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Dapper Darling

That one chick that loves to dress up as if she were ripped out of a fantasy RPG, and yells at random people in some old-fashioned language. dramallama
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Shameless Explorer

That one girl that shows up at the party and is kinda quiet at first and doesn't talk to anyone and everyone thinks is a snow but she's actually just socially shy and then after a few drinks she's hilarious and everyone loves her. blaugh
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Hilarious Prophet

2,350 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
  • Wall Street 200
The one who keeps on repeatedly saying "WHOOOOO " really loud.
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Dapper Dabbler

The one that gets so drunk that he thinks he's a magician
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Hardened Humorist

The one the steals a sip of yo' drink and then puts it back. emotion_donotwant
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Hallowed Gaian

15,200 Points
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Citizen 200
  • Jack-pot 100
The guy you know who took one too many and finds himself hurling chunks while cussing others out about how awesome he is.
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Generous Giver

The one mixing random oddities into everyone's drinks.
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Sparkling Giver

17,000 Points
  • Bookworm 100
  • Alchemy Level 5 100
  • Noble Shade 100
"To obtain, something of equal value must be lost... that is Alchemy's first Law of Equivalent Exchange."

The phantom that haunts the bathroom stalls, screaming bloody murder and making everyone forget their pants. lol

"In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth..."
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Dapper Dabbler

The shy girl that has two shots, suddenly becomes loud and 'loses' her clothes
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Unsealed Spirit

11,800 Points
  • Elysium's Gatekeeper 100
  • Summer Celebrant 150
  • Signature Look 250
one that wants everyone to think their drinking beer or the likes but is actually drinking pop or water so that they can stay sober and watch all the stupid stuff their drunk friends do and laugh hysterically at them. 3nodding
snowy-death's avatar

Dapper Dabbler

The super flirt that hits on everyone, only to found on their own passed out in the yard in the morning
the one that stares from across the room
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Dapper Darling

A hired belly dancer, but is actually a secret ninja bird...thingie that starts attacking party-goers.
The girl who makes out with everybody. cool

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