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Excuses, excuses.
Admit that you were just being a b-.

We'll understand.
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[NPC] Katy Perry
For all my Katycats out there, and yes even you Little Monsters too. I've been so stressed over this whole wedding I feel like I'm GoNnA EsPloAd!!! I've let the BRIDEZILLA OUT, like ohmygawd! I do really love Lady Gaga! Though we have differing of opinions she's FAAABBBB and tonight I've just let angry runaway. IT'S THIS CRAZY WEDDING!

I mean, just the other day Mr. Brand publically said, @katyperry YOU'RE A HACKER, A BAD WIFE AND YOUR NATURAL HAIR COLOUR IS GINGER. There's not enough dye in the world to rinse away the lie." Tell me this wouldn't set any future bride off? sad I took it all out on Gaga and that was TOTES WRONG!

So my puuuuuuuurfect Katycats and a-ma-zing Little Monsters, BFF?!

and like oh my god you are so ugly your marriage will never last so like who the f cares like totally
(and that was sarcasm in case you are too dumb to catch on)
Thattagirl. *spanks* Let's turn this party around.

Cocktail anyone?
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Salty Werewolf

I want to stab you in the chest repeatedly for horrible grammar.
Quote me for faster replies C:
[NPC] Alfred
Thattagirl. *spanks* Let's turn this party around.

Cocktail anyone?

Me please!
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[NPC] Alfred
Thattagirl. *spanks* Let's turn this party around.

Cocktail anyone?
I'll take one!
no bish D;<
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All you guys are mean! Grow up and learn to judge people when you actually know them! I am very young and I am more moral and mature than a lot of you. D:<
Drinks and pool noodles all around!
Uhm, no. Stressing out over a wedding that certain sources online say you've already had, is a piss-poor, pathetic, not good enough excuse for you be acting like a total b***h to Gaga the second you came to this party.

There is no excuse for you to be acting like that. Whoever is behind the keyboard of your NPC character fails horribly at portraying Katy Perry.
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That seems like a "totes" complete FAKE apology to me.

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