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Conservative Hunter

Chaotic Mana

Surprise for you.

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Thieving Pumpkin

pft... Im dramatic. he knows that. besides, it wasn't completely his fault, there were other distractions.

      Wait who knows? –scratches head -
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Conservative Hunter

I'm so confused.
Me too -sighs-
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Eloquent Wench

Moppet home from work.

She actually got praised for her work tuesday by her manager.
Which was really odd. She thinks he's up to something.

Moppet also got her hair cut again. Tis reallly short. xP

What's going on in here?
Nassy just got his hair cut too cause his friend was being a s**t and hurting his feelings. T:
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Eloquent Wench

Where he at.

I fix em right up.

I cut mine cause It was pissing me off.
Though I'm kinda all o_o ....cause It's really short.

      Thanks Moppet, but leave him alone. I don’t want more drama with him.
      Honestly, I don’t really care right now because I’m in a good mood.

      Well that is half the reason I did it too.
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Eloquent Wench

Yes sir.

"Pickles! Back in the closet!"

I'm..in a decent enough mood I think.
Have tomorrow off. Going to try an do some things.

      Although I am flattered, you’d offer your pickle army to help me.

      That is good, kind of how my day was so yeah. I fixed everything and then got
      yelled at for leaving a thread and saying I didn’t find a scene appealing thus
      making me the bad guy.
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Eloquent Wench

I've had that happen before.

Which is why this is pretty much the only thread I lurk in now.

      Well I hope it never happens with my place.

      See I don’t mind the perverted jokes and things. However when someone
      comes into a place and randomly starts Molesting someone it’s like wow…
      Immature much? Then bam I get yelled at for that along with “I’m single now
      Ryan don’t over protect me.” When I LEFT for people being sex crazed 12 years
      olds for fun. I’m all yep…. So why am I the bad guy? Really why?
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Eloquent Wench


Because your more mature.

Try not to fret about it to much dear.

Also, omg. My mother's logic I have yet to understand.

For years she's been forbiding my brother an I to get smart phones. Even if we pay for our own plans an whatnot. What did she just come home with...A smartphone an an internet plan so she can play facebook. First thing when she walks in the door. " Help, how do I work this thing. I need you to show me how to do this, an that an yadda yadda yadda..."

      -hugs back-

      Yeah, but still I’m the bad guy so I’m not even bothering right now T:

      What okay that is confusing, why doesn’t she want you two to have
      smartphones. And that is massively silly that she thinks you’ll know how to
      help her if you can’t have one. Guess you could be all “Sorry I would love to help
      you but I don’t have one myself to help you with.”

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