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[We are still Open. Just under a new account.]

          On the corner of the busy street rested a three story black building. The sign glowed above the ebony double doors, the gold flashing in all that darkness. It was nothing remarkable on the outside, blended in well with it's surroundings. Ever heard of the saying "Don't Judge a book by it's cover"? That applies to this building as well.

          As soon as those double doors opened, high class and comfort swallowed you into it's warm embrace. The foyer had lush red carpet that disappeared deep into the bowels of the building. The walls were covered in red elegant wall paper. Gold and black designs danced through the crimson, drawing your eye. Loveseats and stuffed chairs in black rested against the wall on the left, allowing for a wary traveler to settle down for a bit before proceeding.

          On the right was a big black desk, trimmed in gold. Along it's top was a lamp, a few phones, various papers and other assortments. Behind it on the wall was a black box that held several keys, a few hooks would be empty, red numbers stamped clearing above each hook told you which room they went to. As you took in your surroundings, you never heard the woman come up beside you.

          Sapphire hues were the first to see, all features coming next...but those eyes. They were like jewels glowing in the light. "Hello, dear." A slow, sexy smile curved her black lips, a flash of white indicating how pearly her teeth where. "Might I welcome you to Sin City Lounge. We make all your desires come to life. Be they food, entertainment...or other matters." Another smile touched her lips as she took you by the arm and lead you to the desk.

          "My name is Kit. I own this place and am quite happy you made it. Would you like to stay a while?"
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          1. Follow Gaia's T.O.S Pretty simple on this one.
          2. My Word is Law. Do not piss me off. Two strikes and you are out. Didn't learn it the first time? Too bad.
          3. No Spamming/Trolling. This is annoying. Don't do it.
          4. NO DRAMA. I don't mind you talking about your problems, but if you fight amongst yourself...do it over PMs or off Gaia. Not in my place.
          5. No stretching the page to outrageous limits with pictures or links. Simple again. Keep it nice and creative...but don't go overboard.
          6. Religious? Good for you. Do not discuss it here. Might make others uncomfortable and I am not having someone shove their beliefs down peoples throat.
          7. Have Fun!
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          Floor One
          [Image Coming Soon]

          Foyer, Bar, Lounge

          Floor Two
          [Image Coming Soon]

          Rooms for Guests and Staff

          Floor Three
          [Image Coming Soon]

          Kit's Penthouse Suite
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          Kit / Owner
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          Banner One
          By: MistressKittles
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