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Gaia's Own Host Club is where Gaia's handsomest boys and prettiest girls with too much time on their hands entertain other Gaians, who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Gaia's playground for the super-rich and beautiful.

We're all waiting for you. Welcome!

Based on the hit anime Ouran High School Host Club, Gaia's Own Host Club will soon be moving from Friends Chat to Barton Town. Please excuse our dust as we remodel.

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Thread events can be found here:

The Useful Event Bulletin Board
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• Follow the Terms of Service.
• Keep it PG-13.
• Be polite.
• Respect others' boundaries; stop when you are told to stop.
• Please do not stretch the page.
• Please do not god-mode.
• Please quote appropriately; towers of one-line quotes are not fun to read.
• Please be responsible about your use of graphics; keep it to a minimum.
• No commoners (unless you're on scholarship; this is a private school after all).
• We welcome everyone, but please check your magic and non-human bits at the door, or keep them well under wraps. Ouran is a low-to-no magic reality, so please try not to scare the wits out of your hosts.
• Mind-control magic / technology of any sort is strictly off-limits.
• The kitchen is closed and locked while the hosts are not present, due to insurance concerns. Please feel free to wait in the music room until we are available to serve you.
• Enjoy yourself.

I, Kyouya Ootori (Ootori_K), am the club's Vice President, and I have a private police force at my disposal. Please do not require me to use them.

Our main cast as a whole is here to serve you. They are also the thread moderators and speak with the same authority. Please treat them well.
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Keemun ~~~ Yunnan
Oolong. ~~~ Green
Matcha. ~~~ Assan
Nilgiri. ~~~ Masala
Badam. ~~~ Genmaicha
Yellow. ~~~ White
Chai. ~~~ Earl Grey
Lapsang Souchong ~~~ English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast. ~~~ Jasmine
Russian Caravan. ~~~ Lemon and Ginger
Honeybush. ~~~ Spearmint
Peppermint. ~~~ Chamomile
Yerba Mate. ~~~ Black
Orange Blossom. ~~~ Blueberry Green
Pomagranate. ~~~ Vanilla Caramel

Bakery Items~

Strawberry Cream Cake ~~~ Black Forrest Cake
Cheesecake ~~~ Carrot Cake
Angle Food Cake ~~~ Red Velvet Cake
Red Berry Cake ~~~ Blueberry Chiffon
Gingerbread Cake ~~~ Pumpkin Cake
Coffee Cake ~~~ Molten Lava Cake
Chocolate Cherry Trifle Pie ~~~ Key Lime Pie
Lemon Pie ~~~ Sweet Potato Pie
Blueberry Rhubarb Pie ~~~ Cherry Pie
Banana Cream Pie ~~~ Chocolate Cream Pie
Apple Pie ~~~ Pecan Pie
Peach Cobbler ~~~ Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate Chip Cookies ~~~ Peanut Butter Cookies
Sugar Cookies ~~~ Gingerbread Cookies
Coconut Macaroon ~~~ Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Banana Bread ~~~ Zucchini Bread
Scones ~~~ Curry Bread
Doughnuts ~~~ Monkey Bread

Bubble Tea

Black Tea, Milk Tea

Almond ~~~ Banana
Blueberry ~~~ Chai
Chocolate ~~~ Hazelnut
Honey ~~~ Lychee
Mango ~~~ Matcha
Papaya ~~~ Red Bean
Strawberry ~~~ Vanilla
Watermelon ~~~ Ginger

Green Tea, Milk Tea

Almond ~~~ Banana
Coconut ~~~ Ginger
Green Apple ~~~ Honey
Lychee ~~~ Mango
Matcha ~~~ Orange
Papya ~~~ Passion Fruit
Peach ~~~ Pineapple

Fruit Tea
Made with Assam Black Tea or Jasmin Green Tea

Blueberry ~~~ Citron
Ginger ~~~ Green Apple
Honey ~~~ Kiwi
Kumquat ~~~ Lemon
Lychee ~~~ Mango
Orange ~~~ Passion Fruit
Peach ~~~ Pineapple

Hot Black Milk Tea

Almond ~~~ Banana
Chai ~~~ Chocolate
Coconut ~~~ Coffee
Ginger ~~~ Green Apple
Hazelnut ~~~ Honey
Lychee ~~~ Mango
Matcha ~~~ Mung Bean
Papaya ~~~ Pineapple
Red Been ~~~ Strawberry
Vanilla ~~~ Watermelon

