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What you miss most about us?

your good looks 0.03921568627451 3.9% [ 2 ]
your witty sense of humor 0.19607843137255 19.6% [ 10 ]
your uncanny ability to achieve the impossible 0.15686274509804 15.7% [ 8 ]
the fantastic sex 0.6078431372549 60.8% [ 31 ]
Total Votes:[ 51 ]
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Familiar Lunatic

"In fact we're happy to help if you have any questions regarding the game"
SO0o°w°o0O0o¯(°_O)/¯, do any game mechanics behave differently beyond cl10.0?
yuh weer elitis
we bad yo
i like zomg can i b ur frend/
awe shi- going up in votes?! what is this I don't even...
i halping wt the votes
sweetheartcandy4's avatar

Girl-Crazy Hunter

aww s**t bro

now I'm an elite

cool I'm awesome now bro

kep <3ing the tpic plz i ran out of mules n now i cant vote nemore
Purple Pimp Crusader's avatar

Quotable Lunatic

It's always nice to see a little satire in the z!F. ^^

*sits back to watch people not get it*
I am still amused by L3G1T's signature xD
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Militant Bunny

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  • Jack-pot 100
User ImageUser Image

Why so much hate? gonk
Acknowledge your superiors!

User Image
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Original Sex Symbol

8,900 Points
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User ImageLove, Gimme love, gimme love, I don't need it...User Image


User ImageBut I'll take what I want from your Heart and I'll keep it..User Image
How does this thread help in my gameplay?

With so much nigatives vote neutral
Stari Pulchra's avatar

Star Lover

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Stop making these damn threads.
The Mods need to do something about this, really.
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Friendly Noob

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There's nothing more Elitist than solo'ing Kamila with the epic assistance of AirShark and a garbage-mouthed Trash Can, everything else is just popcorn emotion_awesome
''Reading the post, makes me fall asleep'' Making a lot of thread with down-votes, You guys need to stop it. rolleyes

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