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What about red? What first comes to mind when you think of red?

Hearts 0.17886178861789 17.9% [ 242 ]
Blood 0.36733185513673 36.7% [ 497 ]
Love 0.21286031042129 21.3% [ 288 ]
Candy 0.045824094604582 4.6% [ 62 ]
Apples 0.084257206208426 8.4% [ 114 ]
Fire 0.11086474501109 11.1% [ 150 ]
Total Votes:[ 1353 ]
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♀+♀= ♥
I'm a L E S B I A N.

@Aine: [/Blinks] Chased by a cat?
Haha, I've never heard of -that- before!
I know they have sharp nails and teeth, but dogs are freakin' huge!
They just... Chase and tackle people. o-o
Scary. [/Shivers]
A Shih Tzu Dog?
Sounds... Interesting!
[/Has no clue about Dog Races]
Is he a big dog?
Haha. It seems like everyone I meet has a sweet tooth. [/Laughs]
Nothing wrong with that.
Your room is pink?? o-o
And so is your bed??
Talk about being a Princess!

@Bry: Hi Bry! It's a pleasure to meet you. :'D


Q U ε S T ii и g :

♥ A Long-term relationship with that special someone. ♥


And I'm damn P R O U D.
♀+♀= ♥
Atashi no Kokoro!

@Feinomnom: Omg!!! Your room is PINK!?!! And BED?! LmAO! Oh gosh, that's funny XDD!! My room is a soft blue colour ^^. My bed is....ummm *turns around to check*...I still can't see, it's too dark. *Gets up and goes to look at* well what do you know! It's a beige colour with brown teddy bears on it! I'm such a little kid whee .

@Crystal: No sweeet things? Gah! I like sweet things. I've been loving them more recently though >.>. Not sure why!

@Bry: Yay! Yes! Botcher is my looveeyy doveyyy <333. Hockey?! You're silly!

Well it was an Alley Cat. I probably got him mad cause I stepped in his territory? xD Well that's my guess why he did that, or he was just probably grumpy at that time.
A Shih Tzu is a small dog. You should google their images, they're actually cute. heart
I really wanna go for wall papers like (sea, ocean, beaches), but my dad won't let me. He said it will just be a waste, its better if my room should get painted, instead of wallpapers. So I just picked pink cause he was rushing me to pick colors at that time! My brother got blue first, and I don't wanna have the same color of his room. + My dad won't let me have a blue room cause blue is for boy's color, he said. xD So yeah I just went for pink. I like pink too anyway. xD

Kooppaaaaaa! -GLOMPS- How are you? heart I changed my avi again. xD - I went for the priestess theme this time. n.n Maybe you should just save a pic of your avi now and send it to Shiva, then you can change your avi. Want me to do it for you? I got nothing to do right now anyway. xD
LOL! Yes my room is pink! I'm not kidding too! xDDD I have Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, a bear, and a Hippo plushie in my bed! I will get a pic of them later and show them to you. I sooooo want to have a wall papered room!! Like under the ocean wall paper. crying
It's not all pink though. 2 side of the wall is pink, while the other 2 is lime green.

Once upon a time, there were three young children.

These children, unaware that they were actually bears', lived in a town.

The town was a peaceful one, it was called, "Balaskativcal".

While the town was peaceful, the bears, who thought they were children, were not.

They broke into homes, still in their Sunday clothes, and would eat all the soup made by Old Widow, Rose.
They would cause a ruckus, by scaring the real children and guardsmen.

Then, at the end of each Sunday, they would do the unthinkable to the towns drinking well...

"Ick!" Said they.
"Atrocious," screamed another.

Then, the town took of their peaceful masks.

They cornered the confused bears, and took out their wiffle-ball bats.

They pummeled those bears', and boy, did the bears' sob.

But, do not fret, my young boys and/or girls,
for this story does contain a happy ending...

The mother of they, found them by earlier said well, and took them home, and fed them soup.



That's a cute story Botcher! heart Thanks for sharing it to us. n.n heart Ahhh well it was the bears fault anyway. xD But at least nothing really bad happened with them in the end. ^^
Atashi no Kokoro!

@Feinomnom: Lime green and pink?! Wow....talk about neon! W000 x3! But...Wallpaper is so yesterday sad . You need to actually paint it yourself! Now that's an awesome roooom!

@Boots: You and your random stories!!! heart .....always so violent >.>

I have done my duties!
*Flees out of shyness*
@ Yvaine - sure if you wanna lets me change my avi biggrin

@ Crystal - really the pleasure is mine

okay seriously my room has a dark green floor wooo and white walls and ceiling however it's that stucko crap...my best friend and i were lying on my bed looking up at it and realized that this stucko thing actually if you look at it the right way looks like a country..ya have your trees and mountains and some of them look like buildings and then a path...adn telling this makes me realize I should go to bed yet am too awake to sleep
I know wallpapers are so yesterday, but I still want to have an under the sea themed room! xDD Oh I'm such a kid. xD

Don't go yet! There's nothing to get shy here. It's only us here anyway.xD
Atashi no Kokoro!

@Feinomnom: Hehe, we all are X3. *Flails around in happiness*

@Boots: Yeah! That's right! Don't leave yet! It's just usss ;---;!

@Bry: Haha XDD! I've done that before!....I just never came up with a picture....

dont' need wallpaper to do that

Botcher stick around bud get to know us a bit after all you got one of ours...gotta make sure you do good by her

but really back to wallpaper not needed paint your walls with the theme instead of the wallpaper....really my family doesn't do this *shifty*
i do believe my best friend lovely and i were far far too tired cause we would be looking up and going 'oooh that looks like this and if you do this it looks like that' at the same time...so i believe lack of sleep is involved somehow lol
Done PMing Shiva a pic of your avi. ^^ You can change now. n.n
Yey!! But we're all not that here. We're missing Meg, Laa, Cyn, Alex, and Shiva (did I miss anyone ninja )?

Ahhhh one day, one way or another, I will have an under the sea-themed room! n.n heart

Kay, kay... Hm.

What were you guys talking about again...?

*looks around room*

White walls... Black doors and cabinets, drawers, and black lcd hd tv...

Black rug...

Red bed sheets and pillow casings, tan-creamish color comforter/blanket/what eve rthey're called...

That's right... I have a plain room!

Reminds me of a very small apartment, actually...

Used to have green walls, and a foresty theme to my room.... :/

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