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Greetings To Everyone Old and New, I welcome you back to this Place of Mystery where Anonymous Gaian's Come out to play!

I am Blood the one behind this Threads Creation, If you need any assistance or just want to chat! Don't Be Shy !

Well it is now time for another event and that means Our Beloved thread returns once more to the world of Anonymous Mischief!

we first appeared during the April Fools Mother Duck Event due to the fact on looking for This sort of topic to my surprise there was none therefore I created my own and then we reappeared for easter and had a brilliant time!

So I hope we will have people from last event back with us on our threads in order to help and take part in the fun!

So we get users coming and asking questions such as:

Can I join in?- Well Of course after all Everyone is welcome...Just Do not Cause trouble!

How do I take part?~ Well for being an anon you would need to sends out gifts with the Anonymous box ticked to random users who post in our thread and the letter can be of any kind, length and atmosphere and we love anons who give themselves a name which they sign at the bottom of their gift/letter

As for just receiving letters/gifts well it is rather simple as all you need to do is post on the thread and hope that you get a gift from an anon!

Will we get any good items?- Well in the April Fools Event people were getting items from their wish list from our generous Anons but of course we still get the crap items but i bet a few of us just love the message attached razz

Please Remember that These anons are other Gaian's who out of their own kind heart have decided to become an anon and bless those they choose with gifts and a message so please remember to post their work and to thank them!

This kind of thread is a place where a user gives another user a gift with a message marked anonymous Randomly- No set way of giving order razz

The messages contain stories or simple poems, letters range from creepy to heart warming and Gloom, We get funny and we get Danger but that is all part of the fun!

Always remember to keep the message according to the ToS so that we do not get in trouble but razz that is only for images really..The Letters can be Made Freely of course as the content is not visible after all but is only text and is up to the imagination!

So I welcome Everyone to this place

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Great idea babe.
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Questionable Shapeshifter

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Hi thair, lets drink some beer, I like your hair, and if you dare, dance on a chair, make love affair, but I don't care.
Because you're sexy. <.<.......Use a anon name please smile
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Questionable Shapeshifter

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Let's get poppin'
No signs of stoppin
Gonna break this down
One by one, ya'll
Hands go higher,
Delighted, on fire
No gettin' aroun'
This is how we do, call!
Sparks ignited, can't fight it
Excited, this might hit
The ceiling, but baby let's go.
Before I become the

Dashing Vagrant

Simply Magnicifent!
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Love these threads!

How is everyone today?
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Hi Hi! biggrin
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-takes a sip off her saki-
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Lavish Cat

Yay a forum to remind me how annoying my mother-in-law is with the red solo cup song ;O;
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emotion_awesome Awesome! emotion_bigheart
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i love these threads but i usally end up giveing out TO MANY gifts lol oh well atleast it makes people smile
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I've got a quick question...does anyone know if there are more than two available items for this Frat Party thing? confused
Or is it just the cup and toga?

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