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Should the RIC look into getting a new poll?

Of course! 0.24793388429752 24.8% [ 180 ]
No. 0.049586776859504 5.0% [ 36 ]
No. *boot to the head* Yes. 0.24104683195592 24.1% [ 175 ]
Disagree, because I'm a noob and only here to disrupt your peaceful ways. 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 66 ]
Wait, I still haven't got my cookies from the last poll. 0.37052341597796 37.1% [ 269 ]
Total Votes:[ 726 ]
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"unpredictable or weird."
Being random is a very good thing, when you know how to take hold of randomness and use it to its fulliest.


"of or associated with or requring the use of the mind"
That means you have to be able to know what a rock is or how to add two and two.


"Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement. Foolish or impractical; senseless."
This word and random go hand in hand. You have to be a little random to be even the slightest bit crazy.

1. Intro
2. Rules and purpose of guild and Updates
3. How to join
4. Members and Rank
5. Updates

Former thread page count: 8303

READ THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Famous Quotes of the Guild:
Quite frankly, I drive too fast to worry about the state of my kidneys. biggrin
.. uhh.. you lost me at poo....
Mal sombra
And then, I ate a pickle. Go figure, but it was a natural instinct...

*makes a voodoo of himself*
Hmm. I wonder what I can do to myself. *tickles the voodoo* *gets tickled* eek that was certainly weird. *stares at voodoo*
I'm either in love, or losing my mind. Most likely both.
I speak Trintae. Ooga booga booga.
Raina Kraven
3nodding I know, I've tried on a couple of blocks and didn't like 'em too much. whee
I don't like 'em too much, they're just fun occasionally.
Oh wow......just wow....orange, I thought you were talking about Trintae's boobies....I was like They're fun occasionally? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?
Raina Kraven
Well, you know what? *Yanks off dress and throws it in your face* How do you like it now?? twisted
Hmmm, *holds dress up to himself* I don't know, I think it makes me look fat.
But now, now Raina looks smexah.
Good morning to you all! Enjoy the sunday I just had.
You guys are still talking about Kool-Aid and jellyfish?
I'm a pretty potted flower sitting on the windowsill of the RIC. I can't leave here now... but that's ok. I never wanted to anyhow.... xd
Oh, once somebody stole a key-chain I have on my binder at school, so I stabbed him with a pen and he started to bleed a little bit.
I just had Ben and Jerry's Brownie Batter Ice Cream. It was like an orgasm in my mouth. blaugh
I'll donate a bite to your butt, does that count?
Your text says "lol", but your expression says YOU'RE GONNA EAT ME OMIGOSH!!! eek *runsawayveryfast*
Generation Detonation
*shuffles back, grabs more squids, loops an arm around your neck and drags you back to the corner with me*
*tickles you with a squid* xD

I'm bein' squid'ckled! xd *squirms and giggles*
Lucky J
Magical Crotch World for the win.
Lovely Shayness
You must rub the glowing crotch each time you want your next wish.

We're still talking about glowing crotches?! =o

Lucky J
I'll p***s YOUR p***s p***s! wink whee
I totally just won at life right there.

Chi-Sao the Angel
I'm lost in thought.
What, was it unfamiliar territory?

It's my first day and I come in at "nose cats"
Trust me, I'm a hippie.
More like everyone on campus logged onto imafreakinslutandviewingmewilleatupbandwidth.com

You mean Myspace.com?
Generation Detonation
I am enforcing my right to be on the quote page. pirate Muahaha.
Strawberry Tuna
I had sperm and vomit in my lemonade earlier.
And it was deeelishus.

xd I'm so glad I went back to read the context!

Lucky J
Moot Idiosyncrasy
The Chocolate War.

It was horrible. We walked into the chocolate swamp on reconnaissance... it turned into a fudgebath.

I'll Viet your Nam.
In the a**.

Nathan S. Cross
No human hating, please. The humans in this guild might get offended and leave a grenade in your pants.

The Procreator
I knows you Demi and you carry a pair of ovaries quite gracefully with a spring to your step without betraying any type of emotion.
Your hair is like water from the Naples Valley, skin like peaches from georgia on a wintery blizzard. Your Eyes light up like an atom bomb in a testing facility in Arizona.
You are the light from the street lamp that frames my nude cat from across the way in the windo from where I perch and type this poem of hatred. Yes. I love you. And you are very much the best piece of chocolate that ever lived.

