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This may seem a bit rude of me, but I only learned of him now and yet I noticed that my style kind of resembles his. I couldn't have been influenced by him because I don't really read anything but Japanese comics. (I read X-men, Archie, Asterix, and Tin Tin long, long ago). However I would say that we both were influenced by 'classical' art.

It's also possible that you were influenced by him indirectly- then again, I can't compare your style to his, either.
still dont know who frank is.
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So hes an artist... like what specific

If you read the post, I said it on there.
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still dont know who frank is.

It says it on the first post.
Talk about a Generation Gap. I thought this was a nerd site. Oh well.
ok who the heck is this frank????? neutral
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wow now i know who he is neutral
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Princess Z-M
Talk about a Generation Gap. I thought this was a nerd site. Oh well.

Haha well he was a comic book artist! : )
who is frank
slm biggrin
i was very sad to hear that he passed. i have many of his art books. he was a really tremendous influence on a lot of artists, especially for fantasy-type art. heart
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uLtra yuyephone
who is frank

Did you read the first post??
u look weird ur hair is to colorful

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