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Night Night Oni..

I think I might go to.. Nearly dinner time..


I seriously thought it was a smiley. XD

I was wondering why I was recognized XD;;;;;;;;;

Hmm hmm...
Would a Pichu be ok? :3
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Dragon ;; ^U^ //
Have a nice dinner! <3

Hi Keisara! ^w^ ~
How are you? c:

Hideyuki ;; Awh, if it was a smiley, that'd make it easier to post! X3 <3
Then I wouldn't need photobucket~ ahahah! ^U^a

lol! I finished procrastinating and then studied hard for an hour~ Now it's procrastinating before sleeping. @ o @ ;;

Ahh! Sure!
I'll draw it up tomorrow! C:
Or maybe the next day~
*hopes there won't be much homework*
XD <3

Well, goodnight! ^w^
Hello and Salutations from the Underdark!

Missy looks around, "I seem to have found a rather strange park indeed." she said quietly, wondering if there were any people for her to converse with.

It has been a pleasure speaking with you. Right now I am IN CHARACTER!!!

No kidding! XD
its the right size and everything!
They should put it up > w>

I got that 4 page paper done in no time!
I was happy @ u@
I thought it was going to take longer XD;;

Alright, take your time and no rush! :3
Bahh, finals are coming soon for me xD;;;
//lots of homework @o@;

Anyways, night night and sleep well! :3
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User Image-subscribes-
@ oni sasu: ^__^ hehe lol, sneaky.

congrats to Hideyuki Keita ^^
User Image

Oni has a new threadie!!!

@Hide: Congratulations Kai Onii-chan!!!

@Pocky: *poke*
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Dapper Gaian

User Imageoh my goodness!!!!!
i just realised. xD
silentsasuke. xD
ur on my watchlist on dA xDDDDDDD
*Readjusts crown like Satoshi*
T3T Yoru wants to find a Squirtle
Yoru will be the greatest ice/water trainer evar
>_< *Crawls in the tall grasses*
*Has now got to go to school*
I have a habit of stayi8ng up too late waiting for those late-thread starters blaugh

S-So cuteeee Q oQ;;;
//huggles Pichu
I want him to stay like this forever! Q mQ <33333

Thanks so much!
He looks adorableee~ XD
so how do we join?

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