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It started out as a family dinner with my aunt and uncle in Naples
and ended with my mother fighting over a soap opera with a man dressed like cher in Miami :0
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craziest friday night I had was heart one of total chaos. My mom and I were driving down to texas to see my granddad (her biological father) and we left at night (just after midnight) to get a good start on the roads and we're both night people anyways. going down I-75 and this HUGE owl decides it wants to play chiken with the car and flies at us head on. at the last second it it swoops up just barrally and drags its tallons on the roof of the car. after that we mad a wrong turn some where just past the four corners and wind up in "tornado ally". it was just about sunrise when we first heard something weird outside and a couple second later a small piece of fence comes piece of fence crashes through the back seat windows. and just as the sun light broke through clouds a little we saw this big funnle cloud in the field next to us. We sorta paniced when we first saw it and stopped the car. that was the big mistake because th tornade changed directions and moved right over the road in front of us. it lifted up the front of the car and mom (in between screaming and praying that if we made it out alive she'd never coming to this god forsaken spot again) shifted the car into reverse. in an attempt to to go almost 120 mph back wardswe got out of the suction of what we now call the sprialling vortex of doom. mom kept her foot on the pettal till we were a long ways away from the funnle. this was last november just before thanksgiving. we made it to a previous town and got car repairs (granddad charged it on his master card after calling and told us to rest the rest of the day and jokingly offered to fly us out the rest of the way. and that was the craziest friday night of my life. one of chaos, pants wetting mothers, insane avian life, and sadistic forces of nature.

that is one to tell your grandkids

That's wild eek

XD my computer is in my living room, and i was laughing whilst reading this, and my parents are watching the yankees/rangers game on tv, and i read it to them
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Being home right now with a piece of s**t sister in the world and wish and pray that she leaves and dont come back!!!!!!!!!!! scream
My craziest friday night would have been when i slept over at my friend sarah's house! It was her birthday party and there were eleven other girls there! We stayed up un til 6am and played truth or dare! We ding-ditched our friend Trey's house who lives two streets over! We were hanging outside in the rain and this stalker kept checking us out it was so fun and weird! mrgreen
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me and a few friends got hopped up on Monster, (trust me, we were) and we were running around my neighborhood and this old guy came over out of nowhere and started talking to us. We ran screaming stalker for at least an hour. Then we got more monster and I woke up in a tree without pants on. I never did find my pants.
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on another friday night, not so crazy as the first but, me and two my friends decided to go Cake someones house. We had baked a cake earlier and it tasted NASTY (Note. Pudding is NOT icing, Nerds are NOT sprinkles!) so we cut it up and carried pieces with us out into the night and went up to windows and flung cake at them. We even hit my other friends house, except he looked out the window right afterwords and we all took off in different directions. The next day he told me about and blamed the kids next door, and I had try to hard to keep from laughing.
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Crazy friday
was playing guitar and people dressed as bananas came and sang as i played the more people showed up then i have a band dramallama
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Boris Gump
Night started out pretty calm.
A couple of my friends came over and we got jacked.
I woke up later that night and my buddy was covered in blood.
We took him to the hospital. The doctor asked us what happened and my friend said he was trying to open up a pickle jar with a knife. He did not want to wake us up. He lossed a pint of blood!!!
Your friends a ********' tard.
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Craziest Friday the day i lost my... oh forgot there where kids in gaia. nvm ^^ heart heart heart heart

LOL nice xp
I went to bed.

I woke up naked.

In some chicks house.

Good times.
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dramallama OMG! That is CrAzY! I wish I was there!
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Studying for my Saturday 9am final (true story).

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I believe it was a friday, it had to be. It was homecoming for our high school and i've only been to one other homecoming. that night all that went down was, paying toll, talking with friends, naming one Borus Zarkofski, calling him uncle borus for weeks, taking a drink of the mtn. dew, watching the band, the band leaves, i do a couple of wall runs to get warmed up, they dare me to do more, i almost kicked a kid a kid in the head, waited, ran up the wall some more for a croud, took a sweat shirt, wore it, took it off, wore it around my neck,gave it to its owner, waited again walked to the dance, danced like crazy, ninja- party boy'd some people and actually startled em, got hit in the face, ate some candy, drank 2 more pops, heard beiber and ran.
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pretty much this song...

yea this describes it. =]

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