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I don't know how many of you remember the old Halloween Balls, Anniversary Parties, and other such events from the first few years of Gaia... but they have two things this event has that most events have lacked...

The interactive Banner. We used to see the inside of Gambino's mansion... or Von Helson Manor. The marble staircase, images of various users in that forum to look like it was a party. NPCs used to grant the event items by appearing in that banner and providing a plot update.

This event also provided various locations. We have Lobby, Ballroom, Basement, East Spire, etc... It was great. You could pick a place and set up a shop. Various things were happening in various areas. it made the event huge.

Don't get me wrong, the flash spaces provided for various events are fun... but this was a nice blast from Gaia's past.