Nathan S. Cross
So...somebody compared Mugen and Jin of Samurai Champloo to Naruto and Sasuke.
I 'bout slapped a b***h.

Caitchi x Cuppincakes
Aim on my phone is like an orgasm from my boyfriend.
It just DOESN'T happen.

Which came first?
The Platypus, or the "What the ******** is that thing?!" ?

*Launches Mega out of the Cattapult, a catapult made out of a living giant caterpillar*
I'm gonna let it slide because it was so awesome.

Meyvol Sioruys
It's a good thing this thread isn't Random Intellectual Philanthropists.
Every morning it'd be 'Good Morning R.I.P'

Anonymity Is Key
But grease loves you.
That's why it is slowly making its way into your heart.

The Random Intellectual Crazies Theme Song:


This land of the Random is ours now.
And to the Intellectuals, we do bow.
To the Crazies as well, we show our love.
We salute them all, with ramen and hug.

To the Insane Queenage, Raina Kraven,
Respect, Gratitude, and our crazy ravin'.
To all of our members far and wide,
For in the nation of Gaia we all reside.

With ramen and donkeys, voodoos and funs
We discuss our day, or shoot others with guns
Tis quite the joy, we even have a dictionary
It has our made up words and is called RICtionary.

Just remember to bring the spadoinkle.

The History of the RIC:

On Tuesday, July 19, 2005, Raina Kraven set sail on the shiny sea of the Guilds Forum. She found a new land and settled it, and called it the Random Intellectual Crazies. She was joined by many, including the benevolent Befu, the original Orange, and the alliteratively-fitting Albern, along with many others. But it was not easy to get a new haven for the Random Intellectual Crazies started. They faced persecution by the sediment, the stupid, and the sane alike. However, they fought the persecution by becoming more random, more intellectual, and crazier. Though trials and hardships aroused, the small but sound organization fought it through with their minds and souls. Soon, many people started joining. The organization gained speed against the forces of sanity, and started gaining thousands of pages and tens of thousands of posts. On a sunny Sunday afternoon on September 10, 2006, Orange Corvette posted the first post of the five thousandth page of the RIC. On February 2, 2007, the collective mule of several powerful RIC characters, A Random Intellectual, premiered the new and improved Random Intellectual Crazies, which has prospered ever since.

Over the months the RIC has been growing and learning of itself, many great minds have come here to study with the greats in the four classes of the RIC: Randomosisity, Intellectualitism, Craziferousness, and Shmexiness.

Number of views as of
September 7th, 2006:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image
1. Follow basic Gaia rules
2. DO NOT PM me about joining. If you do that means you didn't read this and you get the title of stupid idiot and anybody is encouraged to poke fun and hate you.
3. No kicking around non "stupid idiots"
4. Have fun
5. Be literate, no chat speak or half words(I know we all have typing problems, I just don't want to see (C U l8r). Also, unneeded quote towers make me angry.
6. If you join stay active.
7. NO advertising of any kind.
8. This is NOT a GGN guild. There is nothing else besides this thread. Don't ask!
9. Ride a donkey if you're bored!
10. To make sure you have read all the rules, make sure you include the word Spadoinkle at the end of your profile.
11. NO BUMPING! This includes "keyboard smash" (eg sgpoheg) and entirely emote posts.
12. Take your fighting and bickering to PM. Flaming is against GGN rules, so don't give regulars a reason to point and laugh.



