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Kisa-nin's avatar

Mewling Cat

wait wow really that's super fast
and dang but my summer is like 4 months too because i don't start till late september

and wait what howw
college is confusing lolol

i did practice but???
i still doubt myself a lot tbh haha
i'm going to like do some last minute reviewing and then try to sleep early or something

i'll try not too
a lot of my stress will be gone like after tomorrow ahaha

wait whoa really that sounds really cool but why did she drop out??

yeeAAAA we can but still i'm like really nervous and stuff
it doesn't help that like most my close friends are going to the east coast
(one of them is going to CSUN haaa but that's pretty far from my school)
Albino Pikachu's avatar


Because it's just the way my schedule is? lolll
da freedom

yeahh good luck bby!! 'v`♥

idk I think she dropped out bc she didn't feel like she was doing what she wanted to... 'o`
but she has a lot of intense dorming stories from uc irvine lolol

lol justin is dropping out of CSUN I think... he wants to study at PCC to get into a better school...
and yes CSUN is pretty ******** far haha
and omg john is going to RISD!! *O* that's really cool...

its ok bby i'm still here
and you'll make friends in school too!!

I remember the second day after I moved in I cried because I was alone and had no friends (nor did I have roommates) and then I met my neighbors later lol i was such a ******** baby
Kisa-nin's avatar

Mewling Cat

oh man idk that makes me nervous about going to uci too
because idk i'm going into chem but i also really like drawing
and i'm really scared about dorming too

really?? wow i mean it's understandable and it's probably better than wasting money at a school he doesn't like
what school is he aiming for?
but he has like 3 F's rn in school due to senioritis so lololol he's trying to make them up while doing studio art AP

yeah i hope i make friends
i'm really awkward when it comes to socializing haha

nnOOOOO bby that'll probably be me too
knowing how wimpy i am and stuff
Albino Pikachu's avatar


ahh just take advantage of the opportunities!
it's your education, so try hard to get the classes you want!
and don't be scared about dorming!! ;v;

justin wants to go to cal poly pomona like another certain someone. heh.

LOLOL 3 F'S??? that senioritis is... insane... the worst mine was was like... a C in honors physics because nothing made sense anymore

bby i believe in u u can make friends!!
lolol it's okay it takes a while to make good friends I guess.......
although my school is rly different from normal uni...
because i had the same classes with everyone in my section... so we were stuck with each other for a year
and otis in general is just a really small school lol...
and art students are just weird ppl in general...
Kisa-nin's avatar

Mewling Cat

having ap chem and ap psych one after another was brutal and never do i want to put myself in that kind of situation again

thanks bby i'll try ' v'
i hope it's not as bad as i think lololol

really? i didn't think cal poly pomona was that hard to get into tbh ' m`
but that's probably just me because i applied there for like i think chem or bio and got in
but idk maybe his major was impacted??

LOOOOL YEAH IKR freakin jonathan
his counselor has been calling him in because she's been concerned about his grades
and she keeps on asking him if something's wrong
but no he's just being really lazy
my senioritis only shows in my calc class because i'm getting lazy and stuff with homework

i hope orz
i'll try joining clubs or something
art school is fun though!
and yeah i didn't take class size into consideration because now that i think about it i'm probably better in a smaller uni
but oh well no regrets i guess
Albino Pikachu's avatar


yeahh that sounds pretty brutal haha;; its ok bby its all ovr

well..?? maybe you're just a better student that justin lolol

as long as john is drawing i think that's what matters most : D
idk just enjoy senioritis while it lasts because college is killr

ooh clubs. don't u mean SORORITIES?? heh
Kisa-nin's avatar

Mewling Cat

maybe? idk i worked really hard my first two years
but then it kinda slipped like junior year and then i tried picking up this year
but then i slipped again whoops

nnnOOOOOOO but i like procrastinating
I visited UCI today though and I really like the campus

ehhh I'd rather not because I don't want to get hazed
or pay for extra stuff
or be influenced to drink/party
because my parents would be hella pissed if I do

also them hoenn remakes emotion_dowant
Albino Pikachu's avatar


wow that sounds a lot like me kisabby woo

Oh that's good that you like the campus! 'v`b
And pls dont procrastinate u will die
although it's inevitable ahaha

oh right hazing. I wouldn't know since my school doesn't have frats/sororities
but I mean drinking isn't too bad if you're around people u like /hit

UYESSSS i'm excited ohoho i completely abandoned pokemon x tho oops
and animal crossing, i'm scared to check bc of marshal...;v;
Kisa-nin's avatar

Mewling Cat

i know i shouldn't but i'm already a really bad procrastinator so --
i'll try i really will
no guarantees

oh really? that's kinda cool
lmao no my mom would kill me if she found out i drank in college like
she even told me last night that she'd pull me out if i did

i abandoned pokemon X too because i got bored of it
like there wasn't much to do afterwards?
also bby there might be like a way to go back to AC to see if any of your animals moved
like i read it before on tumblr but i'm not sure exactly how??
it like involves changing the clock time of your DS and stuff
Albino Pikachu's avatar


wait there's a way??
LiviInLove's avatar

Beloved Friend

Been awhile since I've been in here! How are you both doing? emotion_hug
Kisa-nin's avatar

Mewling Cat

@hokat: yesss there is I found the post here. and i mean if anything you can just cycle 16 villagers to get marshal back because that's what Spai is doing for Kabuki.

@Livi: I'm good! actually I've been a little stressed because of finals and last minute projects, but I'll be completely done with school after next week!
LiviInLove's avatar

Beloved Friend

Kisa: That's good to hear! I know that you can get through the last week of school! Finals are always stressful! 3nodding

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