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well its obviously SOMEONE'S time of the month rolleyes
Doesn't bode so well for the honeymoon ...

xxx twisp xxx
u both should do a song together

YOU Totally Should!! ^_^
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[NPC] Katy Perry
For all my Katycats out there, and yes even you Little Monsters too. I've been so stressed over this whole wedding I feel like I'm GoNnA EsPloAd!!! I've let the BRIDEZILLA OUT, like ohmygawd! I do really love Lady Gaga! Though we have differing of opinions she's FAAABBBB and tonight I've just let angry runaway. IT'S THIS CRAZY WEDDING!

I mean, just the other day Mr. Brand publically said, @katyperry YOU'RE A HACKER, A BAD WIFE AND YOUR NATURAL HAIR COLOUR IS GINGER. There's not enough dye in the world to rinse away the lie." Tell me this wouldn't set any future bride off? sad I took it all out on Gaga and that was TOTES WRONG!

So my puuuuuuuurfect Katycats and a-ma-zing Little Monsters, BFF?!

... dear God, woman, you're annoying. No. No, we are not BFF. Augh, don't slander felines by associating them with your cotton candy puke.
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Nobody cares, Ya..he hates you, because he's 'tapping' me, He likes us space folks. Oh did i mention...Your brain will be probed and you will become nothing but a sticky,bubbly, mess of slime? It's true.

The Pop stars will find there end

This lameness must be destroyed

The Zurg will Prevail once again
Join the Cause, Cattle.
Apology NOT accepted. talk2hand
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xxx twisp xxx
xxx twisp xxx
xxx twisp xxx

a conformist.. ******** u im being nice to people u should try it some time. oh and if u have a quote on me not being nice to u. u asked for it so

I could care less if you are nice to me or not. You are just another conformist. *smile and wave*

what ever i geuss i cant be nice or ill be called a conformised just cus u dont like katy dont mean u have to say any thing to her and ur conforming as well cus ur sideing with the i dont like katy side. everyone is a conformist. ur a conformised for calling me a conformised. dedede

Only conformists get upset when that word is used and no I am on the I hate everyone side and I'll make sure everyone knows it. But its ok you are a conformist we need you in society too

lol ur cute but i cant talk to anymore i dont care anymore so what ever

wow someone reported this and we weren't even cussing screw getting at eachother anymore. lets be friends and figure out who did this. READY BREAK!
heart loves ya lady n katy heart
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I am pretty sure lady gaga could take out KP.

man this would be a good celebrity death match episode ..

I love there music. XD both of them
U nvr quote me mad
[NPC] Alfred
Thattagirl. *spanks* Let's turn this party around.

Cocktail anyone?

Am I the only one that noticed the NPC of the 'pg 13' site just 'spanked' Katy?
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This made me wtfbbq

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