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Should the RIC look into getting a new poll?

Of course! 0.24793388429752 24.8% [ 180 ]
No. 0.049586776859504 5.0% [ 36 ]
No. *boot to the head* Yes. 0.24104683195592 24.1% [ 175 ]
Disagree, because I'm a noob and only here to disrupt your peaceful ways. 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 66 ]
Wait, I still haven't got my cookies from the last poll. 0.37052341597796 37.1% [ 269 ]
Total Votes:[ 726 ]
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Dapper Codger

Cait, if you're depressed enough to hurt yourself, you need to get help from a professional.

So, um, last night I had a dream in which a woman took such exception to my appearance that she sent me threatening messages and eventually tried to have me killed. Only, I was somehow involved with John Marcone, from the Dresden Files, and so she ended up in Lake Michigan. O k a y then.
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Liberal Sex Symbol

I'll be okay, I suppose.

Also, Happy Easter. Though I'm not a fan.
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Fuzzy Puppy

happy Easter, RIC
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Dapper Codger

Oh yeah, happy Easter.

Confession: my favorite thing about Easter is that my grandma still insists on giving me an Easter basket.
Only, I think she forgot that I actually love licorice. -rummages around in basket, hunting for black jelly beans-
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Have you ever wanted to thank some one for something they didnt know they did or for appearing in a dream?
Yeah, and it's even worse when it's one of those super mundane dreams, so you're not entirely sure if it actually happened or not...
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Dapper Codger

Wow, I just spent five minutes getting this cookie unwrapped, and it's not even that tasty.

In other news, there was a bit of drama in my business management class tonight!
It was toward the end of our break. This young guy was telling another student about an article he'd just read, and he described something as "******** up." Then the woman sitting in front of him flipped out. She started scolding him as though she were his mother -- in front of six or so of us and the professor. He apologized, but she ignored him and just... stormed out of the room. And didn't come back. W O W.

Obviously I'm one of those people who prefers to deploy expletives very rarely -- so that they keep their effect, see -- and I do sometimes get mildly annoyed if someone is using them a lot, but my goodness; that reaction was pretty unwarranted! It's not like he was droppin' F-bombs every other word! And even in that case, it would have been far more appropriate to quietly say something like "Excuse me; I really don't like hearing that word and I would appreciate it if you tried not to use it so much."

He wasn't even talking to her.
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Timid Roisterer

Some people are just super sensitive. D:
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Lonely Poster

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LOL!!! That is by far the funniest thing I have read today rofl . Thank you!
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Dapper Codger

The rest of us were just looking at each other like, "What the heck just happened?"
This kid's pretty nice, too; I'm sure if the woman had just, you know, politely asked him not to use that particular expletive, he would have made an effort not to do so!

Also: I can't remember that woman ever having said anything to any of us other students before.
The whole thing was just kind of weird.
That is very strange... I wonder if she's going to be back at all...

Our upstairs neighbor is at it again... But this time one of the ladies at the management office told us that he's gotten so many complaints, that if we have to call again we should ask for a certain officer. Apparently he was pretty rude to him, and the officer has said that if he's called out again to deal with it, the guy will get a $250 ticket. It's kind of nice, but at the same time, we kind of don't want to be the ones to cost him that money, in case he finds out...
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Dapper Codger

The professor wondered that too.
Actually, before she left, he asked her if she wanted to come sit up in the front of the classroom, but she snapped "NO THAT'S FINE" and that's when she made her overly dramatic exit.

If the officer is any kind of professional, he won't mention your names, right?
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Greetings, my pretties!
I was lost in the abyss of thought control.*
I honestly need to stop reading so many distopians.
I can't watch a commercial without "Denham's Dentrifice" popping into my head.
Well, that probably won't happen...
Anywho, I'm in the process of reading "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.

Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't mention names, but if the guy puts 2 and 2 together... He might decide it's us even if someone else calls.

Ah, highschool... Where they have you read a ton of depressing books about depressing topics picked more for their perceived "seriousness" than the actual quality of the writing... And then they wonder why teen depression rates are so high... I'm remembering some real stinkers they had us read... To the point where I retook half a semester of junior english rather than purchace (with my own money) one that was kind of a last straw... I'm kind of stubborn like that.
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Versatile Genius

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I read them out of choice, not of necessity.
I enjoy reading, and have since my fifth grade girlfriend introduced me to Eragon.
It took me months to finish it, but I was hooked.
Since then I've read almost anything I could get my hands on.
Mainly fantasy, albeit.
Due to that, I scored a 12.9+ reading level at the end of the fifth grade AR test thingamajig.
I was so happy.
Also, my fifth grade Literature teacher introduced me to MMO's.
God bless her, Ms. WhatsHerName.

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