- July 20, 2005- guild opens for applicants
- August 4, 2005- 65 members have joined to date!
- September 15, 2005- added new feature, "Topics"/ New Poll
- December 29, 2005- official Lighter Day is established(Lighter meaning the thing you light stuff on fire with. NOT the adjective! We love all here!)
- March 11, 2006- The RETURN of I love you Days!! Every tenth page!! heart
- May 9, 2006- Official RIC holiday.
- June 21, 2006- All Fridays- "Wear your Manties to RIC day" If you have any. If not, go naked!! Who cares? xp
- July 1-2, 2006- Dress the Same Day(s).
- July 25, 2006- First RIC member of the week Poll
- November 28, 2006- RIC has reached its 100,000th post!
- February 3, 2007 - RIC v. 2.0 is born.
Poll Results:
December 5, 2005- 38% said that they would like to tickle their own voovoo dolls.
December 29, 2005- Um, yeah, I sorta forgot. Sorry..... whee
February 23, 2006- 53% voted for the Pants Party!! Go Brick!
April 16, 2006- 33%-ish think I am a 9 o'clock distraction. HAPPY EASTER!
May 22, 2006- 43% prefer the taste of an orange pop....no duh!
June 17, 2006- Most people are pervs and wanna take off their clothes. xp
July 25, 2006- RIC Member of the Week #1- Orangecorvette
August 5, 2006- RIC Member of the Week #2- Lazzara
August 12, 2006- RIC Member of the Week #3- Alienarose
August 19, 2006- RIC Member if the Week # 4- Zururu
September 6, 2006- According to the large masses and RIC, Orangecorvette either has the coolest name, or is the coolest. I'd vote is.
January 15, 2007- 28% say they're random.
February 18, 2007- 46% say...pudding. Who doesn't love pudding?
April 3, 2007- Just under half of everyone has a strange reaction to too many muffins, that reaction being head explosions.
June 23rd, 2007- 44% don't know who Karl Urban is. How could they not know who he is!? Karl Urban is God on earth!
August 6th, 2007- 31% say that they are not strangers, and yet we are still strange. What? D:
September 2nd, 2007- 45% agree that if we were ever attacked, the hostile party would want to commandeer our Whalevator, whereas a mere 14% assume that it'd the tan-envious Mole People.
September 28th, 2007- Yo ho ho and a glass of warm milk! Pirate-Pajama-Party has been agreed upon by 60% of our lovely members!~
October 7, 2007- Pastry got stupid and ended the poll too early. D: The results were as follows: 46% feel that infiltration is the best tactic with which to fight the Whalevator-comandeering Mole People!
November 9, 2007- Most of people want to 'take care' of the mole people! eek The details will be left out, but it's safe to say that the Mole People won't be bothering us anymore.
December 9, 2007- Most votes go to having a party with silly dancing and garbled singing. Visiting the kitten room comes in a close second! Mm, silly dancing and garbled singing while cuddling kittens. It's winful.
December 27,2007 According to 36.6% of the RIC and poll whores, we cashed in our rocket fund and bought the world's largest shrubbery!
February 8, 2008 Apparently, people think a poll shouldn't be too ridiculous. Also, Trintae will recieve a pudding hug. PUDDING HUG!
March 26, 2008 An overwhelming majority, if visiting Australia, would ride around on an emu throwing echidnas at people. We also seem to have 28 Soniquis. Wait, what?
June 12, 2008 After several months of a "This poll has expired message", we have named the Shrubbery as our patron saint. Unfortunately, we decided early on that we would have several patron saints varying daily. Too bad, Shrubbery!

31 October, 2008 It would seem RIC members' Halloween costume of choice is the scariest thing they can come up with, closely followed by squids. I don't like where this is going...
7 December, 2008It seems many people don't know what a NaNoWriMo is...
28 March, 2012Trying to determine if sugar can be absorbed directly into the skin through cupcake pool experiment.
How to Join:


Just post in the thread that you want to join and fill out the following:
***NEW*** And visit this thread to read further rules:

My name is (Gaia Name).
But you can call me (Nickname, real name, whatever.)
So many things interest me: (List ten things in bullet form, make it fun!)
I get angry at: (Ten things, bullet style, be unique)
I was born (Number) years ago.
My cup is (Half full or half empty) of (Favorite drink).
You should know that I (Something that is funny about you).
My position in the Random Intellectual Crazies is a (Member or keyholder).
I promise to be (some sort of positive adjective) active

[size=15][color=darkblue][b]My name is[/b][/size] (Gaia Name).[/color]
[size=15][color=crimson][b]But you can call me[/b][/size] (Nickname, real name, whatever.)[/color]
[size=15][color=darkblue][b]So many things interest me:[/b] [/size](List ten things in bullet form, make it fun!)[/color]
[size=15][color=crimson][b]I get angry at:[/b][/size] (Ten things, bullet style, be unique)[/color]
[size=15][color=darkblue][b]I was born[/b][/size][/color] (Number) [size=15][color=darkblue][b]years ago.[/b][/color][/size]
[size=15][color=crimson][b]My cup is[/b] [/size][/color](Half full or half empty) [color=crimson][size=15][b]of [/b][/size][/color](Favorite drink).
[size=15][color=darkblue][b]You should know that I [/b][/size](Something that is funny about you).[/color]
[size=15][color=crimson][b]My position in the Random Intellectual Crazies is a[/b][/size] (Member or keyholder).[/color]
[size=15][color=darkblue][b]I promise to be[/b] [/size][/color](some sort of positive adjective) [b][size=15][color=darkblue]active[/size][/color][/b]

