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"The Lair Chronicles~"

Greetings!! This is our Lair for all of our friends! We are an organization, simple as that! A place for all races, species to enter and hangout with us. Welcome to the Lair Society, will you be a part of it? Join us!
You see, its so magical because somehow I got warped in Fireinhereyes bedroom, and landed in a pile of Kiki kitties!! I also found my snack stash!! biggrin Bedroom warp, and beware of the closet REF Sergeant dwells in there, he blasts off people on first meeting while entering;Alas, you can always tempt him with cookies, or toss garlic at him for he is a naughty vampire.
Originally started as an art freebie thread, now this place has became a home of fellow magical beings around!
I want my closet back! ANYHOW may the magic commence.

Hostess with the Mostest!:
FireChan & SeriChan of Course! [/ Fireinhereyes & Seri Dreams ]
Firechan, is MIA but we all miss and remember her dearly.

Rules of the Lair
  • Be courteous.
  • Patience is loved.
  • Follow the Terms of Service

♥What are you waiting for? Get your PIXELS in here now!!♥

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Thread Contents:
ll You are HERE! ll Lair Art Graphic Services ll Lair Memories ll Lair Society ll News Blog ll
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Post Two~Because we like what we do. Seri is giving out freebie artz & Graphics.

Seri Dreams's Work:

l My Art Gallery l

♥C o m m i s i o n s:
ll~ By all means I do take art commissions. Just ask.

This freebie art thread, is of course gifting to those, with no strings attached. However, if you wish for something in a certain taste, then yes you may commission me.
Very reasonable prices I promise.

♥I n s p i r a t i o n:
ll~ I always wanted to open up an Art Freebie thread, simply because I believe it helps me become better at drawing, and naturally learn new things in coloring. I find satisfaction, in giving out freebie art/drawings, because not only I am giving something out to people of no cost, but I LOVE LOVE the fact that they find happiness in receiving something that is poured with effort, and of no cost.

Anyone can get , a drawing here just as long as you decide to stay around. Show that you really do appreciate the idea, of this thread, and the people in it. That would be my greatest happiness.

So without further adieu! Please feel welcomed in this thread. ~ll

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Post Three~I has art skillz fo shorez.

♥G u i d e l i n e s:

Seri's Avatar Art Skillz:
-See Post Two for my art gallery.

How to get Seri Artz:
-Maybe you want an art trade
-Be super special awesome!

Purpose of Thread:
-Old time Magical Lair dwellers hang out here.
-New people are welcomed.
-Time to time I like passing out art to dwellers.
Its good practice and experimentation.

You will get:
-Any style I give you, or Body Shot.
-Yes you can! Get more than one drawing from me.

___________________Continue on!
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Post Four~Because we like memories and bulletins rawr.

News Blog: December 18th, 2010
❝Basically this hangout needs some good updating. Nonetheless, a nostalgic hangout place for magical lair dwellers.❞

//End of Blog//


November 12th, 2008 Turkey time, Christmas early jitters, yep its going to get noisy

October 19th, 2008: Its halloween time! Hopefully we will have fun events in the Gaia world.

June, 26th 2008 : I am trying to revamp the thread, to make it more lively.

March 07th, 2008: What to do about any Battle systems coming up? Shall we form an alliance of our own?

January 04th, 2008:Ah Spring time is in the air, and love is everywhere! This month shall be a good one, everyone back in school, and work. Not to mention new beginnings for us all. There was a lovely Quote I discovered over the web as I was searching for Ranma 1/2 pictures it said:
"We live, love, forgive, and never give up! Because the days we have been given, are a gift from above."
Isn't true though? heart
December 29th, 2007-Regrettably, it was observed that no one in this thread can withhold respect for the topic, of "Religon", and thus the topic is ban from the thread. Its better this way, so there won't be any misunderstandings of ones philosophy and personalities.

December 24th 2007-Merry Christmas to the Lair! We officially became a decent place full of wonders! Seriously, we managed to get new people in here thats how lovely we are ;D.

December 12th, 2007th.-Fire-chan (Rein or Jess) goes home, we will be hoping our Co-Owner of the lair visits us occasionally x3.
Still waiting for X mas avies. None in yet. Come on L.M's! xD
Finals are done for most college/high school students of the lair.

December 07th, 2007-Accepting Christmas avies for the Christmas contest. Banner hiring closed.

November 27th, 2007-X mas bash! Take part in our yearly x mas bash with our hostess with the mostest, Fire-chan and Seri-chan of course! Seri is giving out a prize, for the best dressed for X mas!
Starting: December 24th-29th voting times.

November 12th, 2007-Much plans for the Lair, X mas bash, and we had November birthdays awesome!

September 15th, 2007- Win 3k, when you hit the 3, 000th page.

August 26th, 2007- Welcome back Rein-chan!

August 05th, 2007 - Bids are open! Pm Seri! Priced Bids will be listed here for every update!

August 01st, 2007-OMG Back to School! DX;;.

July 31st, 2007- Seki got her coat! Yay!

July 22nd, 2007-Seri got her Art Muse back now.

July 4th, 2007-We have a guild now, and Inu-chan is back too!

June 19th, 2007- Seri is on hiatus, kind of. Me! Lol second person talk. Well yes, keep posting within the lair and I will get to you. I promise I just have a home issue right now, so please wait till I return thank you.

May 10th, 2007- Fire-chan will be leaving us for awhile so talk to her as much as you can!

April 20th, 2007- Ref-San, won the 1.2 page contest!!

April 07th, 2007- We are currently talking in Rp format? O,O Oh what fun we have do we not?

April 03rd, 2007- Happy Easter Spring Fling everyone!

________________________The end of them intros <3

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