
Labtech909 -stealing things is bad-
-Addicted to coffee.
-Lives in Residential Sector 5064a, in a tiny flat provided by G CORP.
-Has Level 1 clearance
-Took 101's Japanese-character coffee mug...most likely by accident, not a kleptomaniac like 138.
-Not used as a test subject, but soon after he started drinking the coffee left on his desk every morning, he became much more enthusiastic about work.
-Was invited to 957's party, but slept through the weekend and didn't go.
Journal of Labtech909

User ImageUser Image
Age: 23 (born 22 Jul 1981)
Position at G CORP: Animal Lab Tech Engineer
Interests: Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, or gambling of any kind
-Addicted to gambling and card games, and was deep in debt
-Graduated from GSU (Gaia State University?), took four semesters of Organic Chemistry
-Works on Sublevel 23
-Was invited to 957's party, but didn't go because he doesn't like 957, and thinks he smells bad anyway.
-Taught 062 to play poker
-Uses stolen credit card numbers online
-Gambino paid off 722's gambling debts; in return, 722 agreed to take a message to 247. 722 was given a patch with the regeneration formula, and later a brain probe was put under his scalp.
-Once he realized he was under a mind-control experiment, he inserted secret white-text messages in his Journal as pleas for help. One of them contained this map of the sublevel he was on, begging anyone who read his journal to come rescue him, offering a share of profits from any future gambling activity >_<.
-Was more enthusiastic about work, although slightly forgetful, after being injected like the other LabTechs.
-Saw zombie LabTech013's reflection in a refrigerator door. He noticed that 013 was missing an eye...and 247 had earlier shown 722 a jar with an eyeball in it that he kept in his desk.
-Kept a "hamsterillo" named Pillow as a pet. Pillow bit.
Journal of Labtech722

User ImageUser Image
-247 is a workaholic.
-Owned an apartment on the Isle de Gambino, provided by Gambino; he later moveed into his office and brought a cot so he can live in there.
-Tried to kill Grunny, but Grunny somehow escaped
-Began development of a "synthetic fountain of youth," a cellular regeneration or anti-aging formula that was tested on 722.
-Entered two ciphered messages in his journal, which were deciphered by users soon after: translation #1 from ANTI GAIA CRISIS, translation #2 from ANTI GAIA CRISIS
-Injected himself with the regeneration formula in order to get results more quickly; while he was unconscious, he had a flashback to when he was fishing at Bass'ken Lake. Later experienced amnesia, but also flashbacks, including one to when he was used as a test subject for a previous project.
-Lost all his friends to a laboratory accident years ago
-Noticed that the lab rabbits were exhibiting odd behavior after being injected
-Obtained a Vial of Unknown Liquid from a Gaian named Whescha (giving her an Enchanted Trunk he found in return) and attempted to analyze its contents. He found that the liquid was based on the cellular regeneration project, but could not ascertain how.
-Eventually remembered being used as a test subject before his own series of experiments; and then that he killed 013. (And took one of 013's eyes and kept it in a jar in his desk...Why? We don't know. Eww. >_> )
-His real name is Rudi (Rudolph).
Journal of Labtech247

User ImageUser Image
-Likes Labtech138
-Was invited to 957's party, but didn't go because 138 wasn't invited
-Is obsessed with maintaining his masculine image
-Is known for being a hard worker; worked nonstop without sleep after 247 injected him, although 247 didn't notice the effects at first.
-Took 138 to the Halloween party; kissed her on the beach there
Journal of Labtech137

User ImageUser Image
Position at G Corp: Bio-Mechanics Engineer
Interests: LabTech912
-Has been married to LabTech912 for three years (confirmed by ANTI G CORP)
-Lied about marital status/knowing anyone else at G Corp; was put in the same department as 912
-Since work relationships are forbidden, he was nervous about his and 912's relationship being discovered by one of the bosses or Gambino.
-Complains about having to work so much, and never getting any time at home with 912; 912 commented in his journal warning him not to talk about their relationship
-Used as a test subject, but the effects were not as serious as in others.
Journal of Labtech126

