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My party,,,,, it was going so wonderfully gonk I never really told anyone, but I'm a big cheesy fan of both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I brought them here thinking all the wonderful patrons of this party would bring them together. Gaga, you have nothing to prove. All of your loving fans will support you.

This party will *not be ruined* by petty catfights. I insist that my special guests find some common ground. I think Lady Gaga has already stepped up and now it is Katy's turn. This is the only proper solution. Ladies, I await anxiously for your reply.

A bottle of grey goose awaits...
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-takes the bottle- Alfred, you're number one in my book, yo~

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What did you expect Alfred? rolleyes
Mudfight. It's the only way.
Thank you for saying those words, Alfred. I was close to asking you if you could ask Katy Perry to leave because of how rude she was being towards Lady Gaga.
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Gaga is classy. Katy Perry is... not. Did you expect a different outcome?
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Gaga all the way!
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huh...I don't quite know.
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Awww... -huggle alfred-
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Gaga is classy. Katy Perry is... not. Did you expect a different outcome?

how so thay were both saying nasty things but u cant be one sided...
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      Donate, please?

      Schwartzed says
Wait... Are those people REALLY Lady Gaga and Katy?
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Damn right, now turn this shindig into a love fest!
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Thank you!
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grey goose? ******** that I am drinking pirate-something rum XD

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