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Mimay- Here is your art!

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* Gives Tea a hug* Thank you! It's Soo Cute! heart
I hope you get better, Tea. Getting sick is no fun, especialy the ones that effect your stomch.
Once the holidays are over, the stress and drama will be over for you, Tea ( well, the part about the gifts that is sweatdrop ).
I don't like it when my Mom pressures me to get my friends gifts, when she knows I don't have a lot of money to so. Also when she tells me to get her a super expensive items, like a 24k gold diamond ring or funding her trip back to her folks in New Brunswick, Canada ( if I get a high paying job and have lots of money to do so ). I hate it when she brings it up, so annoying. stare
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@MDH: I still don't think you should give your family members that have been nothing but mean to you a gift this year. But that's just me... and I know your stubborn and will do it anyways. Plus if your family is going to treat you badly this xmas you shouldn't put up with it and get your feelings hurt. You're much better then that and deserve more.

@Mimay: I'm glade you like it. Your mom dosn't sound too nice at the moment... she's just wishful thinking maybe? As for pressuring to get your friends gifts, maybe make them cards with your art (or pictures pasted on there... but I like the idea of your artwork more).
Damnit i want some avi-art... emo
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^_^ I do avi art... it's not very good art, but I enjoy it most times. So if you want to post a picture of your avi for me (that you want drawn) that doesn't have too many things on it then I'll do it... My only request is that it has to be okay with you if it has some tea related item in it...
Okie dokie!
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I'll warn you now- I'm not very fast on my artwork. I like the idea of floating teacups!
Meh i have vacation anyway so take your time (He has to be shorter then the other ones!)
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Thanks for understanding. It's the only reason I do free avi art, because that way I can take my time, and if people are mean about it I just say I wont do it.
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I could pay if you want altough i'm broke at the moment
It's free avi art for a reason. It's free...
yeah but see it as early christmas charity....
I can't wait! Four more pages! Then the first post on that page gets free avi art!!!
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