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I love it, glad it's on Netflix.
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The first time I watched it, I was like 10 or 11.
It was the uncut version too.

I had nightmares for a bit after that.
Not gonna lie, movies like that really freak me out.
My mom for some reason thought it was a good idea to let me see it when I was little....Pretty sure that's the only reason it still creeps me out so much, 'cause let's face it, some parts were kinda funny.
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The part where she stabs herself in the crotch makes my imaginary v****a hurt.
that s h i t cray .
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...everybody. And once you watch it when you get older you'll laugh at it. It used to scare the s**t outta me too but now I think its funny.
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I've seen it. Apparently, the people who was filming it said it was cursed because of the incidents with the actors or whatever. That's what I've seen on the television program that was covering that topic.
yah i once saw it.. but not in real life.... jst in a movie..... smile
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I have The Excorsist: the version you've never seen. The one where she runs down the stairs in the backwards crab walk, and stabs herself with the cross. Oops spoiler...well just watch it to desensitize yourself.
I first heard of that when I was like seven or eight. Then when I was like eleven I watched the whole thing. Ever since then it's been one of my favorites and I've watched like four times, I can never forget the spiderwalk scene out of my head.
Seen it six times! biggrin My favorite movie, right up there with Friday the 13th. (No pun indended)
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i love scary movies
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i have seen it was cool xd
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❤"Won't be seeing it due to the sexual content and possible nudity?
I didn't hear the best from it either.
Just read some reviews and you'll be satisfied. "

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omg im freaked out u guys i wouldnt watch it anymore if i were u......haha jk i like it......will some one plz quote me???????????mplz i just want the achievement....ill do i t fro u too if u want

if you dont mind helping me out too quote me
That's what she said.

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