Flavor Pearls

Strawberry ~~~ Mango
Peach ~~~ Plum
Red Bean ~~~ Lychee
Orange ~~~ Pineapple

Traditional Japanese Snacks

Pocky ~~~ Yan Yan
Hello Panda ~~~ Pretz
Kappa Ebisen ~~~ Puccho
Botan Rice Candy ~~~ Lotte Ghana
Matcha Ice ~~~ Kakigori
Yukimi Daifuku ~~~Motchi Ice Cream
Bokum Habanero ~~~Kara Mucho
Kenpi[/url ] ~~~ Agemochi ~~~ Daifuku
Dango ~~~ Onigiri
Senbi ~~~[/b] Takoyaki
Nikuman ~~~ Yakitori


Brewed (light and dark) ~~~ Iced coffee.
Cappuccino ~~~ Latte
Macchiato ~~~ Frappé
Hot Chocolate.


Caramel ~~~ Mocha
Vanilla ~~~ White Chocolate
Hazelnut ~~~ Almond
Peppermint ~~~ Gingerbread
Pumpkin ~~~ Sugar cookie.


Soy ~~~ Almond
2% ~~~ Skim


White Chocolate shavings ~~~ chocolate chips
Chocolate drizzle ~~~ carmel drizzle
chushed candy cane ~~~ miniature marshmallows
Whipped cream

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User Image
The Prince:
Tamaki Suou
( The Host King--- Tamaki )
Kind • Compassionate • Excitable • Enthusiastic
Theatrical • Fierce • Charismatic • Clueless

User Image
The Cool Type:
Kyouya Ootori
Cool • Calm • Calculating • Just a Little Evil
Not a Morning Person • Three Steps Ahead • Kind Underneath

User Image
The Natural:
Haruhi Fujioka
Sympathetic • Honest • Blunt • Independent
Studious • Practical • Gentle • Perceptive, yet Naive

User Image
The Little Devils:
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin

(Hikaru: Hikaru Twin Hitachiin )
Jealous • Stubborn • Manipulative • Short-Tempered
Dominant • Funny • Can Be Kind

Calm • Patient • Submissive • Caring
Can Be Kind • Funny • Thoughtful

User Image
The Boy Lolita:
Mitsukuni Haninozuka
(Cute Haninozuka)
Childish • Kind • Carefree
Cute • Cake-lover • Playful

User Image
Strong and Silent:
Takashi Morinozuka
(Wild Morinozuka)
Quiet • Intense • Caring • Loyal
Obedient • Fierce • Intelligent

User Image
The Loving Auntie:
(Curvaceous Panda)
Easy-going • Hyperactive • Glomp Monster • Brilliant Chef
Easily Scared • Ditzy • People Pleaser • Good Listener

User Image
The Radiant Beauty:
Shiny Rayonnant
(Little Miss Shiny)
Innocent • Graceful • Gregarious • Charming
Classy • Open • Warm-hearted • Very Sparkly!

User Image

The Black Magic Club President:
Umehito Nekozawa
(Occult Nekozawa)
Dark-Humored • Silently Caring • Worshiper of Cats • Photophobic
Often Creepy • Friendly Underneath • Devoted and Loyal

The Apprentice:
Razik Sohma
(Razik Sohma)
(details coming soon!)

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Our most beloved. Treat them with all kindness.

Strawberry Pandalaura
Black Cat Massu
Oh Asobi
Magica Royale
Huan Jio Shyr Ju
Minty Homicide
The Edible Sock
Amu Tsukiyomi-sama
Crazed Confession
Miss Aiko Tsukihana
Kyandiice DeLuna
Clover Houraisan
Tanja Williams
Aria Montbella
That One Bunny Lover
Razik Sohma
Pei de Chine
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Stay up-to-date on the Host Club's news and activities!
Check out the game summary and art and video archives at

User Image
Moe Moe Ouran Journal!

