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A Purple Duckie
A Purple Duckie
I heard we are having a Grombie Problem here?

nom, bite, convert

How is the taste of FUR?Tasty?(Hit Grombie with Hammer.)

Fur is just in the way of meaty deliciousness smile

Sounds,great.Should I bite myself a bit?

Played you know what in your sig! smile
A Purple Duckie
I...I bet it is.

I was a grombie once. =sobs=

You have the cool zombie face now though heart

i miss the Grombie D: i keep saving up for the potion but i cant find it ):
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Hello there. I think I'm lost . . . Can you give me directions to Barton's Boutique. .. .

Why is everyone looking at me so strangely? . . .

Why is everyone looking so strange? . . . .

uh. . .uh .. .. .. (starts backing away)
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є√єяч イιмє ωє イαℓʞ, ι ƒαℓℓ є√єη нαя∂єя <Ʒ

User Image

[Slithers in, Man-eating symbiotic plant and pet gramster in tow]His open mouth and listless eyes can only mean one thing, that its feeding time and Sarina looks more like dinner every step.

чøυ ¢αη вє []-[|'''''|'''''|'''''}>-- мч нєяøιη™
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A Purple Duckie
LabTech David
A Purple Duckie
LabTech David
A Purple Duckie
LabTech David
Brains! scream

*hands over some brains*

User Image

*noms at an arm* nom nom nom
Thank you! biggrin
Is there more?

o_o! I hope some humans come in!

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

There are lots!

I also hope some dinner humans come in biggrin
Hey! Thanks for the item! biggrin

Me too, let's hope they are not scared to come in.

No problem, zombies need sustinance lol!

Thats what she said
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::dances to Zombie Nation::

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