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      What has keeper said?
      -snuggles him closely-

      Yes you do look rather devilish don’t you
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We're still talking abt poses.
Thing is, the poses that I'm asking from Keeper aren't those that Google safesearch puts up.

-just changed-
So that ppl can see that it's me in the art.

      Hmm Keeper knew I wanted something smutting, so that shouldn’t
      have been too much of an issue. Just remind them we agreed on
      something smutty though not too hardcore I believe. Therefore, I really
      don’t know why you’re having trouble with poses. Do know she might
      not do full blast finish it might be sketchy but I’m seriously all right
      with that. Just talk to her or have her kind of talk to me, about it all.

      Very nice - kisses his cheek and grope his bottom- Whoops hand slipped.

      I would change too but I don’t remember the outfit and I’m really
      enjoying this one for right now.
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-has very different definitions of hardcore...-
I think she just wants a reference. It's okay if I didn't have any.

-smirks and sticks his tongue out-
You know you like it. ;3

      Yeah Keeper rather goes off references a lot. If you ask her, you can see
      if you can give her anime or manga poses then just work off of that. I’m
      sure you’ve seen something much like what you want in a manga before.

      xx-Leans in and licks his tongue-

      Naw, I just like it because you are wearing it.

      Are you going to bed soon?
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Hmm, okay, I'll try to look for manga references tmr then.
-leaves an open-mouthed kiss-

Yes, I will in a bit.
I'm gonna go wash up then you can tuck me in.
I'll be on my phone?

      Well, that is the only thing I can think of my darling.

      -Kisses him deeply in return-
      Alright I hope I’ll still be here. If not I’ll tuck you in while away.
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Sorry for late reply nas. Some ex of his stirring up trouble :/
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Eloquent Wench

Yes, it was a very windy day today.

I gave up trying to try an weigh down the trees. I just went out an toppled them all over in a big pile.

Now when the store is closed I shall go back an light it on fire an dance around it with my volleyball.

Also, I got my tax return check today in the mail. ^^
Pretty excited about that. Have to decide if I'm going to put it all on my visa. Or part an part use it on my truck. It could really use a tune up an two newer tires on the back...an a paint job..

      Zenour ->
      No worries, I know all about exs being a pain in the a** T:

      Moppet ->
      All right, that makes so much more sense. So what was it a
      tree pile? I’m guessing its nothing like a dog pile. Wait how
      is dancing around it going to help? O^o;;;
      Aren’t you selling your trunk so why fix it up Moppet?
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Eloquent Wench

All the trees I sell from a 3-25 gallon pot size are out in the parking lot in this one area. It being very windy, the trees kept falling. An when one fell it went like domos. So I spent like two hours trying to tie an weigh them down. Then the wind really picked up an knocked a bunch loose an on top of me. Scraped my arms up a little, but otherwise ok. So I just decided to lay them all down. That way they didn't fall on anyone or a passing car. Plus one of the biggest we have, I had put a bunch of bricks in it's pot. An a huge wind came through, an sent the tree over. It ended up acting like a catapult. Sent all the bricks flying. >> Was kinda funny afterward. Not when running around trying not to get hit. xD

Ah, I was being silly.

Oooooh. Cause I just can't do it. An when you sit down an do the math. I"m going to be putting out just about as much money if I get gas.
Plus diesel went back down. Like 9 cents down.

      Wow, that is awful. Though, the catapult thing would be fun to see.
      I see, well that is okay because my car is being like that too right now
      and instead I’m fixing it up then just buying a new one.
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Eloquent Wench

Yea. It was kinda one of those "Oh s**t." then "Haha!" moments.

An I didn't really want to sell it anyhow. Money is just really tight. But when I finally sat down an did the math. It wasn't really all that cheeper. An with getting something new, you don't know whats wrong with it or what might happen. Least I know what expect out of the beast.
Plus, when I bought it. I intended to rebuild an restore it.

I might look into having it painted.

      I’m sure, I can hear it now as the “oh s**t… oh s**t… OH s**t
      ha ha ha !” comes to mind so much I mean you don’t know
      where those bricks were going to go and things.

      Well that is good you get to keep it then and work it out.
      Yeah I know what you mean by that and there is drama in
      new cars and trucks. You’ll have to spend over 10k just to
      get one that really is in good shape. I remember cause my
      mom wanted one. A million points for keeping it and fixing
      it up.
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Eloquent Wench

Lol yea.

Were all sitting there laughing, an one of the guys pipes up an goes..

" Ok, who pissed her off? Now she's setting booby traps. "


An aye. I'm pretty happy.
Now just to decide what I want to do with this tax moneys.
I could put it all on visa, go clothes shopping, truck stuff, xbox...

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