User ImageUser Image
Position at G Corp: Bio-Mechanics Assistant
Interests: LabTech126
-Has been married to LabTech126 for three years (confirmed by ANTI G CORP)
-Lied about marital status/knowing anyone else at G CORP; was put in the same department as 126
-Was on the track team in high school
-Writes in purple ink.
-Loves hand lotion
-Doesn't like the labcoats and scrubs because she doesn't think they look good on her
-Was used as a test subject. Her symptoms: blackouts (she calls them "commercial breaks" wink , after which she feels completely refreshed; forgetfulness; wrote nonsense in her journal
Journal of Labtech912

User ImageUser Image
Position at G Corp: G CORP LabTech
Interests: Small things that can fit in pockets
Location: Sublevel 29
-Likes Labtech137
-Probably a kleptomaniac (can't help stealing borrowing things)
-Items "borrowed" during her time with G Corp: 957's red coffee mug, 247's cot, two of 722's playing cards (queen and jack of diamonds), 247's special gold-plated fuse/spark plug for his cyclotronic accelerator, mirror, Labtech048's wallet
-Was used as a test subject. Symptoms: urge to put as many items as possible on her head (probably a humorous reference to the new Avatar 2.0 system, which allowed layering of head and face items), memory loss (forgot about stealing items), later got memory flashbacks of forgotten incidents. She used the time she stole Labtech048's wallet as an example.
-Graduated from a woman's college, tuition paid by her father; she may have attended all-girls schools for primary and secondary education before that. As a result, she's not very good at socializing with the opposite gender.
-Apparently, whatever schools she went to didn't have sex education as part of Health curriculum. (Bwuh?) Labtech912 told her what she'd missed learning about.
-Was 137's date for the Halloween party
-Kissed 137 on the beach at the Halloween party
Journal of Labtech138

User ImageUser Image
Position at G CORP: Research Assistant
Interests: Secret Underground Test Facilities
Location: The Secret Underground Test Facility
-LabTech101...the lights are on, but nobody's home.
-Very gullible and eager to please. 247 got him to do his paperwork, and he gave money to 722 to "invest."
-Thinks the lab animals are "pets." He is particularly attached to a green rabbit, which he names "Grunny."
-Fell down an empty elevator shaft and landed in a restricted sublevel, finding more "pets" floating in tubes. He might have gotten in a bit of trouble for this if 247 hadn't intevened.
-Was used as a test subject by 247. Symptoms: Blackouts, thick skin on his palms like the pads on the bottoms of animals' feet
-Is afraid of the monsters under his bed at home
-Used to play "Street Fighter"
-When he asked about what happened to Labtech013, 247 told him that he "found a new job at a cemetery."
-101 was interviewed by Ninina and the GAIA Times Newspaper on Oct. 21, 2004. LINK (search for "101" on the page)
What we learned about 101 from the interview: He's a "research assistant," meaning that he just helps out with experiments and does odd jobs around the lab. He did take a science class in sixth grade though .___.
Journal of Labtech101

User ImageUser Image
-Is more than slightly paranoid...but for good reason. He discovered a tiny camera above his cubicle.
-Is convinced that Taco Bell's hot sauce is really mind control sauce from G CORP.
-Realized that G CORP was experimenting on its own employees and decided to try and warn everyone there, then retreat to his underground bomb shelter with a six-month food supply, a diesel generator with lots of fuel, gas masks, reading material, and most importantly: his BIG a** SHOTGUN (sic)
-He showed up at the retirement party, and was the first to notice 013 closing in on the group.
-Lives at 2417 Emonescence Boulevard. His house kind of smells because it's near the Durem Reclamation Facility.
-Bought a Home Internet Theatre and planned a party for people to see it, inviting Labtechs 909, 101, 137, 013, and 722. Nobody came, and he returned the Home Internet Theatre to Best Fry's.
-Owns a cat, which he referred to as "LabTechKitty785."
-Listens to Radiohead.
Journal of Labtech957

User Image
-Little is known about him because he only has two entries in his journal... he is not very good at INTERNET (sic)
-Labtech123 was not at 062's retirement party, and thus escaped being zombified. He returned more than three months later, at the Second Anniversary Ball.
-123 apparently does not know what happened on Halloween; he came to the Ball confused, but handed out party items anyway.
-He knows Chinese.
-For some reason his avatar doesn't wear an antiviral mask like the others. Perhaps he only has a desk job filing papers, and doesn't work in the labs.
-He showed up in the October 11 plot update manga! [page 3]
...He's a doctor? o_O
-After Gino had recovered from five months' lack of plot updates, he decided to rebuild G CORP's testing facilities under the Gambino Mansion, putting Dr. 123 (does he have a name, or what?) in charge of operations, despite Gino "not knowing exactly what they were doing before." Gino, you are not smart. Even less smart: 123 managed to synthesize the G-Virus from some Grunnies. Why? We don't know. *__*
Journal of Labtech123
Current status: (WIP)

