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Are you superstitous?

yes 0.35238095238095 35.2% [ 37 ]
no 0.64761904761905 64.8% [ 68 ]
Total Votes:[ 105 ]
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do you belive in friday the 13Th?
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I think that people who are superstitious need to get out of the house and stop living in the dark ages.
NO LADDERS!!!! crying
Cute Sweet Vampire
NO LADDERS!!!! crying

I'm happy
Yes I do! But I consider it good luck. Not bad luck.
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Yes I do! But I consider it good luck. Not bad luck.
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Its a load of crap
Lol Not really its more of a game to us.
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I saw the movie.... User Image but other than that I don't believe in the bad luck thing
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Nope, its just another Friday.
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I do belive in the 13th is lucky for me because that is when I found my black cat and we named him spooky he is just the sweeest cat ever that we found on the streets.
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I don't believe that just because the thirteenth falls on a Friday it is bad luck. Now, if there was one month where it always happened that might be a little different.
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I am not superstitious, in fact I will be at work tomorrow on Friday the 13th. I just wonder how many people will show up to shop, or if anyone will skip work.
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I have some "superstitious beliefs". But I don't think Friday the 13th is really real...still, no sense tempting fate. Pays to be a little cautious.
I'm not superstitious in regards to Friday the 13th. I'm only superstitious with bowling tournaments.

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