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Pretty good day yesterday i guess,Watched movies eek
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Sleepy MWC
i love friday the 13th, biggrin
me toooo
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Friday the 13th is my favorite day cause I'm always lucky at that time of the whole year
Friday the 13th is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm amused by friday the 13th, the people flipping out is always fun to watch. I've had man birthdays that were on the 13th and i invited my friends over and nothing happened. Nothing really bad ever happens to me. its just a day. nothing more,nothing less
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I got married on the 13th, so Friday was my anniversary. <3 Needless to say, NOT a bad luck day. Days, and lives, are what people make of them.
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I'm not surperstitus blaugh
xp heart pirate confused cool lol sweatdrop
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Just another day to me, but I find it funny when people say their scared of it. User Image
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omg it just passed and im still alive!! i always love friday the 13th.. its right before saturday!!! best day of the week!
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Sleepy MWC
i love friday the 13th, biggrin

Me too! cool mrgreen razz Friday the 13th movie series marathon all day!
i like friday the 13th too

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