User ImageUser Image
Labtech X
-Little is known about this man, except that he worked at G Corp. He has no Journal, and his true identity is unknown.
-He was selling "Vials of Unknown Liquid" in the Marketplace for 100g each that were the antidote to the zombie virus; drinking them would raise your health points if you were bitten and would turn you back into a human if you had become a zombie.
-He made 17,949,700 gold from Vial sales. O_O
-Reappeared as a random NPC encounter during the Second Annual Ball.
-Delivered a package to the Von Helson mansion on the day of the Ball. The package's contents remain unknown at this time, as does his assistant's (who collected the payment) identity.
-Showed up again during the Halloween plot update; he set all the Grunnies loose just after 123 recreated the "G-Virus."
Link to LabTechX's store
Current status: (WIP)

User Image
Labtech Gene
Introduced in an Evolving Item Report; his specialty is "genetic surgery."
Gene can also be found in the following EI Report threads: Apr 11, 2008, Apr 17, 2008, Apr 25, 2008, May 01, 2008, May 09, 2008, Jul 17, 2008, Jul 24, 2008, Jul 31, 2008, Aug 11, 2008, Aug 15, 2008, Aug 22, 2008, Aug 28, 2008, Sep 05, 2008, Sep 12, 2008,

The Aqueduct Guy ("G-Corp Labtech" wink
[Image needed! Here's the zOMG Wiki image for now]
[Profile in progress! Go look at one of the zOMG! guides.]
Current status: Collecting P3 biochips, emptying his pockets of alien loot

Labtech (zOMG enemy)

Not LabTechs, but related to G CORP

User Image
Johnny K. Gambino
(Gambino has been around for longer than the LabTechs, has been in more events, and has MANY more fans than the LabTechs. If you're looking for a good bio of Johnny K., I suggest you look elsewhere sweatdrop because there are lots of them. *points to Links Out post, and the various Gambino fanthreads in GCD, like this one*)
-Owns G CORP.
-Owned all of Isle de Gambino (and named it after himself >_> wink , and was the richest and "the most powerful man in Gaia" (his own words)
-Has one son, Gino Gambino
-Hosted several Gaia-wide parties in his mansion on Isle de Gambino
-G CORP's Secret Underground Testing Facility (SUTF) was located underneath Gambino Mansion.
-The mansion was destroyed by the Silent Flash Protocol missile to contain the zombie infestation, leaving Gambino homeless and bankrupt; it was rebuilt as a massive tower nearly six months later funded by donated gold.
Current status: DEAD?! Friggin fraggin' vampires.

User Image
Grunny -Grunny > Rufus-
-"Grunny," named by Labtech101, was a rabbit that had been genetically altered to have green fur. He was left in the care of Labtech101, but he often escaped and chewed the coffee packages in the Labtech break room.
-Grunny was used in one of Labtech247's experiments "studying dipolar cellular distortions when applied to oryctolagus cuniculus." Whatever the experiment involved, it killed Grunny, and 247 put the body in the incinerator.
-Grunny (a zombie rabbit now; the cellular regeneration formula had been injected in him) somehow managed to get out of the incinerator, and his whereabouts were unknown until the night of the Halloween party when he and the zombie 101 found each other again and Grunny perched on 101's head as they stalked the halls of the mansion in search of brains.
-The Halloween 2005 plot update was centered around Grunny (and Gino and Sasha and Ian, but this is not their thread). LabTechX set G CORP's horde of green zombie rabbits (they bred more?!) loose on the Gaians partying in Gambino Mansion. Mmm, brains.

