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Conservative Gaian

>_> You know assumptions can get you into trouble, right?
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Junior Tycoon

Heeeey you guise =P How's it goin?
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Conservative Gaian

Good, how are you? :3
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Junior Tycoon

Pretty good. Just dealing with these brats lol

What are ya up to? : )
It's going lame. I'm studying for a midterm on Tuesday crying
Did you guys know there's such thing as a proactiv vending machine?! I saw it at the mall today, mind blown.
But apparently there are pizza vending machines, too, so...
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Conservative Gaian

I'm just trying to avoid everyone in my house right now. -_-

Pizza vending machines..? Weird...
Why you avoiding everyone?
When someone in my house is trying to avoid me I follow them everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
Okay, not EVERYWHERE everywhere, but everywhere.
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Junior Tycoon

>.< Good luck on that midterm, missy!
Yes! Lol I've been seeing them for a few years now xD
Pizza vending machines? o.o Dayum! I wanna see one!

Yeah Wolfy, why avoiding?

Lmao Kiddo xDD
I wanna see one irl, too! xd
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Junior Tycoon

A pizza vending machine? Lol Where are they?
No clue lol
I just saw it on /r/pics a while ago.
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Camera 0bscura's Husband

Lucky Cat

I've seen those, they look horrrrrrrible. Reminds me of lunchable pizzas just looking at it, or maybe those Banquet meal pizzas that are a buck. I'd try it once but haven't run into one of those machines yet. The Wonka machines are pretty crazy if you've ever seen those. You select a cup size, then select your candies, and they poor out like it's an assembly line or something.
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Conservative Gaian

Me and my mom are having a bit of a fight. ^^;; Something stupid I guess. And everyone else is just...annoying me I guess.

G'luck on your midterms, Kid :3
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Junior Tycoon

Kiddo -- Aww okay

Digi -- o.o do they? Darn ._. I've never heard of a Wonka machine though.. sounds awesome!!

The one I want to try is the 24/7 cupcake vending machine! It's in L.A. Have yet to see it though.

Edit --
Wolfy -- : ( Sorry to hear that. Can totes understand why you're avoiding them now, then.

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