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@ Nuriko: w00t w00t! =D

I'm doing fine! Though I'm feeling bleh because I was unproductive today :< How about you?

@ Arisu: o.o Me too. Let's do Thriller! whee

@ Sora: Hm? What chibis? =3

Meh...I think I'm gonna volunteer to cook dinner today x.x I need to do SOMETHING! I hate sitting around all day!
Pink - Sorry I mean the plushies your making heart you said you found a good website 3nodding

You know how to cook?

I'm terrible at it, so I just stick with easy things >.>
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Shadowy Player

Hi Sora
Hi Arisu
-is glomped- Wah! -falls over- Hi Pink. -smiles- How are you?
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Sweet Bunny

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Pink: I woke up late xD there's this rabbit outside that keeps eating everything so mom had me put some carrots outside for it to keep it away from the plants <333
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Sora: Geez, that long ago. I've seen quite a few from Anime North. What anime were they doing a skit of?

Pink: Yay Thriller! >_>; I'll probably be worst at that then the Nurse's dance xD
But I'll try anyway!
*starts to dance*
@ Sora: Oh yeah! It's good for tips and stuff! Here's a link!

Yep! I LOVE cooking! I love baking as well. When I was younger, I wanted to be a chef, so I learned how to make so many different things 3nodding Awww! I wish I could teach you some things!

@ Adell: I'm fine! *wags tail* How are you doing?

@ Nuriko: OMG! I'm at the top of the page! Yay! heart

*gasp* You have RABBITS over there?! D= *is totally jealous* I want rabbits!

@ Arisu: Oh! Oh! Let's do a funky remix and combine the two! whee
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Shadowy Player

@ Arisu: So how have you been?
@ Pink: I'm. A little sad because I just found out the destiny of the cat is supposed to be in the zodiac in Fruits Basket.
Pink - Thanks heart

Wow, I would mind trying one of your dinners then 3nodding

I wish I could cook well, i'm just not really good at it >.< but I can bake pretty well 4laugh

Arisu - It's a Ranma 1/2 skit with Ryouga, yeah it was a while ago *lol* but it was during those years that I was actually able to see the skits, these last few have been so packed I couldn't get in crying

Adell - How was school today 3nodding
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Pink: Okie doke! ^_^

Adell: I've been well, you?

Sora: Alright! I'll let you know if I come across something like that. Hey at least you've gotten to go to some cons.
D: I havent been to one yet.

Homg, brb. I just remember we had Udon and I'm starving.
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Pink: Isn't Light still doing the contest? xD
I'm still not put up as a regular (on the page) so I'm not really paying attention to it XD...

>w< Yeaah I've always wanted a rabbit/bunny so badly but mom keeps saying no D;~
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Shadowy Player

@ Sora: It was. I'm slightly less worried about two of my finals now. How is work?
@ Arisu: I've been well also. -nods-

Holy canoli SpeedRacer!
Look at the time... I'm sorry for disappearing gonk
But now I must disappear again, as class is over.
*cuddles Sora, Pink and Kira*
Later babes heart
@ Adell: What do you mean? Are you talking about the newest volume? Because I don't have it yet so don't ruin anything! *covers ears and wimpers* >.<

@ Sora: Yay! I don't mind cooking for others! I actually like it a lot. I just can't cook for myself o.o I'm too lazy.

I love baking! What kinds of things do you like to make?

@ Arisu: *dances* =D 'kay!

@ Nuriko: *shrugs* o.o Dunno.

I want a bunny, too! ;~; But not as much as a snake. My mom won't let me have one, though! Even though I promised I'd take care of it!

@ Amatsu: *cuddles back* Later! heart
Amatsu - *is cuddled* Later then heart

Arisu - How come you haven't been to one yet?

Adell - Oh, how come you don't have to worry about those two?

Works been good, a little quiet but not bad 3nodding

Pink - One of my favs is a chocolate cake heart but I also make cookies, muffins other types of cakes and few desserts that I really can't explain well right now, but I could give you the recipe if you like when I get home heart
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@ Pink: Is 19 the newest one?
@ Sora: My friend had to take one early and he said it was easy. And my math final info was given by my teacher. Its all stuff that I know! Yay! -hops up and down-

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