User Image
-Head of security at G CORP; mentioned only in Gambino's journal.
-He gave Gambino the bad news that the "Silent Flash" protocol was active and the mansion would be destroyed to contain the zombie virus outbreak.
-Appeared in the October 11 plot update manga! He came to bring Gino home after Sasha and Ian found him.
-Broke the news of the Grunny infestation in the Gambino Mansion on Halloween. For a security chief, he isn't very good at securing things >__>
[page 4] [page 5]

Additional sources/revisions/additions:
ANTI G CORP, Confessions of an NPC Widow, Gaian Crisis Squad (see links post)
black vortex (suggested I put Myrak on the list xd )
Spleen-Mage (Corrected a typo sweatdrop )
Greywords (filled in the missing info for the G CORP avatar cosplay items)
Billy bo bo: Noticed that all the NPC avatars but the ones I had on my Photobucket were broken after the avatar server switch. :P (The zombies! OH NOES!)
kenshinsg: Found the Gaia Times interview with LabTech101
LabTechMK: Tracked down LabTech Gene's appearances in the Announcements.

Thanks for everyone's help :D
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User Image
The Halloween Event

Halloween Bash

Order of zombification at party:
1. 957 (bitten by 013)
2. 062 (bitten by 013)
3. 138 (bitten by 957)
4. 137 (bitten/kissed by 13 cool
5. 101 (bitten by 957, 138, and 137)
6. 722 (bitten/vomited on by 101)
7. 912 (bitten by 13 cool
8. 126 (bitten by 137)
9. 909 (bitten by 912)
10. 247 (bitten by 957, 912, 138, 101, 137, 126)

G Corp Items

User ImageVial of Unknown Liquid
-A strange vial of neon green liquid. The cork of the vial is inscribed with the G CORP logo.
(Human) You are feeling fine now. Save this vial until you feel the urge to bite someone.
(Zombie) That was suprisingly refreshing! You feel a strange sensation throughout your body as your hunger goes away...

Released as part of the zombie/human battle game on Halloween. They also cure Grunny Zombie ("grombie" wink status from 2005.
User ImageHuman G CORP Tshirt (earned by biting 50 humans as a zombie)
-A sleeveless shirt with the G CORP logo printed on the front. On the back, it reads 'Making a Difference...'
User ImageZombie G CORP Tshirt (earned by shooting 50 zombies as a human)
-A torn up, sleeveless shirt with the G CORP logo printed on the front. On the back, it reads 'By Any Means Necessary...'
User ImageHuman G CORP Labcoat (earned by biting 100 humans as a zombie)
-A labcoat commonly worn by lab technicians. The G CORP logo is emblazoned on the breast pocket.
User ImageZombie G CORP Labcoat (earned by shooting 100 zombies as a human)
-A labcoat commonly worn by lab technicians. The G CORP logo is emblazoned on the breast pocket. This particular labcoat is all torn up and smells of blood.

Other fine G CORP products:
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User Image

Questions and Answers / Thread FAQ

Q: What is G CORP, anyway?
A: G CORP is one of Gaia's fictional corporations, like Noir and Romani, the fashion designers, except G CORP is into scientific research and development. It was introduced as the build-up to the 2004 Halloween event, and was Gaia's largest (at once) storyline update at the time.

Their guild's home page speaks for itself:
G CORP is the world's largest manufacturer of biological medicines and advanced technology.
G CORP sits on the forefront of our world's scientific, economical, and military advances.

Further site plot-twists revealed more hidden purposes for our beloved G CORP: Johnny K. used G CORP technology to survive Tower Day, via Gino. (It's complicated, and confusing. Uh...just read the manga. Welcome to the wonderful world of Gaia's plot! :D )
With the advent of the Vampires plot arc and the return of the von Helson Sisters, G CORP was used to research a cure for vampirism; originally for Ian, but later for all Gaians infected in the Halloween event.

Are they good? Are they evil? That depends on who you ask.

Q: Can I join this thread? Is there a fanlisting?
A: As the first post states, anyone is welcome to come in and talk, provided you follow Gaia's rules and generally don't act like an idiot. I don't maintain a fan listing; there are others in the GCD ^__^

Q: Where can I get a Labcoat/G CORP T-shirt/Vial of Unknown Liquid?
A: They were event items from last year; the only way to get them now is to buy them from other Gaians. After Halloween 2005, each account that had reached Stage 3 infection or higher received a Vial of Unknown Liquid as a free cure. They currently don't do anything except remove Grombie status; they are not equippable on your avatar (although they do look rather nice lined up on shelves in your House).

