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Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx W e l c o m exx

                          alright I'm sure some of you have noticed the lack of dead bodies running around my thread.

                          oddly enough I bet most of you who don't know me scrolled through the main page looking for the body too.

                          No sillies, we are playing "Where is Waldo" with caskets and dead people...
                          xxx ->unless zombies are real... and there is one around here... that I don't know about....
                          xxxxxx -> so if you see any just gunshot them for me

                          but clearly enough you read the word Casket and like clockwork I'm sure you mind goes right to dead body.

                          for me however the word casket is just another daily term used at my part-time job at the funeral home.

                          xxxxxxxxxx Are you interest yet? I hope so...

                          if you are that is great, because honestly I'm really into the interesting nature of death.
                          I know "Wait.... death has a nature?"
                          xxx-> sure all things do or so I believe and I would love to talk about that sometime.
                          xxx-> also it's a proven law of science ( oh getting smarty pants here )

                          that isn't that really isn't the only thing I'm into really honestly I love nature of the human mind in all it's darkness.

                          because of this and my natural talent of being an outcast, I'm really good at helping or listening to people's problems.
                          xxx-> so if you need a shoulder
                          xxx-> or just want some kind advice
                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm your chap!

                          I get told a lot I'm a great friend, fun to be around and the most perverted person people know.
                          xxx-> I mean who couldn't love a guy like me as a friend?

                          so I hope you stick around and get to know me or the others that come around normally.

                          I mean come on now what could be more fun then a smutty mortician and his friends?
                          xxx-> I'm not sure but if you know let me know I'd so google that!

                          so really just sit back and be creepy with us.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-> cause babe! that is all I ever do~

+Layout: Me
+Graphics: Me
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                    XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxN o r m a lxxL i f exx

                    My name is Ryan, or you can just call me Non or Nas like everyone else.

                    so not a kiddo, really how old am I?
                    Xxx -> I'm 27, born Oct 06 1987

                    boys or girls and am I taken?
                    Xxx -> I'm more gay...
                    Xxx -> Yes by Kerian Nightlove

                    the top 5 things I'm into
                    Xxx -> Smut Yaoi Smut
                    Xxx -> writing co-op stories or rps
                    Xxx -> doing graphics or trying to
                    Xxx -> anime manga
                    Xxx -> strange bands and music from 2000 or something

                    Have any special talents?
                    Xxx -> somehow I can make ALMOST anything smutty
                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx does that count as a talent?

                    random words that come out my mouth
                    Xxx -> GAW ( I don't say God a lot )
                    Xxx -> Rockin Sockin
                    Xxx -> I was all

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx want more look here

                    XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxG a i axxL i f exx

                    Gaiaonline and me
                    Xxx -> I’ve been on Gaia since Aug 28th 2003
                    Xxx -> Making me 8 years old on gaia
                    xxxxxx side note: I’m not rich on gaia I just got nice items.

                    Favorite Gaiaonline Items....
                    Xxx -> Mini Nitemare Wings ( got them free too)
                    Xxx -> Devilish Dancer
                    Xxx -> SDPlus #20 Jinx
                    Xxx -> Pale Marionette
                    Xxx -> Yakisoba Shift
                    Xxx -> Nice Style for Work

                    What I like to do on here?
                    Xxx -> chat and pester people in my thread or their's
                    Xxx -> roleplay
                    Xxx -> make graphics or layouts for people ( Ask me to do it )

                    XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxM o r t i ci a nxxL i f exx

                    Are you really a mortician ?
                    Xxx -> for the past 2.5 years now, I’ve been working on becoming a Mortician.
                    Xxx -> and do I get paid for my work - No, no I don't

                    I do work in a funeral home, and my jobs there are kind of grunt work.
                    Xxx -> Things I do: arrange flowers, dress dead people, wash dead people, do their
                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hair and make up, help the families, paper work, and lastly clean stuff.

                    Funerals are not just about dead things, there is a true art about it, and class to my job.
                    Xxx -> my job is for the living, to make a lasting memory of how that person was!

                    I have done some crazy things...
                    Xxx -> I’ll not lie I napped in a coffin more than once
                    Xxx -> played in graveyards
                    Xxx -> sat in a hearse
                    Xxx -> cleaned tombstones
                    Xxx -> duct tape a suit on man

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I’m always happy to answer any question about my job or talk death…

                    didn't answer enough for you or you want to ask me more
                    then here ask me on here or Ask me on tumblr Xxx -> because it would give me something to do with that site....
User Image

                    XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxG e n e r a lxx

                    Follow the Gaia TOS
                    xx -> if you somehow don’t know it or have forgotten it you can find it HERE

                    Drama will not be tolerated
                    xx -> seriously I make enough of my own to need yours too

                    For the Faint of Heart
                    xx -> Content is PG-13, I'm too perverted at times, I swear lot and death talks can be intense

                    Killing them with Kindness
                    xx -> be nice to other posters ( remember the Golden Rule )
                    xx -> don't Flame my thread, if you hate it just get out... EASY ENOUGH!
                    xx -> don't troll my thread, I don't want to put up with your assholeness!

