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Dray Gunn
i am against it because it makes it out like gay kids are the only victims of bullying. i will go along with the "spirit day" thing if they change it to be about ALL the victims of bullying. Bullying effects everyone!

I agree. I am Homo myself but just having one special day for homo kids killing themselves is just... ridiculous.
thankyou. hearing from other people that agree makes me feel better cause i had someone go off at me when i said that saying i was being homophobic o.o
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I didn't, just because plenty of people get abused, it seems kinda ignorant to wear purple to support a small group of people. It's almost like trying to point out that homosexuals are supposed to be treated differently. It seems kinda counteractive.
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I'm purple every day...
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I most certainly did and still am :3
I have a purple bracelet that I wear forever heart
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I wore purple and so did most of my friends.(:
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i dont think i did? :C
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Im sorry to say that I already wore my purple shirt on Monday.. v n v
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I wore purple, then I wrote a song for deviantART, who is still wearing purple.
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I avoided wearing purple.

i did! i hade a dance at my school, and my dress had purple on it. biggrin
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I wore purple undies. ^.^
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I wore all purple from my head to my toes!
I have a rainbow bracelet with purple on it [duh it's a rainbow!] if it counts.. 3nodding
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Like 95% of my whole school did. But wtf, only like half of them actually 'mean' to wear purple, hypocrites.

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