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Hmmm never heard of him until now...weird
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My dad has a book on him, including a number of his more famous paintings, truely a marvel of the fantasy art! An one of the few who truely used oil paints to the fullest. I would like to also point out he big break was doing comics for playboy magazine! mrgreen "only stable investment is porn!" rofl

I should include that as well!
cheese_whine cheese_whine cheese_whine cheese_whine burning_eyes
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Only the person who illustrated my favorite comic book!
How could you dumb asses not know? lol

Because I'm from the UK. neutral
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Thank you for the enlightenment. I honestly don't know the man but I respect all artists. We'd be nowhere without art.
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So hes an artist... like what specific
I think it's safe to say that a lot of the artists employed by gaia were influenced by Frank Frazetta.
This may seem a bit rude of me, but I only learned of him now and yet I noticed that my style kind of resembles his. I couldn't have been influenced by him because I don't really read anything but Japanese comics. (I read X-men, Archie, Asterix, and Tin Tin long, long ago). However I would say that we both were influenced by 'classical' art.

He's awesome though. I just looked through a gallery of his.
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Thanks for this!
I had no idea who he ..really ..was, so thanks again! c:
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OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! so thats the guy i have been hearin about smile
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Thank you may he rest in peace. (Little Annie Fanny?? xd )
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THAT'S who he is

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