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Cheery Cat


You can be a Ryan stalker, too!
The only rule is that you have to stalk Ryan!
o wo
And maybe poke him around a little too.
> w>


Don't worry about that, silly!
Maybe I should make a new character or something.
Then I wouldn't have to worry about people coming in and having no one to interact with.
Since my character is stuck in limbo until that other person replies.
I have being stuck in limbo for so long.
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Distinct Lunatic

I could just make a pile of everything for you to look through? XDD
It's the Jade Rabbit.
It's mighty expensive tho.

I'm happy just spending time with you too, but I also wanna get you something.
-kisses him, and licks his chin-

-giggles and makes fan banners-

Sorry, I'mma perv >D

Sentimental, we are. -nods-

Join the duck side!
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ryan : oh well alright; I'll bother you about the skit tomorrow then. well maybe cause I plan on baking some chiffon rolls tomorrow. o w o

massu : oh good ! i do enjoy poking people. o u o i'll do a wonderful job of being the creeper i am.

keri : okay i'll join this evil rubber duckie side. muhahahaha !
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Distinct Lunatic

kerian: I'm a pervert too, but it depends on my mood- right now my mind is totally off on that aspect = w=

We all are about something /gives you a hug

      Ichi -> did I skip you?

      Massu -> I just don’t want him standing there with the other guy and nothing happen.
      Like is my character being skipped… T:
      I don’t know, I just worry for a moment I’ll wait one more day.
      Another character might be fun –nods- would he be a customer?

      Keri-> That isn’t too bad for you my heart >3 I’ll get if for you no matter what!
      -chuckles and nibbles his bunny ear-
      Hmm I’ll look and see what I can find something not a lot of gold right?

      Req -> sounds like a plan for sure!
A stalker club for me...
But you guys don't stalk me everywhere .
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Cheery Cat

Yay! Fan banners!
We should definitely try to recruit more people for our cause, Keri!
o wo


Glad to have you join!
n wn


Hm, not sure.
It should be a customer, since we already have too many employees.
But we also have employees that aren't active yet, so it's spots being wasted, or like they're still open anyway.
I just wish people would be more active.
My roleplay is dead/dying.
- w-
No nibbling on bunny ear.
-blushes, biting his lower lip-

I've been collecting gaia cash as well, so if you want cash items as well you could tell me.

I do!

Welcome to the club!
You're the first one, so you'll be First Mate! ;D

It's the hormones, I swear.


Gaiz, I has to go for dinner.
See you guys soon okay!
-gives everyone a hug, and licks Ryan-

      Massu -> if you want and make a customer maybe ours can go into together.
      Like your character is pulling mine to go in with him.
      I don’t think Silvio would just go in by himself sometimes.
      But I know you must feel about your rp cause I was like that with my thread.
      I want to help just in a runt.

      Keri -> Why not –smirks playing with his tail-
      They are so cute!

      Hmm I’ll have to see, maybe something for the holiday will come out.

      bye Keri I love you so much <3
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ryan : don't worry well find all your hiding places. o u o
massu : yayy ! - goes and stalks ryan's posts-
keri : -gasp- were a pirate crew? D: should i get my eye patch?!
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Cheery Cat

Bye, Keri!


Oh! That's a good idea!
They could be friends and go to school together!
And my character pulls yours in, just because he didn't want to go alone.
Like, he was still embarrassed to go alone or something.
o wo

      Bubble -> our hiding places?

      Massu -> Yeah Silvio isn’t really sure if he into boys or not…
      Yeah they could be friends from school.
      Yeah that would be great!
      Like come on Silvio and do that stuff <3
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Distinct Lunatic

Yay plans xD /spazzes tiredly

Kerian: Yeah that's the hormones for you, I'm not that horny so much xD

Enjoy dinner = w=

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