Need to know something about the cast members?
Why not take a covert peek in the Shadow King's black notebook?
User Image
The Shadow King's Black Notebook (Profile Pages)

Looking for smaller extra scenes that don't involve the whole cast? Tune in to Tamaki's Mind Theater.
User Image
Tamaki's Mind Theater (Extra Scenes and Outtakes)

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• This thread is a little different. What exactly do you do here?
Welcome to our little Ouran High School Host Club for Gaia. We strive to bring you the Host Club as if you, our honored guest, were actually visiting it, much like you would visit a murder mystery dinner theater in the real world. The most important piece of this is you; you are what makes our magic happen, and we love to have you play with us.

• Do I have to role play?
No, not at all. You're welcome to simply visit and chat, or even just watch. The hosts or other guests may offer to engage you in role play, but it's entirely up to you.

• The hosts are role playing with each other. Is it OK to interrupt them?
Please do. We are here to serve you. If we're role playing with each other, that simply means we don't have any guests right now, and we're keeping ourselves (and hopefully you) entertained.

• I would like to visit with a specific host. Is that all right?
Of course. Just ask. If that host is not available immediately, please quote the host in the thread so that he or she can find you later. Feel free to relax in the thread while you wait. We love to spoil our guests.

• I would like to be a host or other cast member. How do I do that?
We add new hosts and cast through roleplay. If you spend enough time with us and impress us sufficiently, you may be offered a spot on the roster.

• I would like to be a regular. How do I do that?
Spend time with us! And contact Ootori_K to be added to the list. We adore our regulars.

• I would like to be a vampire / neko / wizard. How do I do that?
Very carefully. Ouran Academy is a low-to-no magic reality. You're welcome to visit with us even if you're a magical creature, but please, keep your magic or non-human parts to a carefully-concealed minimum. Your hosts can only take so much bending to their reality before they snap. A good rule of thumb is to consider the following: Would Kyouya Ootori, razor-sharp as he is, find your activity suspicious? If so, you probably shouldn't be doing it in front of any of the normal humans.

• I would like to be someone from another anime. How do I do that?
That's absolutely fine! Crossovers are more than welcome at the Host Club. However, Ouran is the dominant reality, so we do ask that if your character is a magical type or a non-human, to tone it down to a suitable level to fit in at Ouran (as stated before). Also, the Ouran characters have the home-team advantage. You're visiting our anime, so any competitive conflicts are more likely to resolve in our favor.

• I would like to use the kitchen. How do I do that?
If you're a host, no problem! Due to insurance concerns, we cannot permit guests in the kitchen without the supervision of a host. Thank you for your understanding.

• Why are you all dressed strangely?
We're probably having a cosplay day. We'd love it if you joined in.

• May I tip the hosts?
If you enjoy our service, please do. These cosplay outfits get expensive.

• Can I be one of the Host Club cast characters?

Maybe! KAORU HITACHIIN is currently open for audition. Please contact Ootori_K and Hikaru Twin Hitachiin with a roleplay sample as Kaoru. There are plenty of minor Ouran characters available, except for Nekozawa. If you are interested in a minor cast character, please contact Ootori_K with a sample of your RP as the character you are interested in.

• Something I saw in the thread made me unhappy, angry, or uncomfortable. What should I do?
While we dearly hope we don't ever have problems, sometimes these things happen. Should you need to file a complaint, please contact Ootori_K via PM, with a direct link to the problem post or posts. "Okaa-san" will handle it as he sees fit.
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We are holding a contest for host requests. At the 10th, 30th, and 50th host request, the requesting guest will be awarded a prize of 100,000gg for the 10th request, 300,000gg for the 30th request, and 500,000gg for the 50th request. Please note that this contest requires that you spend time with the host; we do this because we love it, not because we just want our names called.

Host Requests
#1: Prince Jellyfish (Tamaki)
#2: Nel_Zelpher88 (Kyouya)
#3: One Who is Not Loved (Kyouya)
#4: Nel_Zelpher88 (Hikaru and Kaoru)
#5: OokamiYuki7 (Hikaru)
#6: HanakoSleepsInYourBed (Hikaru and Kaoru)
#7: Bonnie_Blu23 (Kyouya and Strawberry)
#8: lolita_sweetie (Hikaru)
#9: QTcutie (Haruhi)
#10: kind_tsukasa78 (Kyouya or Haruhi)
#11: Rwinn-Senpai (Kyouya)
#12: kind_tsukasa78 (Haruhi)
#13: Vexyn (Hunny)
#14: Mistress Shiny (Honey and Mori)
#15: Crazed Confession (Tamaki)
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