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do you hate friday the 13th

yes 0.20689655172414 20.7% [ 6 ]
no 0.79310344827586 79.3% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 29 ]
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i hate it so much, my friend came hme from school and found that her house was robed and then she broke her arm. i hate it because it do nothing but work all do long
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Friendly Gekko

I'm sorry bro ;3;
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I nothing it.
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What a shame.
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friday the 13 has always been my good day. we had a test one day on friday the 13 and i got a B on it in my worst class o_o
i love friday th e 13th heart
As soon as I woke up, I started hiccuping violently and it wouldn't stop for an hour. gonk
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i dont hate friday the 13th
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I dont believe it and nothing usually happens to me...
I have no comment on it.
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I absolutely love friday the 13th especially if theres a thunderstorm and a scary movie on that night!!!
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I love Friday the 13th heart

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