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Welcome to the Tree City!

Hello, and welcome to the Tree City. We are a friendly hangout thread that enjoys spending time among the trees and away from the noisy city. Stay and chat with us?

Read the rules over carefully. They are simple and are not the same as every other thread.

1. Follow the TOS and forum rules. All of them! Ignorance is not an excuse.
2. We speak English here. If you post in another language, please give a translation. Posting a link to a translator is not a way of complying with this rule. Posting the translation in white is.
3. Please, keep the foul language to a minimum and try to keep the conversation out of "the gutter". If the conversation is getting dirty, talk about something else.

Inertial Bliss (Kari) is in charge whenever I'm away. Listen to her, or pay the consequences. evil
When neither of us are here, the rules stand. Please, don't jump down people's throats for doing something that is not mentioned anywhere in the rules.

Post 1 : Intro and rules
Post 2 : Quiz
Post 3 : State of the trees
Post 4 : Corkboard
Post 5 : Resident list & blacklist
August 7, 2010 - I decided to put announcements here. XD


Resident list: (You may suggest additions or edits to this list. I will consider them.)

1. Dabogrl - Me. I'm the leader here. I planted most of these trees and built yon building. *points to the main building* I live in one of the redwoods. ninja
2. Inertial Bliss - Kari, my best friend on Gaia. She's the second-in-command. She can be kinda bossy, but that's why she's good for the job. Kari resides in the Magical Oak.
3. Hunter9376 - Nad. Sweet and protective.
4. [K]iba [I ]nuzuka - A troll who lives under the bridge. He is a very lovable troll though. Infact, he's the nicest troll I've ever met.
5. Dark_Archsage - Lives in the cherry blossom tree.
6. Erin_Dracona - A bee who lives in the daffodils around the oaks. She likes to pull my socks off.
7. MechMania - Homeless boy.

The people listed above know this thread and its owner better than you do. Listen to them. No, the colors don't mean anything.
State of the Trees Address

Here, you can see what trees we have, where they are located, and what purpose they serve. Trees with their purpose in italics are not yet ready to be used.

2 Tulip Trees - inside - decoration; climbing

11 Redwood Trees - NE of main building - construction, high buildings

1 Cherry Tree - north of main building - food

13 Oak Trees - east of the Styx - construction, low and middle buildings; climbing

1 Magical Oak Tree - west of the Styx - magical protection

12 Whitebark Pine Trees - around the Magic Oak - home of Kari's squirrel minions

1 Weeping Willow Tree - west of Apples - ground-level shelter

8 Yew Trees - east of Willow - construction and animal housing

4 Giant Sequoia Tree - west of main building - high buildings

5 Apple Trees - north of Oaks - food and Mech's home

5 Maple Trees - northeast of the Oaks - mid-level building

13 Cherry Blossom Trees - north of Willow - ground-level shelter

3 Cocoa Trees - South of Oaks - food

We now have an official map! Many thanks to Yuki XIII for her work on this. Last updated April 11, 2006.
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....Hmm... Reserved.
The cow says, "Reserved."
See? People do reply. Sometimes. sweatdrop
i want her by my side forevermore.
to sit beside her by the shore.
to know that she.
truly loves me.
but now my spirit disapades.
as i draw the ace of spades.
in my notebook with true loves name.
i know my thoughts are truly lame.
to think that she would cheat on me.
the thought that takes away my glee.
a thought that makes my soul sad.
makes my mind enraged and mad.
to think my love would cheat on me.
to think that love could ever be.
as corrupt as government.
is my lasting torment.

thats what you get for asking if im poetic
I'm here to talk!
......Very wild in here........
See? People do reply. Sometimes. sweatdrop
The happiness is back!!!
...And the happiness is fading.

Nuuuuu! Dont loose the happiness.
You can share mine :divides it up between 2:
Not much but itll have to do

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