Q: Why is LabTech722's human avatar facing the wrong way?
A: I don't know either.

Q: What does the "K" in Johnny K. Gambino stand for?
A: No one knows, and no one will know until someone asks the admins. Or when Johnny K. mentions it himself in a plot update.

Q: Why do you use the teeny tiny font on the front page?
A: Because the front page was getting HUGE already.

Q: You just like thinking up "questions" for this section, don't you?
A: Yes. ...if you have any ideas for Q&As to put in here, tell me!

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User Image
Fan Works

Got fan work to share? Send it in! Fan art posted in the thread is put here unless I'm told not to.

G CORP, LabTech, and Grunny related fan art and fan fiction goes here. All artwork and writings (C) their creators. No stealing plzkthx. Even though they don't all have a (C) mark on them. (Believe it or not, the NPC Parody Edits thread had a problem with a guy who was putting them on other sites and using that as an excuse.)

10/24/05: LabTech/zombie cosplay photo section added. If you post a cosplay photo, I'll assume you want it posted here unless you say otherwise. If you want a photo removed, just tell me. 3nodding

2/16/06: Added a "misc. photos" section. Re-enacted H2K4 with LEGOs and action figures? Drew the G CORP logo on your hand and got other people to do so as well? Are your other stuffed animals frightened of your new Grunny? Show us!

LabTech101 Plushie Hug

Bunnyfish Mel-Mel:
LabTech123 again
LabTechX Keychain
LabTech123 Keychain
MIND CONTROL!!!11*angst!*
722 playing poker. 'Cause that's what he does. Yup.

The Flying Piano:
Zombie Love (138 and 137)


Science > Fashion (inspired by one of the thread's subtitles, which was in turn inspired by the countless "Why support Gambino?" threads)

Beatrice La Chupacabra:

My rendition of Zombie LabTech101 (ArtPad; set to Fast for easy viewing)

The Goddess of Poison:
A LabTech OC

Merry Christmas!

Grunny (on ArtPad)

Zombie LabTech 909



LabTech101 and Grunny

LabTech137 Pumpkin!

Anthro Grunny Girl

Shadow Of Light Angel:
LabTech X

Zombie Yaoi Luvins
(it's 909x101)

Kangaroo S.T.U.:
Zombie Labtech Smoochies (fan art of the above fan art o_O )

Another LabTech emote

Silver Gryphon:
LabTech101 as a werebunny
"I found a box today, it was bouncing around."
Grunny sitting up (hooray for Beatrix Potter XD )
Grunny on the run
Several zombie LabTechs out for brains.
Emoticons: Zombie Domokun, Diseased Zombie Domokun, LabTech, LabTech with Glasses

G CORP userbars! Put them in your sig!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

(For more art and things, see the NPC Fanart Thread. Good times.)


Here's *POLARiS cosplaying LabTech912 at Anime Expo 2005! whee

Unknown Gaian cosplaying LabTech101 at Otakon. If this is you, or you know who this is, please tell me!

Okiku Sukikuwa: [1] [2]

enshokukitsune is LabTech Shok... Barefoot, of course!

brokenshiori (with Grunny plushie!) and friend

Fai_the_airheaded_genius cosplays LabTech123

Other Photos

From Fai_the_airheaded_genius: a terrifying snapshot of a Grunny attack!
The victim is completely under Grunny's control now...
even going so far as to protect the parasite
A G CORP decal for Mario Kart DS
A signed Gaia advert postcard from Anime Expo (thanks, Lord Leonov)
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User Image
Quotes from the Second Anniversary Ball

(thanks to Gambino's Gaian Army, Gaian Crisis Squad, and LabTech123's Quasi-Official Fan Thread)

I used to blow up those finger gloves in the lab like this balloon here. You can have it.
Damn that Gambino...now I'm out of a job! Maybe the Von Helsons will need my services.
Dwei dwei! Ming tien err how...the heck did I get here?!
Seriously, where do I apply for the labtech position?
I don't think you can do any precision work with this device. It's all yours.
AAAAAYYEEEEE?! Where are all of the other labtechs?
I had better not tell anyone about this. You shouldn't either.
I don't have time to party. You can have my party hat.
What happened here?! It's just like the...
Where've I been? Maybe I should ask you the same question.
This must be the breakroom. I wonder if they have an espresso machine like they did back in the Test Facility.
What an interesting symbol. Not as cool as the G-corp logo though. You can have it.

