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i love friday the 13th, biggrin
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I generally have wonderful Friday the 13ths.
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my birthdays have landed on Friday the 13th biggrin
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Nothing really happens on Fri 13th. I just enjoy watching Friday the 13th movie. =)
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I love it. I have amazing luck on friday the 13.
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I dont know why they say its bad luck? But yesterday was a really really good day! =^_ whee ^=
I know huh! lol
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I always have a wonderful Friday the 13th. Actually this Friday the 13th was pretty amazing.
When everyone is being pessimistic and doing stupid things because they're living their day in fear, it's kind of more than just luck that makes Friday the 13th such an auspicious day for good things happening.
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Friday the 13th for me are pretty awesome. I also don't see why people are so scared of this day.
mine was just fine. In fact I was at a sort of barbecue. I had a hotdog, hamburger, tons of food. ^^ it was good.
me too have u seen the movie
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My friday 13 was awesome, i met some pro skateboarders and got to sk8 with them.
evidently there are 3 friday the 13ths this year all thirteen weeks apart XD on top of that its 2012! SPOOKY gonk
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Enjoying the shows on TV.

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