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Cheery Cat

It tastes weird to me.
> w<;
It has a funny aftertaste.
D'aww. :c
Bah, I'm sleepy.
One Who is Not Loved
Is that your new SL avatar?
o wo
Also, those boots are really big!
O wO

Yes, he is gorgeous. I am so happy with how loverly yet BAMF he is. xD
He's got a pair of katana swords, too.

I kinda wanna start a 1x1 with someone, and do something kinda SEMI-futuristic/neo style, but dark themed, with vampires, and use him. I'd attempt to start a group roleplay but it'd likely die, if it ever even got going.
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Cheery Cat

Bed time then?
o wo
It's late.
Well, for me it's a little late.

Whoo! Katana swords!
n wn
Kinda like the theme of the new RIG!
But not apocalyptic and punk and stuff.
o wo
You could always try, at least!
Maybe make a thread asking if people would be interested in it before you actually make it.
It's only 11pm where I'm at right now.
I'm just waiting for my hair to dry. Ffff, it's so long.
It's past my shoulders. D:
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Cheery Cat

Ah, you're an hour ahead of me then.
o wo
Yeah, long hair takes a long time to dry.
Mine is all the way down to my hips now.
I don't even have towels big enough to dry it with anymore.
I kinda wanna set it in Japan, too. Since people on Gaia seem to like Japan a lot. There could be more than just vampires involved. Maybe find someone to make a good plot with, and have something more in-depth, with like, criminal underworld type shizz in there, and some secret vamp-slaying order, and some other s**t. I dunno, I'll find someone interested to figure it out with.
I live in Arizona, so it would be around 9pm at the moment, but I'm visiting a friend/family out of state, so.
I wish my hair would grow that long.
; ~ ;
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Cheery Cat

Japan is always a popular place to base roleplays in!
o wo-b
Underground gangs of vampire slayers!
Sounds cool!
I hope you find someone who you can plot with!
It seems like an interesting idea!


Ooh! I see!
I haven't cut my hair in like... years.
I don't now when I last went to the salon, but it's been awhile.
> w>;
I should get it cut to get rid of split ends, at least...
Just a few inches. And I want to have actual bangs again.
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Cheery Cat

Chinese food...
- w-
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Cheery Cat

Yep! Cake!
All kinds of cake!
n wn
And tea and other things, too!
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I could use some cake and tea about now :c
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Cheery Cat

-gives cake and tea-

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