He delivers the package. He shall await payment. Crisp, umarked bills. 50 and 100 dollar increments only. To be delivered to my assistant who awaits under the largest oak tree on the north lawn. We do not have much time!

They aren't dead...they never die...
Who am I you ask? HA! Like I'd tell you and expose myself!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the mansion..
The truth is out there.
It's not over yet.
Can you feel the storm? It's coming.
The facility is still operational. Don't believe the news...
I've done my part. I will not risk my life any further.
Sorry, I'm out of green vials. This last one is mine.

Related quotes
Woah did you see that weird freak in the lab coat running around spouting about weird conspiracies? What a nut!
Whoa did you see that other weird freak in the lab coat running around spouting nonsense? He's more of a nut than the first one! I think he's Chinese.

I felt a presence... could it really be... Labtech X?!!
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User Image

This post for anything submitted that doesn't fit in the above sections.


10/1/05: The G CORP guild home banner image is currently broken. Here it is if you're looking for it. Please upload it to your own image host if you need to use it for something.


247's journal entries decrypted

#1 by TriskDaemon:
The medicine has been injected into 137, 138, 101, and 722. The test seems to have gone well, as fatigue has dropped and the recovery and regeneration rates are astounding. I also affixed a probe to the scalp of 722. In our testing of the rabbits here at the facility, we have noticed a dramatic drop in brain activity at the expense of cellular regeneration. We need to see if this occurs in humans as well. If it does we have created the perfect work machine. If it does not, we have created the perfect war machine. This will only ensure G-CORP will remain the dominant factor in the medical market, but will also ensure Mr. Gambino remains the most powerful man in Gaia.

#2 by Matthewt3hd0rk, contrains, bibutterfly
Something is terribly wrong. A rabbit we left for dead, one that we did not have the time to properly deal with, has developed some serious problems. We put the creature under after it stopped being able to function normally. It would attack the other rabbits, almost cannibalistic in nature. The end result was us putting it under and then into containment with other animals marked to be incinerated. Two days later LabTech101 asked me why the monkey was all chewed up. It was horrible, I can't explain the horror of what I saw very well. The rabbit was alive. We don't known how, but it was alive. We threw the burn switch for the entire chamber. Our equipment had to be malfunctioning, there were no signs of life in the containment chamber. It's just not possible...is it?

(I edited the last sentence a bit because I am a grammar nazi and it looks better that way >_> )


The LabTechs' brief appearance in the April Fools' Day storyline event:
User Image
Aww, look at the cute little zombie horde. heart
Notice that 247's avatar has been edited so he now has his arms out in terror. o_O
And 013 carries his tombstone around with him.


This is the font I used in the black and white banners:
User Image
I made it myself; feel free to use it for whatever, although you'll have to enlarge it if you want people to be able to see it without having to squint (the letters are only 5x5 pixels). You can use the red G logo I used as post headers, but please host them on your own image server.


How to Be a LabTech
Want your avatar to look like one of the LabTech NPCs? Here's a list of items you can use. Lots of room for variations, of course.

10/28/05: A lot of the Medical set items released today work with a LabTech avatar cosplay.
Oct. 2007: The white Zoot Suit jacket works as a labcoat item.
2009: So much new stuff! We have zombie juice in Skin Tyte, too! This section isn't really needed anymore, but I'm leaving it here.

-Blue Beanie (Gambino Hat Rack p.1, 411g)
-Black Shirt (Barton Boutique, p.1, 160g), any other black top...actually, lmost any shirt top will be fine.
-Human G CORP Labcoat, Zombie G Corp Labcoat, Gardenia Vintage Town Coat (H.R. Wesley p.11, 5250g), That 70s White Jacket (H.R. Wesley p.12, 3000g)
Lower Body:
-Flared Stonewash Jeans (H.R. Wesley p.5, 400g), Teal Sporty Track Pants (Gambino Outfitters p.5, 985g)
-Dr. Nash Walking Shoe White (Barton Boutique p.8, 4577g), White Sporty Sneakers (Gambino Outfitters p.7, 420g), any other white shoes you've got

User Image User Image(Seyli Hsa)