Former Rank System:
The Insane Queenage- me, highest rank
Renowned Psycho - For those people who really are the true being
Unbalanced sanity - Those people well known for their randomosity
Chaotic Hysteria - Those who know what being smart and crazy feel like; and like it
Insane Maddness - Are existent for a main purpose of entertainment of friends
Irrational Psychosis - People just coming out of the closet with smart insanity
Illusional Distraction - New to the guild and opening their mind to knew ideas
Senseless Reason - Those people who haven't quite crossed the line, has to be requested.
Stupid Idiot - Those people who don't listen and are free to be picked upon.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image
Member's List

Creator/former owner: Raina Kraven

RIC Security Watch: If there's a problem within the guild, you let US know first.
Chief: Nathan S. Cross.
Deputy 1st Class:: -Chi-Iroi-
Deputy 2nd Class:
Super Sexy Ninja Lady: *an open space*
Enforcer: MegaMagicMonkey

Albern Puppy
Lady Rattus
Nathan S. Cross
Demi Goth
Kraniebrud McFancyPants


heart People you should love: heart

A Shout to Remember
Albern Puppy
Caitchi x Cuppincakes
Demi Goth
Jana Lyneu
Lucky J
Nathan S. Cross
Strawberry Tuna
Velouria Dragoon

3nodding People you should get to know: 3nodding

Order Allied
-Taste Like Taffy-
Kraniebrud McFancyPants
Lil Lime
Silver Fool
Mana is Eternity
The Beautiful LadyKatie
Tormented Sage
Anonymity is Key

ninja Disappearances: ninja
Nuphar Lutea the Calm
The Howie

Stupid Idiot:
Technosian- annoying little twelve year old.
Tex1000- Mean b*****d.
Peanutbuttermunkey- didn't listen. Bumped
Brad-Butler- illiterate beyond reason, purposely annoying, and repetitive.
i heart marisa- posted a Ripway link in an attempt to scam our passwords!
53dj538 - Didn't listen, quoted the first page
Sonic the hedgehog5020 - Quoted the first page

In concerns to the member list:
The list is occasionally reviewed and trimmed down based on membership.
If you're a new member, show recognizable activity, then send a PM to a Security Watch member.
If you're a returning member, show renewed activity, then send a PM to a Security Watch member.
Banners! Holy Crapola!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Raina Kraven

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Patameth

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Trintae

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Raina Kraven

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Raina Kraven

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Raina Kraven

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Raina Kraven

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Raina Kraven

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Befu

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by: Trintae, I think..... biggrin

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by KumarKakarla

User Image
Made by Patameth

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Made by GreenTeaIceCream
Iorthol's avatar

Friendly Sweetheart

YES! I got the first post!

And on this momentous day, I hereby dedicate this RIC version 2.0 to our beloved Padded Cell Matriarch, Raina Kraven, and to the spadoinkle.
Nathan S. Cross's avatar

Timid Roisterer

I'm here at the beginning! Yay!
Yays! Me too!

WOo. ;D
I'm post number 9, and that was the only important thing to me.

9 is my lucky number, and you can never take that away from me. You hear? o.o
Iorthol's avatar

Friendly Sweetheart

Allo all my friends and comrads mrgreen
Someone explain to me the significance of the flaming chickens =o
gonk It smells different here!
Mr Sandy Man's avatar

6,350 Points
  • Citizen 200
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Conversationalist 100


i made first page.
Nathan S. Cross's avatar

Timid Roisterer

gonk It smells different here!

Oh, don't worry about that. That's just that new guild smell. 3nodding
Befu's avatar

Shameless Victory

Wait.. Why isn't Orange on the list of people we should love? @.@

EDIT: Or Vel?! gonk (btw, Vel's preggerz) ninja
Iorthol's avatar

Friendly Sweetheart

gonk It smells different here!

Don't worry, after a few instances of fire breathing chickens and random squid-ball fights, we'll be rid of that new thread smell surprised

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