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hehe nope..
Same for me, I get the bad days on the 14th and 15th xp
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I used to always have bad luck on Friday the 13th, but not so much lately, now I seem get bad luck on the 14th. O__o;;
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It's usually my lucky day, but this time was different. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital. But they finally found out what was wrong that day - after two freaking months of her doctor not answering his phone or telling her the results of her tests - so I guess it balanced out.
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I was pretty lucky considering I got to spend the night at my love's house.
And I usually don't get to because of his mom. .-.;
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; my lucky day too ! i thought i was the only one c:

girl its the same with me its like god is on my side lol . if u wanna chat with me send a pm or follow me on twitter my usernames jennyimel1 or quote plz lol oh and i have a new topic too dueces
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same exclaim
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I have bad luck everyday so the 13th is my lucky day lolz!
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SAME here!
awww that is so awesome.
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Cool! So I'm not the only one! xD
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It's lucky for me too!
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Anyone else?
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Kindly Giver

I don't know about you, but Friday the Thirteenth is a really lucky day for me. xD It's never bad, it's always quite the opposite!

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