-Blue Beanie (Gambino Hat Rack p.1, 411g)
-Black T-Shirt (Barton Boutique p.1, 200g), any other black top
-Human G CORP Labcoat, Zombie G Corp Labcoat, That 70s White Jacket (H.R. Wesley p.12, 3000g); Soldat Alpine Overcoat works too (H.R. Wesley p.12, 13000g)
Lower Body:
-Black Carpenters Pants (Crate & Apparel p.5, 465g), Teal Sporty Track Pants (Gambino Outfitters p.4, 985g), Baggy Green Sweat Pants (Gambino Outfitters p.3, 310g), or Green Torque Pants (Gambino Outfitters p.5, 1140g), Green or Blue Longjohns (Barton Boutique p.7, 550g)
-White Sneakers (Barton Boutique p.7, 400g), Expensive Sneakers White (Gambino Outfitters p.6, 650g), Dr. Nash Walking Shoe White (Barton Boutique p.8, 4577g), any other white shoes

User Image(Gunpowder Tea) User Image(LabTech)User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.(Duston)

User Image M_U_L_E as LabTechX!


The Fanthread's Theme Song

"Re: Your Brains"
Lyrics and the entire song, by Jonathan Coulton
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User Image
More Miscellany

-Section for more things that don't belong anywhere else-

Previous poll results:
#1: LabTechX is...?
A unique NPC: 53% [ 452 ]
One of the known NPCs in disguise: 46% [ 398 ]

#2: Favorite LabTech?
957 8%
138 3%
101 17%
247 5%
912 5%
722 4%
123 13%
909 4%
013 12%
137, 062, or 126 24%

Total Votes : 2188

#3: What do Vials of Unknown Liquid taste like?
Apple 9%
Watermelon 10%
Grass 6%
Strawberry 7%
Brains 10%
Lime 8%
Fizzy Drinks 13%
Death 18%
Vegetables 2%
Tea 12%

Total Votes: 3222
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User Image
Links and Banners

Want to link to this thread? Use one of the banners below...and new submissions are always welcomed. If you have a G CORP or general plot-related guild or thread you think belongs here, PM me.

Simple text link:
[URL=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6662398][The G CORP Fanthread][/URL]

[URL=http://tinyurl.com/47ztd][The G CORP Fanthread][/URL]

Banner Links:

Basic Black

Basic White

Rotating banner! This is the same thing I use in the first post header. Contains thread banners seen below. Longest banner is 500px; tallest is 251px.

Banners by Tao Kai Tze:

Red and Black

Teal and White


Banner by Agent Inane

G CORP Montage

Banner by Mike D.
Animated Grey Logo
[URL=http://tinyurl.com/47ztd][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v96/Demonlord/bases and banners/Gcorp_sig.gif[/IMG][/URL]

Banner by BluesRaven

Banners by Silver Gryphon:

LabTech123 with Vial

Hand with Vial (Making a Difference)

Hand with Vial (G CORP Logo)

Feeling Dead? (fake G CORP advert; Zombies Sketch)

---[Links Out]---

-Storyline Sources:-

The official NPC guild with the Labtechs' journals.

LabTech 062's Retirement Party Thread
The thread at the Halloween party where the zombie virus outbreak started. (Halloween Bash threads are currently inaccessible for some reason, but I have typed up a transcript of all seven pages of the party thread. PM me if you need it, or any part of it.) Thread currently accessible

Gambino's Journal
Gambino's journal, starting with the entries about G CORP.

-User Threads and Guilds:-

G Corp >> Secret gaian evil doctor guild?!
This thread was started in Q&F after someone found the new G CORP guild, and remained the primary G CORP discussion thread for months.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
The Rumor Review. Debunks misconceptions about the Gaia storyline and NPCs.

Confessions of an NPC "widow"
Whescha's thread telling the story of her relationship with LabTech247. A must read!

Gambino's Gaian Army
An Anniversary Ball thread; my source for most of the Ball quotes.
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Come on...I need someone to proofread things and fill in what I made mistakes on/left out xp
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*pokes thread*
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Magical Girl

11,250 Points
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Bunny Spotter 50
I love you, Silver. gonk
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I love you, Silver. gonk

Why thank you. ^_^
i definitely see the L-brackets on the top of Gambino's new tower, but the top line is just wrong if its the actual G-corp logo... (not to mention the fact that there is no G...)

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