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-massivefacepalm- I own a black cat and nothing's happened to me so far. <.<
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well when i was younger i did believe in firday the 13 bad luck

but now am grown and idk seem fake stressed and i haven't got any bad luck burning_eyes

i would say no but am still VERY caution

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I used to have one too. *sigh* I miss Spirit.
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I have a black and white cat that we call "black cat".
and I have a gray cat that we call "gray kitty".

we are so original in my family. biggrin

but Um....I don't think that black cats are bad luck...they're just awesome.
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I would just love to pet the black cat and love it.
I had a black cat once... We named it giraffe. It started foaming at the mouth one day and then it ran away. That giraffe wasn't bad luck, it was because my brother gave it soap to eat
no it cant. Thats just something to get people worried i have been around black cats, nothing happened trust me im a christian
The reason black cats are considered bad luck (or at least one of the reasons) is because witches like to keep cats around. Cats can see auras better than people, and auras are needed for any spell. Actually, it's not just black cats that should be feared. Witches didn't just own black cats. If you truly are superstitious, you should be afraid of all cats.
When I say witches, I don't mean the fairy tale witches with warts and broom sticks; I mean legit witches. I personally don't think witches or spells are bad... But as everyone knows, in about 1480 - 1750, people were scared of witches and they would go on witch-hunts to try and kill them.
That fear and uncertainty of witches was passed on through the generations and because the cats are associated with witches, they were considered bad luck because if a black cat is near by, a witch must be, too.

If you are the one who owns the cat, you have nothing to worry about.
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gaia_angelleft I had two black cats growing up the unlucky thing that ever happened was opening the front door in the morning and seeing their fresh kills on the front doorstep. So no black cats aren't bad luck or evil. Poor misunderstood kitties! gaia_angelright
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All my black cat ever gives me is the heebie-jeebies when I see her noshing on delicacies like baby rabbit heads. Ears, eyes, bones, everything, you'd think it was a Snickers bar, dang.
I used to have a black cat as a kid. Never strange or bad ever came from her. She was a good kitty : o
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Lynessa Windrunner
-massivefacepalm- I own a black cat and nothing's happened to me so far. <.<

my black cat is good luck ^_^
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cross your path heart
No, they definitely do not cause bad luck.
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Lynessa Windrunner
-massivefacepalm- I own a black cat and nothing's happened to me so far. <.<

all cats are good!

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