                    Being Mindful of Others
                    xx -> just know not everyone has to hear about somethings.... Enough Said!

                    Sharing is Caring: I would love to
                    xx -> hear about your day or problems (cause I enjoy helping)
                    xx -> see your: art, writing,photos, characters or even graphics (cause I do it all the time)
                    xx -> know what you think is a good: anime, manga, movie, band, song, and so on ( cause I'll go looking it up)

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx So don’t be shy to post them here.

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxP o s t i n gxx

                    Talking about talking
                    xx -> don’t just chatspeak ( cause I don’t understand it)
                    xx -> this is not just a bump thread so at least say something
                    xx -> don't spam my thread seriously no enjoys spam

                    Quoting the masses
                    xx -> no quote towers, if you quote people keep it to like 3 or 4 qutoes
                    xx -> Please! don’t quote the main page or large images.

                    Cause my eyes are bad
                    xx -> Don’t always writing under size 9 font
                    xx -> Don’t write in bright colors like: Cyan, Lime, Yellow, or any other Unholy Bright colors

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxR o l e p l a y i n gxx

                    All Roleplaying is Optional
                    xx -> so if it isn’t your thing you don’t have to it.

                    When Roleplaying here
                    xx -> You do not need to have any kind of layout unless you want one.
                    xx -> However make sure you let people know when you’re talking in and out of character
                    xxxxxxx ((Bracketing OOC talks works wonders ))
                    xx -> There is no need to write novels, this is just for fun so one liners work just as much.

                    Don’t have a Character but wanna play?
                    xx -> No need to worry about not having a character, just be yourself and play along.

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Really it can be tons of fun to join in on random teases and skits.
User Image

            Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A l e r t s xx

                      -> thread break from joint from Color Clash
                      ->Thread turning 2 years old Jan 30th

      Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx E v e n t s xx

            Current Events
                    -> 7th person on page 1515 will win 30 Million Gold

        xxxx Past Events

                -> thread GRAND OPENING { Jan 31 }

                -> With page 100 coming up the first person to post if not myself shall win 100k
                Xxx Artist Give Away page 300~ xxx :: Winner was Ashes ::

                User Image Happy Birthday Moppet [ Page 809 ]
                Xxx We're having a party xxx

                -> -{ 50x p a g e s x a w a y x f r o m 1 }- :: Winner - Kaoru Getto ::

User Image
User Image

                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx T h r e a d xx B a n n e r sxx

                        User Image

                        [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/friends-chat/o-e-c-ske-h-gout-ole-l-y-wip/t.77575157_1/#9][IMG]http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff194/NewLevelDepression/Commission/Rnd banners/opencasketbanner.png[/IMG][/url]



                    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A f f l i t i a t e s xx T h r e a d s xx

                    x-> Hangout Threads: Places to just chat with cool people

                    xxxxx User Image xxxxx User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                    xxxxx User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. xxxxx User Image xxxxx
                    xxxxx User Image xxxxx

                    x-> Art Threads: Freebie Threads or Art Threads I love maybe you can get art

                    xxxxx User Image xxxxx

                    x-> Breedables: Looking for a critter check these out

                    xxxxx User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. xxxxx

                    x-> Roleplays threads: Current Friends or My Own Rp if you want to join

                    xxxxx User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. xxxxx

                    x-> Charities and Quests: To help my friends with a dream


                    x-> My threads: Things like Requests, Tests or Whatever else I'm up too.

                    xxxxx User Image
                    xxxxx Test Page xxxxx Posts xxxxx Profiles

      Ta-da Thread is now open
Cheerfully Morbid's avatar

Eloquent Wench

*Moves in*
Now I can expand my pickle minion empire!
Chaotic Mana's avatar

Conservative Dabbler

post! I christen this with my face!

      WAIT no pickles!

      - x -

      Hey Mana <3 After all the work it looks great huh?
One Who is Not Loved's avatar

Cheery Cat

Hi, Ryan!
n wn
-throws confetti-
Cheerfully Morbid's avatar

Eloquent Wench

But where am I going to store the pickles while I clean out your closet?
They got a bit over pickled an had a party. xP

Hiya Mana!
PuddleInk's avatar

Thieving Pumpkin

Seeexy thread..... <3

/shuffles in and makes a little corner for self...then hides in the massive pile of furs and blankets and pillows/ - w -

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