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Should the RIC look into getting a new poll?

Of course! 0.24726775956284 24.7% [ 181 ]
No. 0.049180327868852 4.9% [ 36 ]
No. *boot to the head* Yes. 0.2431693989071 24.3% [ 178 ]
Disagree, because I'm a noob and only here to disrupt your peaceful ways. 0.091530054644809 9.2% [ 67 ]
Wait, I still haven't got my cookies from the last poll. 0.36885245901639 36.9% [ 270 ]
Total Votes:[ 732 ]
I closed my eyes, scrolled down for thirty seconds and whichever one I landed on was the character I choose. So I landed on Brenton and thus I am one.
I choose the whole 'Stay at a distance and shoot arrows' approach. Much more safe. Plus it doesn't hurt that I force an escort to follow me around everywhere I go.

I've never heard of The Saboteur; should Shira check it out?
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Liberal Sex Symbol

Haha, I think may in fact need to be coated again.
I'm going to f*cking kill somebody.
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Liberal Sex Symbol

Some punk a** p*ssy b*tch had the f*cking GALL to insult and hit my mother.

I've BROKEN people's faces for doing s**t like that. Nobody and I mean nobody, will f*cking talk to my Mom in anyway that isn't in the deepest respect and the highest regard.

I once threw a guy through a window, jumped through it, and proceeded to beat the s**t out of him until someone pulled me off; because he called my mother a c*nt.
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Liberal Sex Symbol

Wow, can I have permission to find them? Please?
No; if anybody is going to get their hands on him, its me. I'm ready to f*cking murder.
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Liberal Sex Symbol

I've got the guns. * v *
You're hired.
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Liberal Sex Symbol

(ケ¬◟¬)ケ Oh yeah.
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Timid Roisterer

I'd say get it only if you like those kind of open world games, like Mercenaries or Just Cause (not GTA, because it's not really like that).
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I loved Mercenaries.
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Timid Roisterer

Well, Saboteur was their last game before EA was a d**k--to them, specifically. xD And everybody else in general.
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Dapper Codger

Someone my age shouldn't have to put up with so much joint and muscle pain.

On a happier note, I found a copy of the Watchmen movie in the $5 bin at Walmart today.
Also, the person monitoring the self-checkout terminals at the library told me that my Team Van Helsing T-shirt was "truly excellent."

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